To Sarah Meral on her 4th place finish at the SJGT event at Peninsula G&C.
We're so proud of your accomplishment!

It's your last chance

To improve your game with such a great deal!
Take us up on this special and enjoy playing a better game
with your friends.

This offer ends in a couple of days...

Email Michael to sign up.

Attention ladies

New classes starting February 4th and 6th.

Jill said it best: "I have enjoyed learning more about the game and technique from Michael alongside other women. It’s something I look forward to every week!"

Join a great group of Ladies and start enjoying the game more.

Email Michael to sign up.

Testimonial Tuesday

"I just wanted to tell Michael Howes about my round of golf today after my lesson with him yesterday. I saw a definite improvement with my ball striking. I got much more distance with my irons and my driver. Even though most of my lesson was with the 7 iron, I was able to transfer my learnings to the driver, and I saw a definite improvement. The most obvious change Michael made me do was improve my posture at set up. I was able to take that to the course today and apply it easily, and it really made a difference. I still need to work on my swing path so I'm sure I'll schedule another lesson. I just wanted to let Michael know that the "lesson took"." ~ Dave Drane

Dave Drane seeing results...

Are you thinking of starting to play golf?
Or are you wanting to improve your game?

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Your ball. Whose mind?

Because of launch monitor data, we know that 80% of the instruction to the ball is delivered by the angle of the clubface.
Just how important, we weren’t aware of before. Now we know that if;

You get the lie angle or shaft length wrong, and, on contact with the turf, the face will IMMEDIATELY TWIST.
Your grip size is too thick, you’ll struggle to rotate the clubface and leave it open. If the grip size is too thin, you’ll get too handsy and close the face.
The shaft is too stiff, you won’t unload the club leaving the face open at impact. Too much flex and the clubface will get ahead, and the face will try to close too quickly.
Finally, how much offset does the face have? Too much and the face will be open. Too little, and you will be closed.

If you want straighter

 Each needs to be right for you to give you the best chance of squaring the clubface at impact.
And we have some tricks to help make it even easier.
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Act on your feelings

What if we could deliver you a better golf experience quicker than you ever thought possible?
What if some simple habits could make an immediate improvement to your game?
Too many golfers make it almost impossible to hit good approach shots because they haven’t warmed up to allow themselves to rotate. And too few golfers hit great shots because of some basics setup errors and inadequate preparation before the shot.

So much can be learned quickly
In a 9-hole round with us, we can highlight the good habits every golfer can adopt to discover more joy, satisfaction, and accomplishment.
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