Start the year off correctly

With a little help from your friends
At Rob Noel Golf Academy

When was the last time you had your lofts and lies checked?
Has your grip deteriorated?

Start the golf season off with a little equipment maintenance.
If you haven't had your lofts and lies checked, or grips changed within the past six months you could be making your game more difficult to enjoy.

If your clubs are three years and older, you could be missing out on the new technology benefits.

This game is hard enough - come see us and we can add more
enjoyment immediately.

Time to test your skills

Operation 36 Tournament
February 15th from 3-5 pm.
Please let Nic know if you will be attending

Hard-working Elite Group

It takes time and effort...

What's in a shaft?

A longer driver shaft that increases clubhead speed, but makes it more difficult to consistently square the face at impact?
A shorter shaft that doesn’t add extra clubhead speed, but makes it easier to square the face at impact?
Your decision could transform your tee shots for the better.
By assessing your ball flight, shot dispersion and distance we can help you make the right decision. The one that is going to give you the best distance and dispersion gains.
Let’s find out together
The right length shaft for you can make it easier to hit consistent tee shots. Let’s find your ONE, so you can split more fairways.
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Four reasons why

Playing 9 holes with us is much more than a fun experience for the moment, it's an investment in a better experience forever.
 The #1 REASON to play 9 with us is our commitment to helping you discover the greatest love affair you’ll ever experience.
If we can discover what’s important to you, then we’ll be able to help you get more out of your game, the club, and the community.

Want to play 9 with us?
If you’d like us to reach out and see if we can schedule 9 holes with you (and perhaps a couple of other members), then please let us know.
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