Welcome to 2020!

Thank you for being one of the almost 8,000 golfers that have opened up our little newsletter. We’re on a journey to continue to bring you not only information but education throughout the year. Yes, I know. For many of us, it’s cold, wet, snowy, etc. But for some of you, the cold comes in waves, and it won’t stop you from getting out to play. We know who you are. But I’m going to go into this year’s PGA Show ice cold. Two hours at Top Golf is what I’m going with. I have no expectations, and my excuses are already rock solid. But I do have to say; my G410 Irons go far! However, when it’s cold, my body doesn’t work like it used to. But when you have an instructor like Tim and a fitness junkie like Adam, we can get you through those times when your body isn’t working well and to help things get back to normal and adjust to what you can do.
We’re gearing up for the PGA Show in two weeks. And frankly, I’m tired of being cold and snowed on. We have a plan. But as I’m fond of saying, “Custer had a plan too…” Thankfully, we’re better prepared than the old general. We’re being deliberate, and everyone has a job to not only enhance relationships, renew one with an equipment company, but to make some new ones by adding new capabilities into what we do and how. Our mission is to help you get better and plan to use not only our eyes and current equipment but plan to see what new technology we can add to help us do our jobs better.

When we do our jobs better, we help you break 90, or take a couple of bucks off your playing partners or help little guys like Jax get ready for his first tournament of the year. We take it very seriously because if it matters to you, it matters to us.

Can new technology benefit your game?

Just before Christmas, a lucky customer received his custom-fit Miura CB-301 Irons with the Arccos data tracking system. True Temper Dynamic Gold 105s are the transmission helping make these implements perform for you, the engine of the golf swing.

Of course, we know it’s primarily about you, but it also has to be about the equipment you’re using as well. If you haven’t upgraded your bag in a few years, it might be time to look at your gear and make a decision. Improving yourself frequently means making sure what you use is not only suited for you but also correctly fit. As your swing or body changes, more often, the equipment you need changes. We can help determine that once you begin working with us.

What are your goals for 2020?

We ask our customers every year. For many, it’s to break 100. Mine is to break 90 and to limit my 3-putting further. Drop us a line and tell us what your goals are, or the next time you’re in the store, tell us. We’d love to hear what they are and can give you some suggestions on helping you reach them.
Please let us know how we can help you. You can send us a note by clicking here or giving us a call at 817.595.4653. If you have any questions, input, or want to send us a testimonial, send them directly to the store or me at tommyb@thegolfstationfit.com.
Let’s get after it!

Your ball. Whose mind?

It often seems like it, doesn’t it?
Everything felt right, but where’s it going?
Your golf ball’s a quick thinker. All its decisions are made in about 500 microseconds. We’ve discovered that a golf club that doesn’t fit you has a much bigger influence over your golf ball’s behavior than we thought.
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You’re in charge
The setup of your equipment, the way you’re delivering clubface to the ball in that one-inch, determines what happens next. 

Act on your feelings

One act, two different feelings. The act is a 145-yard approach shot. Let’s assume you’re here courtesy of a drive that’s
found the middle of the fairway.
With perfect contact, there is a visceral sense of joy at being at one with the game; that extends into satisfaction as the ball flies high and true; and then completes with a sense of accomplishment.
But first, there’s "craving". How much do you want that feeling of joy, satisfaction, and accomplishment? If you want it enough, you’ll take action.

Fan the flame
Without action, there is only acceptance. Make 2020 a year to deliver on your desires.
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