How does your golf ball fly?

Our understanding of why your golf ball reacts the way it does has changed. If you want to hit a straight shot, we know how we must cause the ball to travel.
Ideally (usually), the spin direction will be along a vertical line (back-spin), with the spin axis remaining horizontal. The ball goes straight.
Most right-handed golfers hit the ball left to right. They have tilted the spin axis, as shown below (looking at it from behind).
Previously, we thought that correcting the ball flight needed an equal measure of focus on swing path (the direction of your
clubhead relative to the target) and the face angle at impact.

Some good news
Well, it turns out that our thinking wasn’t strictly correct. It turns out that it's easier to get that spin axis closer to horizontal than we thought. Next week we’ll expand on that.

Act on your feelings

One act, two different feelings. The act is a 145-yard approach shot. Let’s assume you’re here courtesy of a drive that’s
found the middle of the fairway.
With perfect contact, there is a visceral sense of joy at being at one with the game; that extends into satisfaction as the ball flies high and true; and then completes with a sense of accomplishment.
But first, there’s "craving". How much do you want that feeling of joy, satisfaction, and accomplishment? If you want it enough, you’ll take action.

Fan the flame
Without action, there is only acceptance. Make 2020 a year to deliver on your desires.

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