How does your golf ball fly?

Launch monitors have revealed a lot about the science behind your ball flight. To fix a hook or slice, we used to think that in equal measure, we would need to help you correct both swing path and face angle to create a more horizontal spin axis and straighter ball flight.
But, vast amounts of data from TrackMan, has proven that 85% of the golf ball’s reaction is caused by the face angle at impact. The swing path has less than 0.0005 seconds and less than an inch to influence ball flight.

More good news
All we have to do is square the clubface at impact for less than 1 inch and less than 0.0005 seconds, and you’re all over the flag.

Act on your feelings

We all stand over 145-yard approach shots with hope, but that hope can be quickly traded for acceptance if shot after shot is far from perfect. And acceptance is a threat to the flame of our desire.
If we want to sustain hope, if we want our flame of desire to burn bright, then we need to take action. We must take action.
Think about what it would take for you to experience the joy of perfection from 145-yards more frequently. What would it require from your game? Playing more regularly? Some practice? Fitted irons? Improved technique?

Fan the flame, take the best action
When you get back to your golf, find time for a 9-hole round with us. We can highlight the good habits every golfer can adopt to discover more joy, satisfaction, and accomplishment in an accompanied round.

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