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If you have not seen my previous newsletter in which I introduced the modern, straight-forward and exciting way in which my coaching is now heading (and it has already started to bring great feedback and results), please do so by clicking here.

I just watched an online presentation called "In conversation with Rassie Erasmus", in which he explains how exactly he transformed the Springboks from absolute rock-bottom to world champions within 18 months. What were the clearest things that kept coming out? For me it was four things - keep learning from previous mistakes and failures, changing mindsets and dropping egos, developing good team spirit and leadership, and using this to get the most vital thing of all - good results. Unfortunately, if the results don't show, you can talk all you want, but people won't necessarily want to listen to you!

Well that is the decision I have made during the lockdown about my coaching strategy going forward from now on - I want my clients to experience much better, clear results which are also guaranteed (with myself and the client taking accountability for this), and I now have all the "weapons" I need to implement this strategy. Can you understand now why I am so excited? I forgot to mention in the last newsletter, in which I mentioned that I'm up at 4am these days wanting to go to work already, that Garrett Slattery will be very proud of me, as he often plays at the crack of dawn when I was usually still sleeping! In fact I am seeing him this morning at 07h30!

In future newsletters, I will be shortly explaining how I am becoming more of a coach than a teacher or instructor - this definition of coaching should already suffice as an introduction: "Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them."

You will notice that my newsletters will now also fortunately become shorter and shorter, because they will often just be keeping you up to date with how well the coaching is going and what great results we are seeing. The results guarantee will often revolve around an improvement of between 5 and 15 shots down from where you were when you came to me. Often we might "split" these goals into pieces, for example 5 shots first, then another 5 shots etc. (all while having great fun with other golfers out on the course 50% of the time). The beauty about the system (called The Scoring Method) is that it coaches you to be able to manage yourself so well on the course, so that your scores don't have to be as up and down as you are most probably used to, and you won't have to wonder why this had been the case anymore!

So without further ado, here are just some of the many pieces of feedback I am seeing and hearing on a daily basis now already - I have to be honest and say that many are bringing big lumps to my throat!

"Erich, just wanted to say thank you for a very enjoyable lesson. See you next Wednesday!" Patrizia

"Thanks Erich, That was a good lesson today." Andy Allman

"Today was so great. Thanks so much. Just checked my score from just after lockdown, great improvement - nearly 10 shots less already. Can't wait to play tomorrow." Tessa

"Loving the lessons." Michael White

One golfer in one of my teams, Ingrid van Niekerk, brought me a scorecard which also brought all kinds of lumps to my throat! She had played 18 holes without one "zero-pointer" leading to a massive improvement.This is something around which this method revolves - keeping big numbers off the scorecard, which is more important to scoring well at any level of the game, than pars and birdies are.....Anybody up for a discussion about this fact!? We only have to look back to last year's Masters Tournament for some great examples. Wish I could explain all I mean by this here, but please contact me if you would like to discuss it further.

What follows below is something which also excites me to no end - coaching golfers all about how to practice with the purpose of actually improving in your next round of golf, a vital part of any decent coaching programme.

Keep it on the fairways,

Practice with purpose

A round on the range
During any round of golf, you’re going to face a variety of challenges that require different clubs. So it’s a good idea to practise as though you were playing a round occasionally.
Play a round on the range
Start with a driver as your tee shot, then move onto an iron for the approach, and finally a wedge. Change the number iron with each cycle and remember to include your fairway woods too.
When playing a round on the range, make sure you play every shot as you’d play it during a round. That means including your pre-shot routine.
Practice makes permanent
Make sure you’re working on the right things in practice. Improving how you practise can make your time on course more fun. When we see you again, let’s talk practice, or we could also
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Know your game
Go one number higher
How often have you known your #5 iron should get you to the green, yet left it in your bag and taken the #7 or #6 instead? When we look in most golfers’ bags, we see pristine long irons. A clear indicator that they’re carried but never used.
How much higher could you go?
Hitting a soaring #5 iron is a great feeling. It’s great for your scorecard and your golf. If you’d like to get one number higher, then when we next see you, let’s talk about it, or
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