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Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a good week. Let’s start with some good news. The locker rooms and cart rooms can once again be utilized by all members commencing this weekend. They will be open from Saturday morning. We thank you for your patience in this regard. We are also reviewing the opening of showers in accordance with the rules promulgated by GolfRSA and we will advise accordingly in due course. Please note that while the club will continue to do everything it can to clean and sanitize all areas, making use of the locker and cart rooms is at your own risk and we strongly suggest you make use of your own sanitizer in addition to our cleaning regimen.
You will all have seen the letter regarding the Covid Levy yesterday. This has prompted a number of people to ask about the water levy and question the “need for this when the drought is over”. I thought it important to explain the water levy again to clear up any confusion. The City of Cape Town charges all users of effluent water, with a higher rate for users without their own infrastructure and a lower rate for users with their own pipeline (like Westlake). This charge is just like normal water or electricity - if we use effluent water, we pay for it. It is not a temporary charge and is in no way connected to the drought or the fact that dams may currently be full. The water levy is not connected to the Covid Levy in any way either.


Golf Ops have decided to bring back the 85% allowance. This is on all Betterball and 4Ball Alliance competitions. This is the recommendation from the World Handicap System and will come into effect from Wednesday 16th September. Remember that your amended handicap appears on your slip when you check in at the Pro Shop. Please note that if you would like your good scores (based on your full handicap) recorded in the results, it is the player’s responsibility to calculate and indicate this clearly on the scorecard.

Entering scores – this is a hot topic at present. As you all know, the World Handicap System now governs rules worldwide. South Africa is no exception and the timeframe rule for entering scores is 24 hours. The old 72 hour window fell away when the new system came online, so if you have a late score, you will incur a penalty round. While the club must adhere to this, we currently have a “yellow card/red card” approach for genuine cases. If you missed entering your score for a genuine reason beyond your control, please direct an email to Each request will be considered on its merits, but a repeat will probably mean a penalty score, so please remember to enter your scores on time.

Grab ‘n’ Go

Kindly remember that halfway remains grab ‘n’ go. The idea is to minimise any risk to our members and guests and the added bonus is that you can be in and out in under 10 minutes. That ensures an extra 4ball or two every day, which ensures we have enough spots for all our members.

Golf course

Remember that full sandbags at the start of your round are compulsory, as is filling of divots. Please ensure you have a full sandbag when going to the tee and remember to fill divots. The starter should check that you do have a sandbag. Chat to anyone you see not filling in divots on the course and let’s keep Westlake pristine.

Raymond and his team are hard at work hollowtining fairways this week and will move to tees and surrounds next. The driving range is open and should start looking great in a few weeks after all the levelling and cleaning up that the team did. A reminder to pay for range balls in the Pro Shop only. No cash is accepted by the attendant at the driving range itself.

New members programme

We have had a number of new members joining the club in the past few weeks with some introduced by Westlake members. Bringing a new member to the club qualifies you for 10% of the value of that new membership off your own subs. Please advise Emelia at if you have introduced a new member, who they are and whether you would like the discount. This must be by email to ensure we have a proper record of each transaction.

Weekly Westlake Winners

8th September 2020
4 Ball Alliance Stableford - WAGS

1st Brendan Taylor, Rodney Cottrell, Dave McLaren, David Draude - 96
2nd Richard Davies, Tom McGuire, Roy Hulton, Gerhard Koper - 87 c/in

8th September 2020
4Ball Alliance Stableford - Ladies Hollowtining Trophy

1st Bridgette Parker, Jane Wollaston, Ronel Smoulders, Anna Marie Usher - 90 c/in
2nd Marilyn Hugo, Jenny Pritchard, Marilyn Franklin, Jill Baxter - 90 c/out

Good scores

· Lynne Blackstock 86-17=69
· Jill Baxter 94-25=69
· Cherie Mortimer 106-37=69
· Karen Kent 89-20=69

9th September 2020
4Ball Alliance - Sponsored by Sanlam Glacier

1st Trevor Day, Neil Hamilton, Richard Hewitt, John van Ryneveld - 95
2nd Mike Dugtig, Glen Gibbons, Ian Genricks, Steve du Pont - 92
3rd Raymond Donaldson (snr), Gunter Muller, Stuart Whittaker, Don Mckenzie – 87

Have a great week and see you all at the club this weekend,
David & the Westlake team


Sit less, swing better
Restore the rhythm
Is your swing feeling stiff? Are you sitting for several hours a day? Your shoulders could be part of the problem. The anatomical term for your shoulder blades is “scapulae”. Your upper arm bone – the humerus – connects to your scapula. They work together to help you make a full shoulder rotation and swing on plane. This interaction is called “scapulohumeral rhythm”.
Sitting too much messes with this rhythm because it pulls your shoulders forward, disrupting the scapula muscles, causing them to tilt and become unstable. When this happens, your golf swing will be restricted and you may experience pain at your shoulder blades.
Here’s an exercise to help counteract the tilt and maintain the rhythm. Please contact a fitness professional if you’re at all unsure how to do this exercise.
Watch video >
Sitting too much is also linked to metabolic syndromes like high blood sugar and cholesterol, hypertension, and excess body fat. Try to stand and stretch every 30 minutes, and do some moderate daily exercise. Your body and your golf swing will benefit.
Move more, swing better
We want you to enjoy every moment on the course. If you’re having any issues with your swing or your game, or both, please come and speak to us.
Start a conversation >


The game of a lifetime
Get them started while it’s easy
Golf is a skill that can be learned throughout life, but it comes especially easily to children. Getting your child into the game early means they pick it up quicker, and benefit from it for longer. Not to mention, it gives you more time to enjoy a common pastime with your child.
More than a skill
Once the skill is acquired, golf is a game for life. But skills aside, golf also brings friendship, belonging, fun and positive social experiences.
When coaching children between 6 and 9 years old, our focus is on fun and physical literacy. In this age group, children should be taking part in a wide variety of physical activities.
Get your children into golf
If you have a child or grandchild, let’s get them into golf while it’s easier to learn and get them started on the journey of a lifetime.
Get them started >

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