Student of the Week

James Landels gets it right

Biggest Obstacle
Pulling his shots to the left
James' setup with his spine angle leaning forward towards the target made him come into the ball too steep and resulted in him pulling his shots to the left.

Changing his spine angle to lean away from the target allowed him to come into the ball with a shallower angle of attack, which changed his swing path from out-to-in to a much better in-to-out path. He can now hit a nice draw which will make his rounds more enjoyable!

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Grab a plate at the Pub

Hungry? The Pub is fully operational and open daily from 10am - 19:00pm. Join us for some delicious food!

Who was in it to win it?

Congratulations to all the winners
You all played some fantastic golf!

30 August 2020
Competition Format: Betterball

1st  |  B. Schuld  |  48 pts
  2nd |  Duan and Mauritz |  47 pts

29 August 2020
Competition Format: IPS

  |  J. Struwig  |  42 pts
2nd  |  D. Munthingh  |  41 pts
3rd  |  D. Laing  |  38 pts
4th  |  A. Ackerman  |  37 pts c/o
5th  |  G. Miles  |  37 pts c/o

1st  |  H. Mentz  |  42 pts
2nd  |  W. Mouton  |  41 pts
3rd  |  D. van Tonder  |  39 pts c/o
4th  |  S. Pretorius  |  39 pts c/o
5th  |  A. Steynberg  |  38 pts c/o

Results Correction

Here are the corrected results for the Better Ball Stab on the 22nd of August:

1st  |  J. Hamman and W. Miller  |  50 pts
2nd  |  L. Lubbe and E. Meiring  |  49 pts
  3rd |  T. Taylor and U. Reyneke |  48 pts

1st |  A. Kriel and G. Rappery |  47 pts
2nd  |  B. Coetzer and D. Coetzer |  46 c/o
3rd  |  M. Boersma and T. Appenroth |  46 c/o

Swing back into action

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We've got something for everyone

We believe that tennis can be so much more than just a sport that you play. We are passionate about providing quality tennis lessons, within a comfortable and welcoming environment where you can learn a new skill, improve your fitness and build new friendships.


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Welcome to the family

To many happy moments at the Club

We would like to welcome our new members to the Club – it is such an honour to have you as part of our community.

Practice with purpose

Wingate Park Driving Range



Your scoring zone
Where the magic happens
Between 50 and 60% of your shots are from 100 metres in. The secret to playing better golf and having more fun is here.
But well over 80% of golfers are playing with scoring clubs that don’t improve their short game. They’re playing blades instead of cavity backs. They’ve got the wrong lofts. The wrong bounce and grind. They’re making scoring more difficult than it should be.
Many golfers avoid getting a fitting because they think they aren’t good enough. This is a massive myth. In fact, it’s the less experienced and skilled golfers who stand to benefit most from a fitting!
Master this range
One of the easiest ways to improve in your scoring zone is to get fitted with the right wedges. We want this to become one of the most enjoyable parts of your game.
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Find your truth
Before you can let the club do the work
We want you to hit better golf shots with every iron in your bag. Besides the design of the head, the next most important aspect is your lie angle. When your lie angle matches your swing, your irons work better for you.
If you’re struggling with hooked iron shots, your lie angle could be too upright.
If your iron shots are going right, there’s a good chance your lie angle is too flat.
Many brands try and solve the problems they think each golfer might have at different handicap levels by creating off-the-shelf irons with a specific lie angle. But that might not be right for you.
We’re here to help you hit better approach shots
Hitting more accurate approach shots transforms your playing experience. If you’re unsure about your lie angle, when we next see you, let’s talk about it, or
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