Trent's talent is the talk of the town

I opened up my email this weekend and I had a very excited email from Trent Pollard’s Mom. It seems Mr. Pollard played his backside off in his most recent tournament. He played The Legends Junior Golf Tour, specifically The Lanny Wadkins Junior Championship at Brookhaven on June 29th and 30th. This was a big tournament with a very stacked field of talented players, with players associated to major universities. Trent played with a young man who has already committed to play for the Texas Longhorns, shot a 79 and was T42 at the end of the first day in some very windy conditions.

After the round, Tim spoke to Trent for about 15 minutes. He talked him through a “second half adjustment.” He coached him through a few things and told him to trust his swing and just to play like he knows how to.
On the second day, with he played with the same future Longhorn and easily a two-plus club wind, he dug deep and shot a -2 (70) and finished T11 out of 64 players. In fact, he bogeyed the last hole to shoot that number.

We know we could not be prouder than his parents (especially his Momma), but we are very excited for this young man! Tim called me gushing about him. Trent and his family are invested; we are too! This goes to demonstrate that the relationship between a player and an instructor is important. However, when a player of his talent can go toe-to-toe with college-bound players and represent himself well, that’s very impressive!


Why we should get a better fit for our game

I also spoke with a new customer (“B”) last week who was just as excited about his game. He had only been playing for about three years and he was shooting in the mid-90’s, with his low round being an 86. He had never been fit for clubs and his storage was filling up with clubs that he would try, have limited success with and then put away. His girlfriend finally said, “Just go get fit and be done with it. You’ll save money.” (That is a wise woman right there!)

He found The Golf Station and he spoke with Tim and determined what his goals were. He was conscious about his budget and we worked with him and fit him for a set that he could not only afford, but fit properly to his swing. A lesson took place soon after. “B” said that after FOUR swings, he had what Tim was trying to teach him. Sometimes the best lessons are when very few shots are struck. Tim walked him through the more efficient way for his body and it took him literally four balls to see that kind of improvement.

His next round he shot an 84, his lowest career round. He discovered “boring golf.” Fairways and greens on the front nine. Of course, in true fashion his friends told him after the front nine that he was only +2. That’s when it got inside his head and he shot +10 coming in (just like most of us!). All this, from just four swings of instruction and an extended conversation with Tim.

He was simply playing one shot at a time. He realized he was doing everything Tim was telling him to do and after he started counting, he was leaving himself more birdie putts than he ever had before. One thing that also changed his game? Ironically the lofts on the clubs. “B” was gaining not only accuracy attributed to the fit of his TaylorMade Sim MAX Irons, but increased distance as well. Everyone seems to complain that their 7-iron isn’t the same loft like their used to, and we get that. But, with the Moment of Inertia being so high and weight so low on irons, if the lofts weren’t adjusted the ball would launch too low. So, it’s not as simple as adjusting the lofts. Where the weight is placed and how it’s placed to make sure launch conditions are optimal, ensures it function properly and make this game a bit easier. And let’s be honest, it’s easier to hit an approach shot with a shorter iron. That’s always been true.


Walk the course with ease!

We got in a small number of ClicGear Carts. In fact, these even might be gone by the time you read this! I’m sure someone is going to want to walk in 103-degree heat!  You might as well expend less energy by pushing your bag than carrying it. Come by and place an order for one of these. These are THE push carts in the game.
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Come and get Golf Station fit!

If you’re ready to begin working towards the success that Trent or our newest customer “B” is having, click here or call 817.595.4653 for an appointment for a lesson. We’ll get you on the path for a new game that you’ll be able to enjoy for the rest of your life!


Launch and distance
The lofts on the TaylorMade SIM Irons are stronger. But that’s not especially relevant. What you want to know with each iron is how high do you launch it, and how far does it go? And then how can we help you repeat your good shots?
The lofts on the TaylorMade SIM Irons are stronger. But that’s not especially relevant. What you want to know with each iron is how high do you launch it, and how far does it go? And then how can we help you repeat your good shots?
If you’d like to read our full analysis of the TaylorMade SIM Iron models and how they deliver a better result then follow our link.
Read more >
A final adjustment to better
What improvements do you want to your iron play and approach shots? Would the TaylorMade SIM Irons help? How can we make sure that you get the right shaft and lie angle to exploit this new design? How does ‘better’ translate to more enjoyment from your game and your time on the course?
Let's find out >


No more three-putts.
How good are you from a distance?
Knowing you can comfortably handle long putts takes the pressure off needing to land your ball close to the flag on approach. When you’re able to consistently two-putt from distance, your golf experience is transformed.
Try this fun benchmark game
Find ten different 25-foot putt locations on a practice green to the same hole. See how many of your ten putts you get within 2 feet. We think most golfers will be in the 3 to 5 foot range. But we can get you closer, so you can two-putt with ease.
Lie angle
When your lie angle is out, consistent ball striking becomes very difficult.
Straight back, slight arc or strong arc? We need to ensure the putter you’re playing with works with you.
A consistent swing tempo takes the guesswork out of putting.
Eliminate three-putts
Better putting means more holes completed with the satisfaction of a solid two-putt or even a birdie. Let’s schedule a session on the putting green and work on getting you closer from distance. In the meantime, we can give you some drills to do at home.
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