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Well, I’d have to say it was one of the most commented-on newsletters I’ve written.  There were a couple of others, of course (one this year), but this one telling the story of an inebriated Tim Brantley was heavily commented on.  And to my shock, people are STILL calling him and asking about it.  And while laughing at his self-inflicted misfortune, they wanted to see visual evidence of me outdriving him.  Here you go.  I should frame this.  I’ve since lost that glowing yellow ball, but thankfully not that day.  And I might add, I expertly avoided that divot.


Ta da...
The latest Drivers from Titleist

Titleist fans, you know the release dates as well as we do.  But here are the long-awaited replacements for the current woods.  These are the 2021 TSi2 and TSi3 Drivers.  If you have a sharp eye, you’ll notice movable weights on the back of the TSi3.

Right now, they’re being tested for the first time this week at the Safeway Open, so stay tuned. It might look a little different next year, but until then, keep your eyes open for information and any news we can find out, we’ll pass along to you.


Hello PING

These beauties are the new G425 line from PING.  The MAX will be replacing the “Plus” version, taking everything they learned from the G400 MAX and incorporating better movable weight technology to help a fitter dial in the proper launch and spin characteristics.  The LST (Low Spin Technology) and SFT (Straight Flight Technology) versions round out the line. These will be available in the Spring of 2021.  However, you don’t have to wait for a new PING Driver.  

Because these are out, the G410 line has been discounted.  And with Tim fitting and Neal and Adam in the back building, you’re not going to miss a beat by choosing the current models, and you’ll save a little cash in the process.  We know many of you wait until new gear comes out to get a previous version.  You smart folks are being rewarded now!

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“I want to say that I enjoy reading your stories and hearing about the young ladies playing this great game.  They inspire me to try a little harder and not give up when it gets hard.  This 60-something-year old lady golfer thanks them for the inspiration!  But I have a question.  How do you know it’s time to get new equipment?”  ~ H.Z.

Thank you!  When Alyssa and Laney’s parents read this (or at least I hope they do), I’m sure they’ll be grinning from ear to ear.  We’re proud of them, too, as we are of all of our juniors.  They’re all pretty impressive golfers, but especially young people.

H.Z., we would be honored to fit you into a new bag if that’s what you want.  We usually don’t go around telling people to get a new bag without reason.  If you think you’re ready, that’s all the reason we need to look at how you hit your woods, irons, and wedges, and we’ll make a recommendation from there.  If your bag requires a tune-up, we’ll get you in the right shafts to make what you have work.  But if we see that you’re missing out on distance, accuracy, or both, we’ll tell you and make sure whatever you get fit into will work like a charm.

If you aren't 100% sure you need a new bag, give us a shout and we will help figure out what you need.


Sit back and enjoy
It's story time

I thought if I should tell another story.  Maybe you’ll get tired of them, and I’ll bore you with it.  I could mention the time when I got lost going to the first tee at Grand Cypress in Orlando (I missed the handmade sign pointing the way). Or when Adam went for the green in one that day when Tim and a former employee were on it (he made it, but the ensuing conversation was unpleasant).  But I’ll take a chance and tell you a story about me.

We were playing “The New Course” as they call it.  It’s a links-style course, and it was giving me all I could handle.  Of course, it didn’t start well by getting lost going to the first tee.  On the final hole of that round, I was having a so-so day and was sitting just off the green.  I was short-sided for my third shot with the hole tucked behind a mound. That former employee walked up and said that I should putt it, but that would have left me an impossible putt going up and then down a hill, and I just didn’t believe I could pull it off.  I remembered something that Tim had taught me, and I grabbed a lob wedge.  I saw the disbelief in that guy’s eyes, and then I became DETERMINED.  I set up and nipped that ball perfectly over the mound. It grabbed and spun down the hill to the hole, leaving myself a 2-footer for par.  He walked off and said, “I stand corrected.”  I could have shot 110 that day and lived for that one moment.

I’m not that competitive and am a pretty quiet guy.  But at that one moment, I got challenged and doubted.  I just had to step up and try to perform, and thankfully I did.

Golf is a game that you have to step up and perform.  Not everyone can do it consistently, but we can all do it SOMETIMES.  But you have to try; you have a mix of equipment, skill, and simple luck.  Some of the best rounds that I’ve had, I got good bounces and sank putts that I had no business making.  And conversely, some of my worst rounds came when I hit greens and fairways and balls rolled into a hazard or just simply got lost in tall grass.  That’s just what the game is, and mentally we have to overcome it and keep trying to perform.

Wherever you are in your game, whether you’re an up and coming junior or in your later years being inspired by them, you can play better and perform well.  All it takes is a little commitment, skill, determination, some decent gear, and some luck.

If you’re ready to explore how to make your game better under the watchful eye of Tim Brantley and The Golf Station, click here or call us at 817.595.4653 for an appointment to help you get Golf Station fit!


Your scoring zone
Are you giving yourself a chance?
How big is the loft gap between your pitching wedge and your sand wedge? Do you have a wedge for in between? And what do you do when you need more loft than your sand wedge has available? To give yourself a real scoring chance inside 100 yards, you need lofts that give you the right launch angle into the green, whatever the situation.
Regardless of skill level, carrying 3 to 4 wedges in your bag is going to increase your scoring odds in this zone.
Invest in your wedge set
Let’s schedule a wedge fitting and make sure you’re giving yourself a scoring chance from 100 yards in.
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Come and see us, or contact us if you’re looking for more, but for now
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Loft ‘n' roll
Too much of a good thing
Is there anything more agonizing than coming up just short on a long par putt? Everything seemed to align perfectly, yet there you are, tapping in for bogey. When you have too much loft on your putter, you’ll find yourself experiencing this more often than you’d like.
Loft is necessary to move the ball out of its depression in the green and into a smooth roll. But too much loft causes the ball to jump into the air immediately after impact and bounce along the green. The ball doesn’t have the chance to get into an end-over-end roll. And without the momentum of a true roll, your ball is going to lose distance.
One of the greatest putters in the game, Phil Mickelson, once used a whopping 7 degrees of loft on his putter. But that’s because he pressed so far forward through his putting stroke that he reduced the dynamic loft, and needed more static loft to compensate.
Most off-the-shelf putters come with 3 degrees of loft. But is that right for your stroke?
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Sometimes you can
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