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We understand that some of you are finding it difficult to exercise while under lockdown. We are here to help you find new ways to make movement a part of your daily routine.

Especially during periods of uncertainty and fear, it’s important to remember that doing something is always better than nothing. While you are spending a little extra time at home, why not utilise the opportunity to get some fresh air, stretch your legs, and try one of our Daily Home Workout classes. It's the ideal way to take a break from the everyday stresses, and to find some new perspective.

A Daily Workout will be posted at 07:00 with instructional videos to make sure you know what to do. Ishmael will provide the following LIVE classes on Facebook:

– Monday Hi Lo at 16:30
– Tuesday Katabox at 16:30
– Thursday Katabox at 16:30

Jo will have Body Art Classes on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday at 08:00. Follow her group for the workouts.

Thursday Workout

Dynamic Warm-up
(2 Rounds)
Squat Stretch × 10
Elbow to Knee Rotation × 10
Camel Stretch × 10
Plank Hand to Toe × 10

Now it's time for the fun part

Advanced Members perform 4-5 Rounds
Intermediate Members perform 3-4 Rounds
Beginners push for 3 Rounds

Regression Exercises for Ladies and Beginners
Push Up to Rotation do a Ladies Push Up to Reach
Bodyweight Triceps Extentions do Chair Dips
Table to Reach. Lie on your back. Bent legs and lift hips high. Keep hips extended and do the same Reach as in video.
Jack Knife do Crunches.

Workout Notes:

Advanced Members rest 30 seconds between rounds.
Intermediate and Beginner Members rest 1 Minute between rounds.
Continue untill you have completed your number of Rounds.
Focus on good form and control.
Plan your Workout

Push-Up to Rotation × 10
Mountain Climber × 50
Table to Reach × 10
Mountain Climber × 50
Body Weight Triceps × 10
Mountain Climber × 50
Jack Knife × 20

#StaySafe #BodyLife


Can you keep up?
Most children are competitive. That means if they are struggling with movement, they will avoid play. You can make it easier for your child to keep up.
Although we don’t want to encourage our children to be overly competitive, developing these movement fundamentals will make play easier. Speed exercises can be used to improve their agility, co-ordination, and balance. The squat is a great exercise that covers all the bases.
Let's change their lives
Our qualified staff has the knowledge and skills to develop your child’s ABC’s of movement. Visit us with your child and let us create a programme together.
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Healthy body, happy mind
Looking after your body and mind is the best way to cope with the stress we’re all facing right now. A stronger body and mind helps you feel confident and happy.
One of the many great things about exercise is that it promotes good circulation. This allows immune cells to move through your body more freely and do their job more efficiently. Added bonus, this also helps you get rid of cellulite.
Feel and look your best
The world right now is a scary place. We’ll help you keep your body and mind happy with the right exercises that reduce stress and cellulite at the same time.
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Yours in health and fitness,


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