We absolutely love hearing from you!

I really enjoy reading your questions and testimonials. I’ll start with a question and follow it up with a testimonial that demonstrates this.

“I found your newsletter through a friend and it seems like your store is different than what we have locally.  I have some irons I was fit for and they’re actually really good. The question is, can you make them better?”  - L.S.

Of course, I’m going to say, “Yes!”

But I’m going to give you context. “Better” is relative. When someone comes through the door, we ask them what they want their equipment to do, what type of physical limitations does someone have and see what the equipment does.

This goes for those who call for a virtual bag evaluation.

Yes, Tim can do that. But you may find out it’s not your bag at all, just a swing issue and we can get you scheduled for a lesson or ask for a video.

If you’re just tired of your bag, then that’s another matter. We’ll get you into some great new equipment or just update what you have.

Either way, we can help. I’m positive of it.

Since you’re not local, give us a call and we can talk with you and make arrangements to have you talk to Tim to see what your needs are and get your bag to the Metroplex for a refit, but again, only if you need or want one.

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Another great success!
"Making things work the way they're supposed to"

“During COVID, I wanted to get fit for new irons, and I did an online fitting and got new PXG irons. The irons feel quite good, but they weren’t flying the way I wanted them to. I brought them in and Tim watched me hit them and we walked through some questions, I’d never been asked or considered before. He took into account my bad back and knees and how I delivered the club to the ball. I hadn’t thought of it like he did and what he came up with was that not only was the weighting off, the clubs had too much spin. He changed the shafts out, we had them be SST Pured they suddenly woke up the heads. These were WAY better than what they built. Thank you Tim and Neal for making these things work the way they were supposed to.”
– C.


A real equipment junkie

I really enjoy seeing and hearing what equipment comes in the store.

“Equipment junkie” is really a thing for many of us, and you know who you are. The fittings right now are picking up speed and all kinds of equipment is being fit.

A common question we often get is what is the top seller. This varies to be honest. But just between us, I’ll let you know the top three brands right now: Titleist, PING and TaylorMade.
We’ve fit a lot of G425 and SIM2 Max Irons and Hi-Toe Wedges (a lot); also various Titleist equipment has been built in recent weeks. I will say, all of the companies are undergoing supply challenges, so if you’re fit, we’re at the whims of the supply chain from the manufacturers.

So sometimes things will take a bit longer than we’d like. Please hang in there and let us know if you have any questions.
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Something exciting

We’ve scheduled fitting days at Grapevine Golf Course!
We’re going to try to schedule a weekend session monthly (weather dependent) to accommodate the golfers who want to go through a fitting outside.Our first scheduled session is April 30th.

Send us a message by clicking here or calling Glenda in the store at 817.595.4653.


Time for something funny!
Normally I try not to be on social media much. It’s not good for my blood pressure.

But this was awesome. Tim posted this pic that he found on Twitter of this cowboy trying to Monday qualify for an upcoming PGA Tour event. He was well equipped with his handle bar mustache, iron covers, Titleist staff bag, pearl snap button down shirt, giant belt buckle, giant belt buckle, knife on his belt and of course, his Stetson. But his Footjoy spikes set it off!


One more thing..

It’s time for you to show your loyalty to Titleist!

 Until April 18th, you can order personalized Titleist ProV1, ProV1X and AVX golf balls directly from Titleist. If you buy three dozen, you’ll get one dozen of the same ball free!

You can call us and place an order or you can use the link is below for you to order (and use the password also). You must use this link to get the free deal. You can have them shipped to the store or for your convenience, drop shipped to your home directly from Titleist.

Click the link provided and order this year’s stash of Titleist golf balls, the #1 ball in golf.

Link: https: //www.acushnetgolf.com/proshop/store/view/16608
Titleist #1 ball in golf


We'd love to hear from you

If you have any questions or comments on equipment, lessons or are ready to make an appointment for your own fitting session, click the button belowe orcall us at 817.595.4653 and we’ll help you get Golf Station fit!
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Golf’s next generation.
It’s competition time.
From the age of about 16 years old, junior golfers who started their journey at 6, will move from learning to play, to what the athlete development model calls “training to compete”. This is where we fine-tune skills and start to incorporate competitive elements into training.
Practice makes permanent
Lots of research into expertise has revealed that the most significant factor in mastering a skill is practice. But it’s not as simple as just hitting hundreds of golf balls for hours at a time. The quality of that practice is extremely important. We’ll help your child work on the things they need to, so they can reach their full potential.
Happy, healthy children
When a junior starts to master golf skills, we see them experience joy and excitement. They become more self-confident. They are happy and eager to learn. That’s what golf can do for your child. If you have a child who could benefit from the game, when we next see you, let’s talk about it, or
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Practice with purpose
A round on the range
During any round of golf, you’re going to face a variety of challenges that require different clubs. So it’s a good idea to practice as though you were playing a round occasionally.
Play a round on the range
Start with a driver as your tee shot, then move onto an iron for the approach, and finally a wedge. Change the number iron with each cycle and remember to include your fairway woods too.
When playing a round on the range, make sure you play every shot as you’d play it during a round. That means including your pre-shot routine.
Practice makes permanent
Make sure you’re working on the right things in practice. Improving how you practice can make your time on course more fun. When we see you again, let’s talk practice, or we could also
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