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Enrol in South Africa’s Premier
College Golf Programme

The PGA Diploma at BSI has been the premier golf college programme in South Africa for more than a decade.

The golf programme features:
Three years of high-performance golf training
Unlimited coaching
Unlimited fitness training
Unlimited mental sessions
Membership at Royal Johannesburg & Kensington GC
Unlimited rounds of golf
Range membership
Weekly 18-hole Strokeplay Tournaments
Quarterly 72-hole Championships
Order of Merit and statistics record
Matchplay Championship
Fantastic prizes from Srixon
Clothing pack from Puma
Use of state-of-the-art technology

The academic programme includes:
Business Studies
Sport Science
Club Management
Equipment Technology
Custom Fitting
Event Organisation
Rules of Golf
Career Development
Hundreds of hours of practical experience
Post-graduate career assistance
PGA accreditation
Worldwide career opportunities

30% of the spaces for 2022 are already taken, with another 30% already in the enrolment process.

If you have a passion for golf and want a career as either a player or in the international business of golf, then don’t delay. Secure your space for 2022 while still available.

Here's what our PGA Diploma
graduates have to say

"BSI enabled me to follow my passion by giving me a solid platform that prepared me to take on the golf industry. If you are considering getting into the golf industry, BSI is a great platform. It will prepare you for what is ahead of you. Anything you require in the golf industry, BSI will prepare you."

~ Andrew Lamont PGA Diploma Graduate (2015)
Internal Sales Manager, Srixon Golf SA

"BSI has been a huge part of my life and it's something that's going to stay with me forever. I've had amazing experiences and endless exposure, which has led me to achieve more than I could ever imagine. The best thing about BSI is the constant guidance whenever it's needed without any hesitation, having the luxury of a great team surrounding you, and finally the constant feeling of being a part of a family.

The value of the exposure you receive from being a part of an environment like BSI. Through its reputation and connection within the golf industry, you are able to come across people and get to know individuals that are extremely knowledgeable and pave the way for you to build a career within the industry.

If you're a young golfer thinking of joining BSI, In simple terms, do it! You won't regret it at all."

~ Yusuf Raidhan, PGA Diploma Graduate (2019)
Head Coach, EOGA Metropolitan GC

I was very privileged to attend BSI for four years. It gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream of playing golf for a living under the guidance of some fantastic coaches, while getting a great academic grounding. It also afforded me the chance to gain experience in various avenues within the golf industry before settling on coaching, which has ultimately become my passion and career.

I would highly recommend the academy to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career within the golf industry."

~ Murray Smit, PGA Diploma Graduate (2012)
Head Teaching Professional, De Zalze Golf Estate

"From my 10 years experience in the golf industry, BSI is by far the leading institute, all staff actually care about every single student's future and will go out of their way to help you succeed. BSI is well known in the industry and everyone knows that if you have attended BSI you are a better candidate."

 ~ Simon Riekert, PGA Diploma Graduate (2012)
Golf Industry Digital Media Entrepreneur

"BSI was pivotal in providing me with all the right tools to enter the golfing industry. It gave me a broad and in-depth overview of almost everything one would need to pursue a career in golf. One of the best things about my time at BSI was the life-long friendships that I made. We are all connected now and able to plug into one another across the world. BSI provides you with a solid base from which you can enter, not only the golf industry, but various other avenues to forge a career with substance. I am truly thankful for the opportunities created for me."

~ Gerrit van Niekerk, PGA Diploma Graduate (2012)
Sales Manager, The Pro Shop Fourways

"BSI's training and studies gave me the knowledge and foundation to be able to play professional golf for a while and also allowed me to apply all techniques learned as part of my current coaching programmes to date.

My advice to students that are thinking of joining BSI's programme is to just do it! The academy is great, with coaches who today are still my friends. They have a wealth of knowledge and you will learn a lot."

~ David Lamprecht, PGA Diploma Graduate (2011)
Golf Academy Manager, Els Performance Academy,
The Els Club Desaru Coast, Malaysia

"I spent four years at BSI and I must say, it was probably the best years of my life. Being able to wake in the morning, say to myself, I'm off to learn and specialise in my passion was something very special to me. The academy was at the heart of all my learning and life experiences as a young high school graduate.

BSI's PGA programme was the perfect balance between academics, practical learning, and golf training. We were taught and cared for by respected professionals in the industry, which played a significant part in our personal developments."

~ Jeremy d'Argent, PGA Diploma Graduate (2014)
Head Golf Professional, Mont Choisy Le Parc, Mauritius

"I had the chance to live out my passion and now I am working not only within the golf industry, but the sports industry. BSI has taught me a lot. I am thankful for my experience at BSI and it is quite unique to say that I really love getting up every morning to do what I love."

~ Don Wolmarans, PGA Graduate (2018)
Custom Builder/Fitter, Cobra Puma Golf

"I loved the overall experience. I made a lot of friends and made contacts in the golf industry in South Africa. The hours of intense training with my coach as well as physical and psychology sessions to prepare for a playing career.  

The PGA Diploma course taught me everything and gave me a career in the golf industry. The academy gave me the tools to be the best I can be at my job. It gave me a good work ethic and the knowledge to be respected by clients and co-workers. Join BSI for an experience you'll never forget!"

~ Loic Csizmadia, PGA Diploma Graduate (2014)
Coach and Co-Founder, The Islander Golf Academy,
Avalon Golf Estate, Mauritius

"I got a really good education about the golf industry as well as the business around golf which prepared me a lot for my current job in coaching. The facilities at Royal J & K are superb. Excellent staff. If you are serious about a career in golf and want the best PGA programme in the country, then BSI is fantastic."

~ Chalton Steyn, PGA Diploma Graduate (2017)
Head Teaching Professional, EOGA Killarney CC

"BSI has helped me learn more about the industry and how each part of the industry functions and what is required of you to be successful. I have learned many life lessons at BSI that I still carry with me and use daily. The staff is excellent and friendly. The quality of education is great and so is the coaching and training in the gym. The staff is ready to help at any time. The programmes at BSI opens doors for you in the industry across the globe. I got the opportunity to work in America and Thailand as well. I would recommend any person to join the academy."

~ Jeandre Badehorst, PGA Diploma Graduate (2017)
Duty Manager, The World of Golf

Start your journey

Contact our admissions department at for more details on the PGA Diploma at BSI, and to start your own journey to success.

Performance Tip

Playing fearless golf

Golf is actually a simple game that we tend to make complicated. The consequence for a bad shot is sometimes just one extra shot taken on a particular hole, which given the number of holes and shots still to be played, can easily be caught up and made insignificant. So, if the consequences for bad golf shots are really are nothing consequential at all, why do so many players play with so much fear?

This fear to perform and emotional response to a bad shot normal originate from external pressures. This could be from various sources, but is almost always when an individual’s performance is result-driven. Golf is full of uncontrollable factors that influence the result and outcome of every shot, every round and every tournament. To believe that we can overpower and control these factors only leads to frustration and sometimes anger under pressure.

It is like rolling a dice, it would be crazy to ask someone to roll a six, but when they roll a one, we criticise them to the point they take the result personally and it becomes a belief about their personal character. This then leads to an individual being fearful to roll the dice due to the consequences if they don’t roll a six. This same process happens in golf when the focus is on the result, players go down a road where they are too scared to execute shots and perform poorly under pressure as a result.
We want players to focus on the process, i.e., to roll the dice over and over until they get a six. It is irrelevant how many times they fail, as long as they are standing there rolling and rolling, putting in the effort hour after hour to increase the total number of sixes they rolled. If they are praised and pushed for their effort, they will continue to roll and lose count of the failures, but celebrate the successes. This is the mindset we want on the golf course, this is how you play fearless golf.
Photo credit: Mark Fairbank, BSI Mental Coach

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