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Randpark Club Update

Dear Member,

This rollercoaster situation with Covid-19 will continue to challenge us in every way, but we will push through and ensure that the Club moves forward, for the enjoyment and benefit of our members and their families. We have sent out various updates the past few days having received reports of positive cases amongst members and a few of our course employees.

The Club was notified early on and we brought in the sanitising squad, as a precaution, and have treated the areas. A rotation schedule has also been introduced to ensure continuity of management and employees on the ground, as a precaution, should we have any employees go into isolation or test positive.

Members and employees have been reporting positive cases and who they have been in contact with ahead of time which has allowed us to take the necessary action. We appeal to members to please continue to report any positive cases and to stay away from the Club if you have symptoms or if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive.
I am sharing quite a bit of information in this newsletter, as a general update. There is a lot happening and, as always, it is important to keep members informed.

Disciplinary Process and Recent Outcomes
It was reported to all members on the 28th April 2021 that the Club will be taking a firm stance on discipline and appealed to members to please be mindful of their behaviour, especially when it comes to instances of excessive swearing or unseemly conduct in the bar or elsewhere in the Club. The committee has since dealt with two separate incidents, which was reported by members and formally addressed by the disciplinary committee, and further reported to the general committee for sanction.  The committee recently agreed that members must be kept informed about the outcomes of these incidents to ensure an open and transparent process.

1. The first incident related to a complaint about a group of members who were overheard swearing in the Baobab area, whilst having other members and their families in the vicinity. This created an unpleasant environment for members and the incident escalated somewhat in that it turned into an altercation between the group and a visitor, but was quickly resolved. The group of members in question apologised for their behaviour and the Club issued them with a letter of reprimand, warning them that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated in future.

2. The second incident was deemed as very serious and the two sanctions included a six-month suspension for one member, of which the member will serve three months away from the Club, and a one-month suspension for the other member, which is suspended for 12 months. The suspended sentence portion of a sanction will carry forward on a members record for 12 to 24 months and will automatically kick in should the member be found guilty of any misconduct within that period, and this will be on top of a possible further sanction for the misconduct at that time. The members in question both apologised, in writing, for their behaviour and understands the sanctions imposed on them.  

We would like to appeal to all members to please report any incidents to management or security, who are always visible and present at the Club. The Club has signage boards up at reception, both upstairs and downstairs, with contact numbers for security and management. Please do not take matters into your own hands. Report it and allow management or security to deal with the matter.

The Club is a place for members to get away and to relax, and at no time does the committee want to deal with unpleasant matters between members, or even members and visitors. As a Club, we will continue to strive towards being a family-friendly environment and will continue to promote and encourage a club where members will feel at home.

Please click here to view the Code of Conduct. This is another reminder to all members to please read the Code of Conduct and take note of the procedures. The Code of Conduct also guides members on the process of lodging a complaint if it becomes necessary.

Winter Projects
Winter is always a great time of the year to do a few course projects. We obviously cut the courses a lot less, which frees up some of the course staff. Roger generally plans a few key projects to get through, which improves the overall aesthetics of out-of-play areas and helps make growing season a bit easier to manage. Clearing of the bush right of the 18th tee has already been completed and it is looking fantastic. Work will be done on the natural outcrop areas on the 10th, 14th and 4th FT, as well as the 12th on BW.
8th Bridge Bushwillow
Construction will start on the newly designed bridge on the 8th hole of Bushwillow. It has been a long haul to get this finalised, but we will be starting by the latest 1st July, hopefully, sooner; it all depends on the availability of material. The bridge will be very similar in design, but it will have a more modern look and it will be shifted a few meters upstream away from the dam.
The construction will take approximately seven to eight weeks and will impact the playability of the 8th hole. A new tee section will be cut on the opposite side of the dam, which will make the par 3 a short uphill shot of around 70m to 80m.
We will try and keep Bushwillow closed during weekday mornings to avoid unnecessary interference. We will keep members posted as the project moves along.
New Scorecards
Scorecards have been redesigned to include the Handicap Allowance changes, but we took the opportunity to add a few additional changes.
1. The middle section on the back of the card previously had a course map on, which really did not serve much purpose, and now includes additional important information, like the competition format, allowance being played on the day, placing and course care. This information will be updated every day by the starter or by a player.
2. Handicap Allowance (PH) information added next to HI & CH.
3. The pace of play information added to show allowed time per hole and the cumulative time it should take to play each nine.
4. Marker and Player signature blocks have been moved to make better use of the space on the card.
5. Red and Blue course markers have been swapped to align with most courses in Central Gauteng. 
Driving Range Upgrade Partnered with Inrange
One of the most exciting projects in years and all thanks to our partners from Inrange, Global Golf and our Coaches, Darren and Stuart. In November 2020, we launched Inrange at the driving range, which transformed the overall range experience. We have evolved and built on this model, and realised the potential we have to really create something special.
Together with our partners, we will be doing a full renovation of the driving range the first week of July.

20 Inrange Bays offering Inrange and Inrange plus.
Inrange mobile in all 40 bays.
A new look and feel upstairs and downstairs, with custom built cocktail tables and chairs.
Background music on the upper level and at the café to create a vibey, yet relaxed atmosphere.
A new look and feel at the café, including comfortable lounge suites.
A new generator to fully run the range, café and gym, including the floodlights.
A new demo club studio, showcasing a wide variety of second-hand clubs.
State of the art coaching studios with Trackman 3 and the Wellputt putting studio.
Randpark Adventure golf, a 9-hole putt-putt course, which will be built on the old putting green area at the range.
Heat Pumps
As you know, we are facing excessive increases in electricity and we have been looking at solar solutions for the Club. We have an overall goal to substantially reduce the cost of electricity, which is one of our biggest operating costs over the next few years. We will, therefore, be installing a heat pump system for the locker rooms. The Club’s boiler is one of the most energy-intensive items in a club environment, using roughly 18% to 30% of electricity. Replacing the water heating system with one that uses an alternative source of energy is more efficient and will save money, especially as we move into winter at higher rates.

The heat pump uses a relatively small amount of electricity to extract a lot of energy from the surrounding air. A heat pump is also using the energy from the sun, but only indirectly and so it can work day and night.

“The most important effect of the performance of a heat pump is the planning and design of a heat pump system.” Installation work commenced on Monday, 7th June 2021, without affecting any hot or cold-water services. The pipework’s installation continued until Monday, 14th June 2021. On Monday, 14th June, the link connection into our existing pipeline was scheduled and hot and cold-water supply needed to be isolated for an estimated four-hour period. We are expecting that this system will be fully operational and commissioned by Friday, 18th June 2021.

Golf Shop
The changeover in the golf shop has proven to be a big success and it is well-supported by members. The team from Global Golf has been under pressure to ensure a smooth transition with The Pro Shop as a new partner. They have certainly made some positive changes and we look forward to seeing this partnership growing from strength to strength.
Jacobus, Lynnette and Darren are eager to build relationships and serve you, our members.

A few new changes are happening in the shop to grow the retail offering.
The retail show floor will be built to showcase the latest apparel for groups and corporates. This new space will be built by converting the old golf reception desk outside the shop. It will add a tremendous amount of value to the shop and Randpark will once again be a trendsetter by adding this unique section to the shop.
Second Hand Golf Balls – a new partnership has been established to bring in second hand golf balls on a regular basis. The balls will be pre-packaged based on grade and, in some cases, brand. This will be great value for money and add another revenue stream for the shop. 

We are truly excited about the upcoming changes, especially during this period. We know that this will add a lot of value to our members, their families and visitors. These are all small steps towards achieving our goal of being the leading golf and lifestyle brand in South Africa.
Have a great weekend
Stay Safe, Healthy & Happy!
The Randpark Team


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