Attracting people and golfers to your brand, club, shop, or coaching tee, will become easier with the right words that match your goal to a need.

The next time you get set to prepare or publish any digital content, ask yourself the following questions:
a) Is my (or our) credibility enhanced by what is said? 
b) Will this impact positively or negatively on the intimacy of relationship I (we) have with the reader? 
c) What is the orientation of the content? Is it towards the reader or self-serving? 
d) Will it reduce the likelihood of the reader opening future communication?

Let's find out

Sometimes your communication will contain an ‘offer’. That’s OK. Sometimes.

If your communications are too often offers, then put a lot of effort into your subject lines. The relationship is no longer intimate. You’re screaming in the in-box, just like everyone else.