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Dear Member,

 The Club

Happy New Year

It’s a new year, with new challenges, new goals and new opportunities. The Randpark team would like to wish everyone a great 2022!

The well-being and safety of all our members are of the utmost importance to us. In the event of an emergency please follow the steps below:
- Contact Security on 082 072 1212 (security is in contact with Saul Stiglingh, our Health, Safety and Security Manger via a two-way radio 24/7).
- In case of a medical emergency Security will contact ER24 (084124) immediately.

Emergency numbers will be attached to the scorecards.
We have scheduled a first-aid refresher training course for our staff members.

We always encourage communication between our members and the club. If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to either contact our Acting General Manager, Albert Clack, at or our Club Captain, Arthur Heinrich at

  Stay connected with our WhatsApp group
 We want to keep you informed

Receive Randpark news updates via WhatsApp in two easy steps:
1. Add Randpark as a contact on your phone: 082 052 4767.
2. WhatsApp us your first and last name. If you ever want to stop receiving event news, simply send us a WhatsApp with the message "STOP".

Please note that this WhatsApp number is operated from a computer and, unfortunately, is unable to receive any phone calls. Please contact the Club on 011 215 8600 for assistance.

  Keeping up with our winners
 Golf Results

It's been a great week of golf! Thank you to everyone who took part in our competitions and congratulations to our winners. Take a look at the latest results in the link below.

View results

  Make more golf a New Year’s Resolution
 2022 Club Calendar

The 2022 Calendar has been updated and the first big events will be the Knock-Outs for 2022. The entry lists will be available on the members’ notice board downstairs from Monday, the 10th of January. The entries will close on the 28th of January.

View the Calendar

The first rounds must be completed on the following days:
• Individual Knock-Out: 12th of February
• Betterball Knock-Out: 19th of February

We kindly request that if you do enter to ensure you play either before the dates or on the dates as per the draw. There will be no exceptions to extend any date for a Knock-Out.

The following rules and procedures shall apply to Club Match-Play/Knock-Out events.
• All results for K/O fixtures need to be submitted by the proceeding Monday @ 12:00, thus allowing players to play their match on either the Saturday, as per the fixture date, or the Sunday of that weekend.
• Extensions will be granted to players who are selected to represent the Club at Club level, i.e. League, Provincial or National level. Furthermore, should the league fall on a Sunday, the player will be granted an extension even if the Knock-Out fixture is scheduled for the Saturday, and he / she wishes to withdraw from golf on the Saturday because he / she is representing the Club, Province or Country on the Sunday.
• The Director of Golf will exercise his / her discretion to avoid misuse of this policy.     
• Should a player be found playing on the deemed Saturday when an extension had been requested, the player will automatically be disqualified from the tournament and the opponent will advance to the following round.
• Players may by mutual agreement play on the alternate golf course, i.e. Bushwillow instead of Firethorn, if it is not possible to play on the stipulated course, for a match being played either before or after the stipulated date.
• Opponents may not unreasonably disagree to play a fixture earlier and wherever possible such requests are to be made at least two weeks beforehand.
• It is the player’s responsibility whose name appears on top of each match tie to confirm the match and tee-time.
• Matches finishing tied after 18-holes must continue on a sudden-death basis from the hole at which the match originally commenced with players taking their strokes as they did at the start of the match. These players will have right of way and will be squeezed in between the field.
• In handicap Knock-Out events, the lowest handicapped player should play off scratch and the other player/s play off the difference between that person’s handicap and their own.
• Each event’s matches may be played on different courses.

  What's coming up next week?
 Weekly Competitions

View next week's Competition Schedule for both Bushwillow and Firethorn in the link below.

View schedule

  A positive note for our greens
 Looking at the courses

There are finally positive signs on the Firethorn greens. They are growing and root development is good, especially in the sand filled holes from the hollow-tining.  

Over the festive break, we sodded out the worst areas and have been plugging the smaller areas. The bad soil was removed and replaced.

Although the grass is growing well and definitely on the road to recovery, the surface is not up to standard yet, there are still small hollows of dead turf that need to grow close. This affects ball roll and can cause the ball to bounce. We are constantly sanding these areas to smooth them out and to encourage the grass to close over these areas.

We are mowing at 5.5mm to protect them from stress and encourage better roots so the greens will be slow. The worst affected greens are the 12th, 13th and 7th, these will take a while to recover completely while the others are closing quickly and should be very close to normal in the next two weeks. The recent warmer weather has been a blessing and has also helped the greens’ recovery allowing the under surface to dry out and reduce the black layer that formed after all the rain.

  January Specials
 Enjoy the good life with us

We have some incredible specials running this month, come down to the Club to enjoy a drink with us.


  Your Inrange+ touchscreen experience
 There's something for

Have a great weekend
Stay Safe, Healthy & Happy!
The Randpark Team


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