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Dear Member,

The Club

As our financial year draws to a close, we will be sending pro forma invoices out to all members over the next few days. It is important to contact the Club should you need to make any changes to your membership before the 1st of April 2022.

The committee is very cognisant that over the past two years, the covid pandemic and the subsequent alert levels of lockdown, has not only had a significant detrimental financial impact on the club but has also impacted each member’s personal finances. Great care is being taken to ensure that the 2022 annual increases will allow the Club to achieve financial stability whilst not placing any undue financial strain on members' personal finances.

The increase %’s are as follows:

1. Membership fees - 4.75%
2. Unlimited playing fees - 5.75%
3. CDF - 10%

Club Membership is doing very well with many categories closed due to the pressure on the timesheet for Saturday mornings. New membership is only accepted when an opening becomes available.

Taking all of the above into account the increase for membership (including the CDF) is set at 5.64% and 5.55% respectively.

As a comparison, a Premium member on unlimited golf previously paid R1936 pm. With the new increase the monthly fee will increase to R2042 pm, effectively a R106 increase per month.

Happy golfing,

We always encourage communication between our members and the club. If you have any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to either contact our General Manager, Albert Clack at or our Club Captain, Arthur Heinrich at

We are doing a clean-up of all gardens around the clubhouse area and once this is completed the team will progress to the gardens on the golf courses.

The chipping green after three weeks, good germination

A few temporary chipping greens have been cut (please note no chipping is allowed on the putting green)

Bushwillow no 17 stone wall area cleaned up

Edging cart paths on the two golf courses, we will continue until complete

Firethorn no 7 recovery, the green will re-open on Saturday the 19th

After the storms we are cleaning up and removing soil on all cart paths and around shelters

A stop sign has been erected between hole 5 and 6 on Bushwillow

Well Done & Congratulations to all our
Weekly Club Competition Winners

Pace of Play

Over the next couple of weeks, our main focus will be the pace of play on the courses. We are aware that over the last couple of months the courses have been playing very difficult, and this does have an effect on the pace of play. One of the biggest concerns raised by team members and members are players arriving late for their tee-off times.  

As per the rules of Golf, Rule 5.3a: “The player must start at his/her starting time”:
  • This means that the player must be ready to play at the starting time.
  • The starter time set by the committee (or your booked time) is treated as an exact time (for example, 9 am means 9:00:00, not any time until 9:01)

We are hereby requesting that all players be ready at least 10 minutes prior to their tee-off time.

A grace period, commencing 17 February through to 25 February, is being granted to allow playing members to get used to the new procedures. We encourage all playing members to adopt the new procedures earlier which will be implemented with effect from 26 February.

Herewith the changes: 
  • All pre-check-ins will be discontinued as of 26 February. All players to report to the Pro Shop to check-in before the start of play.
  • Social distancing and masks will apply in the Pro Shop.
  • Players may not check in for other players.
  • Each player must have a slip before proceeding to their relevant tee boxes.
  • No Slip = No Play.
  • Players to report to the starter 10 minutes prior to your tee-off time. Please advise the starter of your name and tee-off time.
  • Please be ready to play at your booked time.

In the event that a player or group is late for their tee-off time, the following will apply:

  • If all 4 players are not ready to tee off at their set time, they will move to the back of the field. If the field is full, the players will forfeit their tee-off time and will not be able to play.
  • In the event that one player is running late, the other players must tee off on the set time. The late player must skip the hole/s and catch up with his/her playing partners. Players will not be allowed to wait for the player on the tee box and must continue with their game.
  • In the event that a player does not arrive for their tee-off a NO SHOW will be implemented against that player.

Slow Play on the Course

Our marshals on the courses will always ensure that slow play is monitored and the round is enjoyable for all our members and guests. Verbal abuse of the course marshals will not be tolerated and will carry sanctions that may extend to suspension of playing privileges.
The responsibility is still with the players to ensure they keep up with the four-ball ahead of them. If you lost time during play you must make up for the lost time, falling out of position creates congestion for the whole field and if it occurs in the morning field, it may extend to the afternoon field as well. In the event that a group does not make up for the lost time, the group will either be requested to Grab & Go when they reach the Halfway House or skip Halfway House to make up for the lost time. We are hereby requesting all members to assist us in this regard, to make the round more enjoyable for your group, but also the rest of the field behind you.

Please remember the following:

  • Play “Ready Golf”, this will help the pace of play tremendously.
  • Limit your time searching for a ball to 3 minutes as per the Rules of Golf.
  • Do not waste time next to the green to collect scores, proceed to the next tee box and capture the scores there.
  • When possible, proceed to your ball and play when you are ready.
  • Leave your bag/pull cart in the direction towards the next green, do not leave your bag in front of the green.  
  • Limit your practice and pre-shot routine and be ready to play when it’s your turn.

Bushwillow & Firethorn
Competition Schedule

We will be hosting the 2022 SA Stroke Play Championship from 20 - 24 February on Firethorn. Please note sunrise and sunset golf will only be available on Bushwillow during this period.

  • 36-Holes of Golf.
  • Warm-up Buckets at the Range with Inrange.
  • Sponsored Hospitality Station
  • We would like to invite you and your family for prize giving on Sunday, 13 March from 113 March from 17h00.  
  • Chef specials will be available for purchase on the day.
Tournament Conditions:
  • Entries are limited to 90 players
  • Only entries booked & paid online will be accepted
  • Entries close Monday, 7 March or when maximum players have been reached
Entry Fee per player : R260
Green Fees as per membership category
Please click here to book

Good Vibes
Good Memories

THURSDAY SPECIALS from 17.00 to 20.00
Join us by sitting down or grabbing a take-away. Take-aways must be ordered with your service host.

• Oysters 4 Ways - R80
4 Freshly shucked oysters with 4 assorted dressings:
Spanish Style (chorizo & grilled red pepper)
Kilpatrick (bacon, worcestershire sauce, tabasco)
Gin & Tonic (gin, tonic & cucumber)
Apple Cider (granny smith apples, cider vinegar, honey, salt)
served with lemon wedges  
• Antipasto Stuffed Chicken - R95
Sundried tomato, olives & salami stuffed chicken, wrapped with Parma ham, set on Napolitano tossed fettuccine, topped with grated parmesan cheese
• Lemon & Herb Grilled Kingklip - R140
Set on spaghetti with roasted Rosa tomatoes, spring onions, olives, garlic, chillies & parsley

HAPPY HOUR on FRIDAYS from 18.00 to 19.00
20% discount for members paying with their club card

On SATURDAY from 11.00 and 19.00 you can join us for our MEMBER APPRECIATION SPECIAL
Grilled Calamari served with steamed rice & lemon butter sauce for R63
(available in the Terrace Bar & Baobab Terrace)

The Joker Draw
The cards are in your hands

Purchase your tickets for the Joker Raffle Draw in the Terrace Bar, Baobab Terrace, Golf Shop or from Vern on Saturday from 12.00 to 14.00 and 16.00 to 18.00.  

Get one ticket for R10, six tickets for R50, or really increase your chances with 15 tickets for R100!

You just have to be present when the draw takes place. The AM draw will take place after the morning field prize-giving (14h00), and the PM draw will take place after the afternoon field prize-giving (18h00).

We look forward to seeing you there.

Sponsored by

Greg (Pops) Collier-Payne
International Money Transfer Specialist
083 297 1076

Keep walking!
Enter the Attendance Lucky Draw

Don’t forget to hand in your scorecards on Saturday and stand a chance to be one of the lucky Johnny Walker Black winners! We will be doing Member Attendance Lucky Draws during prize-giving.

AM Prize-giving – TWO bottles of Johnny Walker Black!
PM Prize-giving – TWO bottles of Johnny Walker Black!

Sponsored by

Pet Policy

The policy is written for the protection and enjoyment of all members, employees and visitors using the Club facilities.

Club Infrastructure – No pet is allowed in and around the clubhouse (which will include but not be limited to the following areas - halfway house, bar and restaurant facilities, public areas, function venues, driving range, offices and locker rooms).

Golf Courses - Dogs are permitted to be walked / run with on both courses during permissible walking and running times, provided the dog is on a leash at all times, and the owner (runner / walker) cleans up after the dog should it become necessary.

Exception to the rule will be made for guide dogs assisting people with disabilities and service dogs in the line of duty.

Any individual found to be in breach of the rule will be asked to leave the property immediately.

The individual bringing the pet onsite will take full responsibility for their pet’s actions whilst on Randpark Club property.

Come through to the Health and Wellness Centre, near the driving range to chat to us about your training and fitness goals. We specialise in sport specific conditioning that ensures you perform in your given sport or fitness journey. We focus on improving your:
  • Stability
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Basic strength initially
This will give you the correct foundation of conditioning and sporting performance to be able to take the next step with us. A step that would be done correctly and one that you can look back on being the turning point in your fitness drive.
Start your training voyage here at Powerblast Training.
Contact Warren McCann: 082 450 8220 or Theo Heinrich: 073 997 4613

Long work day?
We’ve got you covered

It's time you started having fun on your nights out! Get four mates together and join us at the Range for a complete Inrange+ entertainment experience!

Inrange+ Games include Longest Drive, Bullseye, Twenty One, Shrinking Target Destroyer.

Have a great weekend
Stay Safe, Healthy & Happy!
The Randpark Team



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