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Monday, 21 January 2019

Clubhouse revamp!

The food and beverage at Oubaai Golf Club will be managed by the Oubaai Hotel & Spa with immediate effect. Kharafi Hospitality plans to invest a substantial amount into the revamp of the clubhouse including furnishings and fixtures. The clubhouse will reopen a week after hollow tining, on 28 May, so please come in and enjoy your new clubhouse.

Residents of Oubaai and members of the golf club gained The Herold Restaurant late last year and will now also benefit from the upgrades at the clubhouse.

I would like to thank you for all of your support over the last six months in the clubhouse. We hosted some truly remarkable events under very trying circumstances, including a wonderful Member/Guest, Member/Member, the Jaguar E-Pace Launch, Ladies at Home, Club Champs and recently The Invitational. It has really been a pleasure serving you all and I hope you give the new management and staff the same support you afforded us over this time.

Hollow tining at Oubaai
Oubaai will be closed from 14 – 20 May, opening on Monday 21 May. We have arranged favourable rates for you with the following courses:

• Kingswood R230 plus R120 cart
• Pinnacle, Pezula and Simola R550 (incl of seat on cart)

These bookings must be made on your behalf by Oubaai staff otherwise the favourable rates don’t apply. Please contact Karen directly so that she can arrange the booking for you.

Oubaai Pro Shop
Make sure you are ready for the cooler weather. Come and see the new layering for winter. Stock for ladies and men. Proshop re-opens
21 May 2018.

  14-20 May
Hollow tining

21 May
Ladies League

10 June
Southern Cape Women’s Closed Championship
If you are interested, please enter here.

16-17 June
South Cape Men’s Closed Championship

27 July
Els for Autism

Click on the poster to enlarge.

This week we are focusing on hollow tining of the greens and sorting out the bunkers. With regards to the greens we’ll be using a 9mm core. We have limited the depth to 25mm because temperatures have dropped, and the colder conditions will slow down the recovery. The greens and holes will be covered with top dressing and watered for the rest of the week. The main benefit of to the greens are better aeration and water circulation to the roots of the grass.

This week also affords us the opportunity to start the bunkers project. The plan is to sift the sand to get rid of the clumps and rocks. The bunkers that have become compact we’ll be attending to the drainage to improve the consistency of the bunkers at Oubaai. It is a huge project that will continue for some months.

We are also cutting open the valve boxes to ensure these are more visible when walking in the rough.

We are very happy with the progress of the gardens at the clubhouse as well as the planting at the new dam on the 8th.

Looking forward to the course re-opening next Monday.

Until next week,

9 May 2018
1st Evan Carlson and Roy Hele, 73
2nd Anton Nel and Leon Schutz, 69
3rd Paul Sumner and Johan Kapp, 67
Nearest the Pin: Werner Terblanche

1st Ingrid and Trudie, 62
2nd Lili and Charlotte 60
Nearest the pin: Charlotte Griffiths


Srixon have developed and evolved a proprietary SpinSkin technology.
The cover of the golf ball has a skin that literally allows the grooves of your club face to grip the ball.
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Those looking for tour
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If you haven’t played a Srixon golf ball with SpinSkin technology, then give it a try.
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We’re two weeks in to some simple advice on how to improve your
scorecard using the Par 3 holes. They’re an opportunity for everyone.
Removing risk helps.

Simple Tip #3
Where’s the easiest and safest target? Before you even look for the flag,
find the point on the green that gives you the largest room for error.

In this example, even going over the back of the target area marked will leave
you a chip and putt for a 3, so you’re looking at a 4 at worst. Go at the flag and the
consequences of a miss could be much greater. Even if you fly the flag and land in the bunker,
you’re then faced with a bunker shot back towards water. Going at the flag is a 2 or bust!

You’ll be faced with a course management challenge on all approach shots,
not just Par 3’s. Try playing a round where you take a ‘safety first’ approach to every shot.
Check out your score. Is it an improvement if you play within yourself?
Course management is an important part of your game; if you’d be interested
in an accompanied round to help with your course management,

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