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Monday, September 21, 2020

What a way to start!
It’s quite stressful sitting in front of your computer, thinking: "How will I start this week's Dog’s Tale?". There is just so many things happening at the club and around us! Even though the season is over, it’s anything but quiet at my favourite place, Stellenbosch GC.

Here's a little list for you!

Monday Night Football with a Par 3 Challenge to warm up
Mix Competition and celebrating Leonie's, our Ladies Captain, birthday
Blaauwklippen Cup – Wednesday, 25 April 2018
Up and Coming Club Championships - 5 and 6 May 2018
• Introduction of the Junior Club Championships – 4 May 2018
Annual Putting Championships – 4 May 2018
  First of 4 Beyerskloof Golf Days - 2 May 2018
• Our boys doing well on tour again (Past weekend)
• Playing host to all our corporate events
(Nomads on Thursday and Ramble the following one)
Mother’s Day Lunch at the club – 13 May 2018
Closed for Cultural Practices (hollowtining) 7 – 11 May 2018

All I can say is thank you for the wonderful support, and I hope you are not missing out!

Monday Night Football - Varsity Cup Final 2018
Can you think of a better way to kick off your week than by playing a quick 9-hole Par 3 course, and afterwards watching Maties beat Pukke with 40 points to 7? Can I get a yes please!

In 1st position, playing his best round of the year by scoring 22 stableford points (that included a black out and a one pointer), was none other than my weekly partner, Jaco Laubscher. In close second position was Wessel Kotze, making 21 points and beating Vince Nienaber on a count out.

After the round, Jaco informed me that he is seriously thinking of giving up the full game to focus more on the shortened version…

#par3forfun #varsitycup #hamburgers #beer
Monday Night Football with a little golf before the game

Lots of Wednesday info...

We tried playing some golf on Wednesday, but that was not very successful. Nevertheless, we are extremely greatful for the 12mm of rain that came pouring down. Sadly, we had to postpone the ABC Security sponsor day. We have rescheduled for 23 May, 2018.

This upcoming Wednesday, we welcome 28 De Zalze Golf Club members to Stellenbosch Golf Club as we defend our title during the first round of the Blaauwklippen Cup 2018.

Beyerskloof will be spoiling us next week, when they kick off with their first day of the year. It is already fully booked, but don’t despair, give the shop a call and let them add you to the waiting list. I am sure we are going to be able to accommodate several members!

Mix Competition
Happy Birthday to our Ladies Captain! What better way to celebrate your special day than on the golf course with your husband and friends! As a team, we had a great day on the course and ensured a day for Leonie to remember by winning the April Mix Competition! The format, 4 Ball Alliance Stableford, gave us 18 holes of surprises and was a little different than normal, but everyone enjoyed it.

Well played team! #livingthedream

Myself, Leonie, Nicci (who played her best round ever - level par on the back nine)
and Willem
Me and the birthday girl – check out the cake!

Club Championships 2018
Entries are coming in fast for the 2018 Stellenbosch Club Championships. Please note that there is limited space available, so enter now to avoid dissapointment.

On Friday, 4 May, for the first time ever, we will be hosting the Stellenbosch Junior Club Championships. This fun event is aimed at the young ones who still play golf for the love of the game. On the back nine they will be playing the junior course and on the front nine we will have a course set up between the ladies and blue markers, starting from 14h30. Both the Championships will be over 9 holes only and will have their own trophy (anonymously donated by one of the parents).

Click here for the entry form. You will see a spot on the form where you can write down your nomination to name the trophy. Yes that’s right, each participant will have the opportunity to pick a name for the trophy in the inaugural year. It  might even be more special to win the naming of the trophy competition, rather than the first event! Please feel free to contact Erich or Pierre at the shop if you have any questions.

Putting Championships
Don’t forget to enter the Putting Championships, once again generously sponsored by Kurth Geiger, also taking place on Friday, 4 May 2018. I am sure Johan van Aswegen will be joining us to defend his title from last year…
Afterwards there will be some drinks and snacks on the deck (weather depending) and the prizegiving for the Junior Club Champs and the Putting Championships will commence.

Reciprocity – 7 to 11 May 2018
We will be doing cultural practices on the golf course from Monday, 7 May, to Friday, 11 May. The golf course will thus be closed during this period. Reciprocity has been arranged at the following golf courses:
De Zalze GC – R230
Devonvale GC – R180
Paarl GC – R200
Strand GC - TBC

  Cheers for Scotland
Chris is enjoying a trip of a life time in Scotland and will be playing a few bucket list golf courses. Enjoy every moment Chris!

They are currently at St Andrew’s, where he is probably playing right now as you are reading this newsletter.

Cheers for St. Andrews!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! For those interested, we had 9mm of rain last night, with some more predicted for Wednesday and Thursday. Let’s hope for plenty! I must say, I can see a little green tint trying hard to come trough after last week's rain.

For those going away for a little R&R over the up and coming long weekend - enjoy and drive save. For those staying, we are open and waiting to spoil you every day with golf, food, beverages and the best atmosphere.

Have a great one!


Stellenbosch-gholfklub beskik oor ‘n top-oefenfasiliteit wat vir lede en besoekers baie waarde bied. Riaan Gerber het gaan gesels met die Stellenbosch-klub PGA-afrigter, Erich Kliem, oor hoe hierdie fasiliteite benut word tot voordeel van die gholfspelers.

Afrigting by die Stellenbosch-gholfklub beleef ‘n nuwe dimensie met die onlangse oprigting van die Stellenbosch Golf/Titleist/FlightScope Fitting Center by die oefenarea.

Die benutting van die FlightScope-tegnologie tydens afrigtingsessies het veral die aandag van lede aangegryp, want hulle kan deur middel van die FlightScope-statistieke duidelik hul progressie sien na ‘n paar afrigting-sessies.

Een voorbeeld:
‘n Lid van die Stellenbosch-gholfklub – diep in sy sestigjare – het stelselmatig die laaste jaar uitgegaan vanaf ‘n 11-voorgee na ‘n 19-voorgee. Hy besluit toe om vir ‘n paar lesse te gaan by Erich Kliem wat aan die hoof staan van die afrigting by hierdie sentrum.

“Ek het al die jare die bal met ‘n hakie geslaan, maar die laaste jaar het ek omtrent al my houe na regs uitgestoot. Ek het alles probeer, maar dit het nie gewerk nie. Die lesse by Erich asook die benutting van die FlightScope-tegnologie het my sommer gou-gou op die regte spoor gebring.

Erich het aan my gesê dat my deurswaai was erg vanaf die buitekant na die binnekant en dit het gemaak dat ek die balle na regs geslaan het. Hy het vir my gewys hoe ek moet maak om die “club path” aan die binnekant te kry sodat ek by impak-posisie op die regte plek was wat my deurswaai betref. My FlightScope-statistieke het my verbetering onderstreep. My balspoed was vinniger en ek het die bal etlike meters verder geslaan.

“En my voorgee het omtrent elke maand met ‘n hou afgekom.”

Wat die Stellenbosch-oefenfasiliteit een van die bestes in die land (en waarskynlik onder die bestes in die wêreld van klub-gholf) maak, is die feit dat spelers hul houe kan sien trek, terwyl die FlightScope-statistieke gemeet word. Spelers het dus die beste van twee wêrelde.

FlightScope meet talle aspekte van die gholfswaai asook die balvlug – insluitende:

• Spelers se swaaispoed (hoe vinnig ‘n speler sy stok swaai)
• Balspoed (hoe vinnig die bal die stok verlaat na impak)
• Smash factor (hoe effektief word die energie van die gholfswaai-spoed oorgedra na die balspoed – 1.50 is die optimum “smash factor.”)
• Launch angle (teen watter hoek word die bal in die lug “gelanseer”)
• Club path (wat is die roete wat jou stok volg – spesifiek tov jou deurswaai)
• Face angle (jou stokgesig haaks; oop of toe tydens impak-posisie)
• Afstand wat jy die bal deur die lug slaan
• Totale afstand
• Hoeveel links of regs jy die bal slaan vanaf jou teiken

Erich sê hy het ‘n bepaalde volgorde hoe hy FlightScope inspan wanneer ‘n persoon kom vir die eerste les.

“Ons kry sy data met ‘n drywer, 6 yster en wigyster.
  Statistieke soos swaaispoed, balspoed en afstand behaal, is natuurlik belangrik, maar die twee statistieke wat my die meeste vertel van ‘n speler se gholfswaai is sy “club path” en “face angle” by die impak-posisie.

Die club path kan effe vanaf die binnekant wees of effe vanaf die buitekant – solank die “path” verkieslik tussen 2 en 5 grade vanaf ‘n reguitlyn is.

Danksy hierdie statistieke hoef ek nie te raai tov die eienskappe van ‘n speler se gholfswaai nie – die statistieke gee my ‘n duidelike en wetenskaplike aanduiding wat met die speler se gholfswaai gebeur – veral gedurende daardie kritieke 2 voet voordat die stok die bal tref.

Ek verduidelik hierdie statistieke op so ‘n eenvoudige as moontlike manier vir die speler en neem dan ‘n video van die speler se gholfswaai.

Met die statistieke en video as hulpmiddels kan ek saam met die speler sy swaai deurgaan en vir hom presies wys waar sy probleme lê wat sy balvlug- en afstand nadelig beinvloed.

Wanneer die speler duidelik verstaan wat gebeur tydens sy gholfswaai kan ek voortgaan en hom ‘n paar “drills” gee om die regte bewegings in te oefen.

Nadat die speler ‘n tyd lank die “drills” geoefen het, neem ek weer sy data met die FlightScope-tegnologie. Baie kere is die verbetering wat spelers toon (en self kan sien tov die statistieke) vir hulle ‘n ware “eye-opener.

Natuurlik is dit belangrik dat hierdie speler dan by die huis asook op die oefenbof hierdie “drills” moet inoefen sodat hy/sy dit begin natuurlik doen in hul gholfswaaie.”

Kliem sê hy sien elke dag hoe spelers op die oefenbof hard oefen, maar elke keer oefen hulle dieselfde swaaifout oor-en-oor.

“’n Speler kry eintlik slegs waarde van oefening as jy die regte dinge doen terwyl jy oefen. Slegs wanneer jy op die regte dinge konsentreer voeg oefening werklike waarde toe tot jou as gholfspeler.

Die benutting van FlightScope-tegnologie ten opsigte van junior gholfspelers is ‘n geweldige voordeel vir hulle en dit gaan hulle baie help in hul gholfloopbane. Daar was deur die jare talle belowende juniors by die Stellenbosch-gholfklub – ek wonder hoe goed sou hulle as gholfspelers gewees het indien hulle ook die voordele sou kon benut wat die FlightScope-tegnologie vir vandag se juniors bied…”

Bespreek jou les hier!

The Fairway Wood is probably
as difficult a club to hit as
any in the bag.

It’s hugely useful if you
can hit it consistently,
but almost a waste of space in
the bag if you can’t.

So improvements in face technology to
increase forgiveness across
the face are welcome.

The fitting and setup of this
club is critically important.
Everything you can do to
make sure the ball launches
easily and accurately,
should be done. That includes
investing time to find the shaft that translates difficult into easy.

An assessment and fitting is of paramount importance.


Make sure the Fairway Woods and Hybrids in your bag are as easy to use as possible, and integrated
so that you have no big distance gaps or overlap from the clubs at the top of your bag.


Whether we’re coaching them, or you’re out with your child on the course or Range, never forget the need for FUNdamentals.

Yes, we want to teach the FUNdamentals of balance,
movement and coordination.

Yes, we want to make sure they
grasp the FUNdamentals of
hitting a golf ball.

Sure, we want them to
have the FUNdamentals of
how to play the game.

But, we want it to be
always FUN. 

But actually, it shouldn’t be different for anyone coming to learn the game. There are four steps,
and each child, or golfer, can decide where is far enough for them.


Whether it’s introducing golf to your child, helping them master the fundamentals,
or taking them to new levels of expertize, we want to help. Come and talk to us about the best
way to introduce golf to your child or how to develop their ability.


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