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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

E4A a huge success at Oubaai

We had a bumper weekend starting on Friday with a very wet but hugely successful Els for Autism fundraiser. On Saturday, Oubaai hosted the South Cape Seniors event and Sunday we had the privilege of hosting the Sanlam Cansa Regional finals at Oubaai. We received very favourable comments from golfers on the condition of the golf course, even during a very wet Friday!

We appreciate the opportunity for Oubaai to be chosen for events such as the above to showcase Oubaai to golfers. It also brings much needed business for the golf course, the club house and the hotel, especially during the quiet months.

Knock-Outs Reminder

If you are still in Knock Outs, please remember to play your next match before the end of August to keep the tournament on track.

National Golf Festival and Nomads at Oubaai

Please note that the course will be closed as follows:

• Wednesday, 8 Aug (partially, limited space for members)
• Thursday, 9 Aug (full)
• Friday, 10 Aug (partially, limited space for members)
• Saturday, 11 August (full)

If you are not able to book your round, please consider the reciprocal arrangements we have with Kingswood (R230 plus R120 cart) and Pinnacle, Pezula and Simola (R550 incl seat on cart).

Oubaai Pro Shop

The one dozen Srixon Ball promotion is still available! Buy any dozen Srixon balls, choose your favourite number (1-100) from the raffle board and you stand a 1 in 100 chance of winning R10,000 to spend in our Pro Shop! When we have sold the 100 dozen balls the winner will be drawn from the selected numbers!

New Sponsor: Denzil Kleu Properties

We would like to welcome Denzil Kleu Properties as a sponsor at Oubaai Golf Club. They will sponsor the competition every second Wednesday when the format is combined.

Until next week,

Dear Members,

We had a very good and busy weekend at Oubaai. The greens are in good shape with excellent roll.

This week, apart from the normal maintenance and bunker treatment we are also spraying the tee boxes for weeds.

We are delighted with the measured 6mm of rain. More is rain is always welcome.

We appeal to members and guests to please keep carts on the cart paths around the greens, please, please, please do not drive areas around the greens.

We are still working on a solution for the dam at 8. We’ll keep you posted.

Enjoy the cooler weather over the next few days!

8-10 Aug National Festival of Golf
11 Aug Nomads Tournament
20 Aug Ladies League at Oubaai
26 Aug Inter-Estate at Oubaai
1 Sep Super League at Oubaai
2 Sep South Cape Foursomes
15 - 21 Sep
15-21 Oct

Wednesday: 25 July 2018

2 Clubs
Mike Griffiths, Sean Farrell, Werner Welgemoed, Dylan Melville

Nearest the Pin
Werner Welgemoed

1st : Leon Schultz 70 nett
2nd : Willem Marx 70 nett
3rd : Chris Els 70 nett

Nearest the Pin
Maritha Robinson

1st : Lily Furstenburg 66 nett
2nd : Ingrid Herbst 74 nett


Prizes are in the Pro Shop for collection. Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for playing!

We want to help more of our golfers experience the joy of a sweetly struck, accurate iron shot more often.
That means increasing consistency, and how square to target line the club face is at impact. 
None of this is helped by manufacturer’s all having different ‘standard’ lengths on their clubs.
We reviewed four models from four major manufacturer’s and there was nearly an inch between
their standard #7 iron lengths.
Get fitted. “You’re worth it”, especially if you’re inexperienced, or inconsistent in your ball striking.
Experienced and supremely skilled athletes can make swing adjustments to poorly fitted irons. The rest of us can’t.

This is a ‘no-brainer’. Every golfer should play with golf equipment that makes it easy to repeat a golf swing;
that brings the club face back to the ball; square to the target line. Inexperienced and learning? Make it easier.
Improving and aspiring? Make it easier. Good and competitive? Make it easier.

We want everyone; irrespective of their background, their gender, or their age; to experience
golf as potentially the greatest social and healthy activity available to them.
To do that, we’ve had to catch up with the changes in the world.
 This is a great advert that highlights how
much more important healthy, social,
outdoor activity is to married couples
as they approach retirement.

This sort of social commentary (and advertisers
who understand their market) clearly
demonstrates that past-times are
shared by couples. Less and less
does a husband or wife disappear.

 If you have a spouse who doesn’t play golf; they may have had a negative experience previously;
then let us introduce them to a world of healthy, outdoor, very social enjoyment.


We need to keep our current participants playing the game, and even make it possible for them to play more often.
We also need more golfers. So, two birds and one stone. If you have a partner who doesn’t play golf,
then send them to us, and let us introduce them to the best outdoor activity forever!

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