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The 2019 PGA Merchandise Show

First, I apologize for no formal newsletter. There was just too much to do and limited time to get it all done. But we have a lot of plans for you nice people. Equipment, simulators and gear, oh my!

The applicable word was “overwhelming.” I’ve now been to four PGA Merchandise Shows and it’s still overwhelming. Now, I will admit that it’s not like the first one where my eyes were as big as a dinner plate and I walked around like a tourist, but it’s still an experience to be sure. Vendor meetings, dinners, and golf. You know the golf you play trying to navigate a 182 yard Par 3 where you hit 3 wood into a 40 MPH wind…and come up 10 yards short. Or when a 7-iron from 100 yards gets knocked down like a bunt single. Yeah, those things actually happened.


What did we see? Almost everything. TaylorMade was not in attendance, but virtually every other major company was. It was literally a small city jammed into an 800,000 square feet of space. I took a ton of pictures. If you haven’t been on Facebook recently, that’s where a select number ended up.

Each of us split up and had tasks. I had the equipment piece. I hit a LOT of equipment and did a ton of research of what is designed to do what and how. Many asked how some new clubs compare to the previous model. I can’t really answer that with 100 percent certainty because I’m not you, however, you just have to come in and try it. But most of the equipment that I tried over the past year and the current stuff is “better” in my opinion. Just how much, remains to be seen. But of everything I tried, three companies turned my head the quickest: PING, Yonex and believe it or not, Cobra. I had to put myself in the higher handicapper’s shoes, which I assure you isn’t difficult one bit! But I can say with 100% certainty, if you’re using a “G” anything from 2015 and 2016, you need to upgrade to the G410’s. It’s that much of a difference.

But the thing I will remember most was a putting lesson from a man named Rick Wright. You know I’m a notoriously bad putter. If I only three-putt 8 times, I call that a win, but it does nothing for the scorecard. But one evening in the rental house, he took me and my putter to school. In literally 5 minutes, he had me putting totally differently. In an hour, I was placing 10-foot putts in a grouping about the size of a saucer. My grin was hard to contain. Before this lesson, I had been planning on ordering an arm lock putter. I was that desperate, but as soon as the snow melts and it gets way above freezing, I think I’m going to find my way to a putting green to put into use what I learned. We like to talk about results here, and that was huge for me. Which is why we like hearing from you. How are you getting better? Do you have a plan? How can we get you there and are you willing to put the work in?

This year we’re going to strive to be better than we were which earned us the honor of being Golf Digest’s Top 100 Clubfitters. We’re ready to jump in and be as responsive as we can be. So, we want to continue to hear from you and tell us about your successes and ask us about anything we do or provide. We can’t do it without your input and we’re honored to be your favorite golf store.

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Feel the thrill

Two steps to the ride of your life
Generating longer distance from the tee with a perfect strike is made a lot easier if you’re
playing with two components fitted for your tee shot.
The shaft flex and the way the shaft performs
needs to match both your clubhead speed and
how you “load” the shaft. Do you have an even
tempo or do you start back aggressively?

The clubhead design needs to work with your swing speed and strike pattern to transfer your clubhead speed into the maximum ball speed on the best trajectory with the optimum spin rate.
Center of Gravity
Hitting zone size
and location
We’re delivering thrills
Creating the perfect match of ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate maximizes the distance you’ll get off the tee. A change of just 1° and 500rpm can unlock 20 yards. How much potential can we unlock for you? Act now.
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Playing the wind

Knock it down. Great for all conditions

Playing pitch shots into or with or across the wind needs you be able to play the “knockdown”, lower trajectory pitch shot. This is a great shot, even without the wind. It’s so much easier to control distance. 

Watching the Professionals play on TV you’ll see a lot of shots that finish like this. The ball flies lower and stops quicker. Your control and consistency are improved.
Stance width is reduced. Weight remains forward throughout the swing, with the hands staying ahead of the clubface to deloft the club. 
The upper body has rotated, but the movement of the arms is restrained. The angle of attack on the ball is very shallow, and you hardly see a divot.
The trajectory of the ball will be lower.

Generally, you don’t need more height on wedge shots. You want control of distance. Wind, or no wind, you’ll have better control of distance, with a lower trajectory wedge shot. 
Choosing between a high 56° wedge shot or a knockdown three-quarter 52° wedge approach; the best players will take the knockdown every time.
Learn to play this shot
Take your wedge and practice this shot. When you feel you have it, then dial in your distances.
Wind conditions will have far less impact. You’ll have far more control.
Unsure about the technique?
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