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BSI Golf

Last weekend’s PGA Tour event highlighted one of the beauties of competitive golf, that not everyone has to play the same way to be successful. While we know that driving distance has a huge effect on performance, Patrick Cantlay showed on Sunday that ‘putting for dough’ can still be relevant, by winning the BMW Championship with a record +14.58 in the strokes gained putting category for the 4 rounds. In doing so he holed 41/41 putts within 5 feet and 10/12 from 10 to 15 feet. You can get it done in many ways so don’t forget to work on every aspect of your game and play to your strengths in any given situation.

 BSI Tournament results

Premier Academy Weekly Medal

Well done to Jordan van Niekerk and Jules Helary on joint winners on Friday 27 August 2021 BSI Golf Premier Medal with scores of 72 on Royal Johannesburg & Kensington West Course. This is Jules Helary’s second win for the year and obviously he is starting to like the feeling of winning. Jordan has won 4 of the last 5 tournaments which brings him right into contention for the Order of Merit.

Jordan van Niekerk and Jules Helary

Congratulations also goes to Samantha Conradie (77) and Keegan Dix (74) who both achieved personal bests on the day.

Junior Academy Weekly Medal

Congratulations to Bernard Meyer on winning Friday 27 August 2021 BSI Golf Junior Academy Medal with a score of 68 on Royal Johannesburg & Kensington West Course. Bernard Meyer also achieved his personal best on Royal West with that 68.

Well done also to Dean Herbert (69) who achieved a personal best on the day.

Bernard Meyer


External Tournament Results

Results from the Central Gauteng Golf Union Junior Tournament

Tuesday 31 August 2021
Parkview Golf Course
4th: Eric Ncube
T8: Michael Wallace
T11: Vuyisani Makhama

 SA Kids Golf - Junior Africa Challenge

Last week, Friday 27 August 2021, saw the conclusion of the SA Kids Golf Junior Africa Challenge that was held at San Lameer. 146 kids from the ages of six to 18 years old, competed over the mid-week tournament under some very tough and windy conditions. Despite the conditions, all the players had an enjoyable experience, that they will not soon forget.

Mark McNulty is one of the patrons of the Junior Africa Challenge and his praises on the young sportsmen & women was of high regard as he spoke on the talent and joy that he saw out there on course.
Well done to all the participants, parents and winners for showing so much sportsmanship, dedication and commitment to the game.

BSI gave out prizes to the ‘Lowest round of the day’ in various categories over and above our annual sponsorship to SA Kids Golf.

BSI are committed to ensure the game of golf is accessible to all and that we continue to develop our players to their full potential under our own programmes and also our involvement with other organisations.

 Performance Tip

Understanding your swing speed to get maximum distance out of your game.
By Tyrone Gibb – BSI Coach

Ever felt yourself swinging slower, and hitting the ball further?

The game of golf has come a long way with understanding how to hit the ball further.
In modern times, many low handicap and elite players are hitting the ball miles.
They can consistently deliver the club head at high speeds, but the trick most high handicap players miss is that they should first ensure the impact of club head and ball is at the centre of the club face.
Ball speed has a high relevance to club head speed, but is affected highly by the ‘Centredness of Strike’.

Many factors come into play when determining ‘distance’ - overall distance, flight distance, roll distance. These measurements require an understanding of a few factors, but one of the most crucial factors is a centred strike.
High club head speeds that aren’t delivered with a controlled club face will affect the overall golf shot. Top tour players understand their body, and how fast they can swing the club consistently in order to deliver the club head in a manner that they can find the middle of the club face. With that ability comes greater control and understanding, such as ball speeds, launch angles, spin rates and trajectory.

Find yourself a swing speed that allows you to strike the ball consistently in the middle of the face, this way, you will get good ball velocity for your relevant swing tempo. You will control the ball better, start to understand spin rates, your trajectory and this will enable you to enjoy the game more.

Here are three tips to help focus on your swing speed:

1. Think of two words and think of a good rhythm - ‘Ernie Els’ for example. ‘Ernie’ on the back swing and ‘Els’ on the downswing. This creates good tempo and rhythm, allowing you to deliver the club head in a controlled manner.

2. Have practice swings with exaggerated movements, that is hard and fast, so you don’t have much control over the club. Next, swing the club in a slower manner. Finding the medium will allow you to swing at a speed that doesn’t allow inconsistent movements, creating better stability and delivering the club head more consistently.

3. If you are transferring the energy at the top of the backswing in big force changes, it will be tough to consistently swing the club in a good manner. Take your backswing and feel like you pause at the top of your backswing. Be conscious about not changing between the backswing and downswing with great energy to put the club off in uncontrolled odd patterns that won’t allow you to deliver the club head consistently to the ball.

Practice these rhythm techniques to create a swing speed that delivers a good strike. This alone will increase your distance and understanding of how far you hit the ball consistently.

Everyone is unique - Own your Swing Speed.

 Not Just Golf

It is great to announce that one of BSI’s most talented footballers has been given the opportunity to showcase his talent and skills overseas. We would like to wish Oyama Meke all the best as he continues his journey at CD La Virgen del Camino in Spain.

Oyama's attitude, commitment, and desire to succeed was evident from his first day at the BSI Football Academy. Being coachable is important for any young athlete and Oyama is hungry to learn.

BSI is proud to be a part of your journey and will be following and supporting you throughout your career.
All the best, you will be missed.

Oyama Meke

Saturday Soccer School

Do you want to nurture your child’s talent in a safe and enjoyable environment?
BSI Football Saturday Soccer School is the place to grow their talent in the game.
Come join us on Saturdays, starting on Saturday 11 September 2021 to experience our safe and professional coaching programme for 6 to 13 years old. Our programs are focused on holistic character and athletic development. Football is the medium in which we can develop active, positive, and resilient young stars.
For more information please contact, or click here.

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