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 From the Founder's desk

A few weeks ago I promised more information on our brand new Sports Management program.  See details later in the newsletter. The process to get both the program and BSI accredited by CHE and DHET respectively has been a long one, but we are finally there.  I have to give thanks to our former General Manager Barry Mocke for the immense work he put into this process, and to current Head of College Programs Mark Fairbank for ‘getting it over the line’. We can’t wait to get started with the program in January.

  36-hole Tournament Results
 BSI Junior Academy

Congratulations to Vuyisani Makama in winning the BSI Junior Medal 36-hole Tournament for Cycle 3. Unfortunately, the second day was rained out and the competition had to come to an abrupt end with only 18 holes being played. The winner was decided as the player who shot the lowest first round, which was Vuyisani who shot a 5-under 67 on Royal Johannesburg & Kensington West course, for a two-stroke lead over his closest contender.

Well done Vuyisani. Keep smiling and continue with the great effort and dedication to your passion for the game.

Vuyisani Makama

Well done to Leo Burger, who shot a personal best of 71 in the tournament. Leo’s game has developed very nicely during the month of September.

  Ekurhuleni Open
 External Tournaments

Ekurhuleni Open - State Mines Golf Course - 01 to 03 October 2021

We had a quite a few BSI golfers who entered this tournament with some notable mentions. Well done to Bernard Meyer for finishing 4-under and a sole 22nd place finish, Reece Mckain with a respectable 1-under and tied 27th spot, Jules Helary tied 33rd, and to Junior Academy students Grant Labuschagne and Jayson Borcher who both made the cut at even par. Well done again.

  Dean Herbert Junior Academy - Farewell 2021
 Student Spotlight

We are sad to say goodbye to Dean Herbert, one of the rising stars in our Junior Academy, whose family is emigrating this month. Here are a few parting words from Dean.

“In the two years I was at BSI, my golf handicap went from a 7.1 down to a +1.9. I enjoyed the balance of morning school academics mixed in with physical and technical training. The mental coaching is a definite added bonus.

My physical strength and fitness work with Renee has helped me gain swing stability and length off the tee. Coenie, my swing coach helped me understand swing plane and improve my backswing path. Academically I enjoyed working independently.

I will miss the BSI family because of the staff support and great competitive golfers, who have become life-long friends. I plan to complete my A levels and then go to College in the USA

I have definitely matured as a golfer and enjoyed the BSI experience. Coenie my golf coach – thanks for the great lessons and insights into my golf swing. The team challenges were awesome.”
- Dean Herbert

Dean Herbert

BSI would like to wish Dean and the Herbert family ‘bon-voyage’ and ‘good-luck’ in the next stage of your lives. We will miss you and hope you keep us updated in your golfing progress Dean.

  A huge shout out to Emerson Bam
 Alumni News

Shout out to Emerson Bam, BSI Junior Academy Old Boy who was named Southern States Athletic Conference (SSAC) Golfer of the week (20-26 Sept 2021). Emerson, who is in his second year studying at Faulkner University in Alabama, has been playing solid golf and continues to develop and progress in his game and it was only time before he was bestowed such a prestigious honour.  He was placed at Faulkner University by our scholarship agency partner Aspire Atlantic. Well done Emerson.

  Introducing our new course:
 Sports Management Course

We are excited to announce our brand new college course, a Higher Certificate in Sports Administration.  This is our first course as a Private Higher Education Institution with the Department of Higher Education and Training, having received this accreditation recently.

The 1-year course has been years in development and offers a fantastic foundation to launch a career in the multi-billion dollar business of sport.

The course offers high levels of theory and practical elements. BSI has nearly 2 decades of experience in managing academies, sports events, sports marketing and sports facility management. Who better to train the next generation of sports industry leaders?

The course offers a global perspective on the sports industry as well as teaching learners about the unique dynamics of sport in South Africa.  The course prepares graduates for local and international careers, and as with all our tertiary programs, our graduates will gain unique access to job opportunities around the world.  Learners can study the course on its own, or combined it with one of our renowned sports training programs.  For instance we can custom-fit a high performance golf training program from our selection of coaching staff and training options.

We are currently offering this course at a launch special price of only R30,000. Contact us by clicking the button below to enroll for January 2022 or to request more details.

Contact us

   BSI Open Day

A quick reminder of our Open Day coming up on Saturday at Huddle Park.  Tomorrow is the last day to register. We will be showcasing our Junior Academy, Study Centre, PGA Diploma, Greenkeeping, Sports Management, and Academy programs. 

More time to train and compete
International curricula
Grades 8-12
Flexible schedule
Expert guidance & support
All sports welcome

Contact us by clicking the button below to secure your place.

Contact us

  Coenie Stoop takes us back to basics
 Performance Tip

The Performance Tip of the Week is brought to you by Coenie Stoop – BSI Coach.

   Basic Fundamentals for Chipping

While Chipping might often get pushed aside for other areas of the golf game such as beating balls on the range with a driver, it is extremely important to improve your overall game and lowering your scores in the short game.

Chipping, like any other part of golf, requires dedication and practice to perfect, as well as a good strategy to execute it well.

Here are some basics to have a look at when approaching a chip shot:
• Choose a club that is appropriate for the shot.
• Fly the ball as short a distance as possible and roll the ball the rest of the way towards the flag/hole. The more loft on the club, the more it will fly through the air and shorter it will roll. Consider approaching the shot with an 8 or 9 iron rather than always relying on the Lob wedge.
• Position the ball in-between your feet (middle) and place most of your weight on the leading foot.
• Setup to the ball with your hands slightly forward and shoulders parallel to the ground.
• Keep your left wrist as stable as possible and keep your eyes on the ball when you are swinging through. Swing with the speed necessary to land the ball on the green in line with your starting direction and roll it in.
• Visualize the ball through the air landing on your landing area and see the ball roll until it disappears into the hole. (anticipating how the ball will react when hitting the green)
• Finish the shot by holding the finish after the follow through by seeing that the clubface is square in line with the middle of your chest.

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