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 From the Founder's desk

It is exam week for our PGA Diploma students, with the learners undergoing a combination of written and practical assessments to ensure real-world competence in various golf-specific fields such as coaching, club management, retailing and equipment. This rigorous testing has led to our graduates being highly sought-after by leading golf industry employers both locally and internationally. Here are some images from yesterday’s practical teaching ability assessments, where our 3rd year students have to give a 30-minute lesson and conduct 2 instructional clinics.

  Premier Academy Weekly Medal
 BSI Tournament results
Congratulations to Jonathan Williams on his first place finish in the BSI Premier Academy weekly medal catch-up on Wednesday 27 October, shooting 70 on Royal Johannesburg & Kensington West Course for back-to-back victories. Well done also to JD Ungerer (76) and Fred Njoroge (79) for personal bests on the day.

Reece Mckain climbed back to the top of the Order of Merit by taking 1st place on Friday 29 October in the BSI Premier Academy weekly medal with a score of 68 on Royal Johannesburg & Kensington West Course. Congratulations Reece. Things are really getting exciting at the top of the table.

Jonathan Williams

Reece Mckain

Well done to Bernard Meyer for his win on Friday 29 October in the BSI Golf Junior Academy Medal with a scintillating score of 68 on Royal Johannesburg & Kensington West Course. Well done also to Tylah James who shot her personal best on the day with an 88.

Bernard Meyer

   BSI Matchplay Last 8

Who would you rate to emerge from the Elite 8? The quarterfinals see the last 8 players paired up to see who will be left as the Final Four.

One win done and three to go, to determine who will be crowned BSI Matchplay Champion for 2021.

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 External Tournaments

Cobra/Puma CGGU Series

Well done to Junior Academy students Vuyisani Makama (T3) and Eric Ncube (T9) for top 10 finishes in the Cobra/Puma CGGU Series at Wanderers GC on Sunday 31 October.

  Meet Bernard and Heinrich
 Student Spotlight

Our Student Spotlight this week is on two in-form players who are excelling in their respective programmes at BSI. Firstly let us introduce you to Bernard Meyer, Grade 12 Junior Academy student. Here is what Bernard has to say about his time here at BSI:

“The best way to describe my relationship with everyone at BSI, is family. The atmosphere is competitive but extremely supportive at the same time. The friendships I’ve built will last a lifetime.

The coaching team have helped me immensely and I’m very grateful to call them ‘My Team’. The academic staff are very supportive and do all they can to help us excel at school. My personal area of improvement is my knowledge, that includes both on the sport side and of myself. Experiencing different situations and learning from them has helped me grow, not only as an athlete but as a human being. My biggest change was also mental, setting goals for myself in golf and academics. This has helped me become the person & player I am today.

Next year I am going to join the Elite Academy programme at BSI for six months, thereafter I will start my college golf journey in USA.

I’d like to thank the academic staff who have been with me since the start. It has been an invaluable learning experience.  To the coaching team, I’d like to thank you all for the wisdom they’ve shared about the game and in life. Without these people I would not have been where I am today.”
- Bernard Meyer

Bernard is currently 28th in the SA Men’s Open Amateur rankings.  

He has an impressive stroke average of:
73.97 for 2021 for National Men’s Events in SA (40 rounds)
75.44 for 1st half of 2021 for National Men’s Events in SA (27 rounds up till May)
70.92 for 2nd half of 2021 for National Men’s Events in SA for 2021 (13 rounds till November)
74.37 for 2021 in all BSI events

Well done Bernard, we are all looking forward to continuing working with you and supporting your ongoing rapid path of growth in 2022.

Our next student, Heinrich Prinsloo has been with us for three years now and is completing his PGA Diploma in December. Watch our interview with Heinrich as he chats about his overall experience at BSI from his coaching to his time staying in the boarding house.

Bravo Heinrich on achieving so much in the past three years and we look forward to seeing how you take on the world with confidence and experience that you have gained. Good luck!

These are two true gentlemen in the game and in person and we wish them major success in the exciting years ahead of them.

 Free putting clinic

Join BSI Coach Tyrone Gibb for a free putting clinic on Saturday 13th November at Huddle Park in Linksfield. Limited spaces available. Booking essential.

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  The effect of expectations on golf performance
 Performance Tip

The Performance Tip of the Week is brought to you by Mark Fairbank, BSI Mental Coach & Head of Golf Performance

As golfers we arrive on the tee full of excitement and pumped up for our day on-course. We expect to hit good golf shots and to score well. The reality is, while we will hit some quality golf shots, we are also guaranteed to hit a whole bunch of bad ones.

It is unfortunately our expectations that can do much more harm than good. The belief that the best players in the world hit every shot close and make every putt could not be further from the truth and unfortunately creates completely unrealistic expectations on how we, as casual golfers, should manage ourselves on the golf course and should be performing.

To illustrate this point, the average proximity to the hole from 100-125 yards (approx. 90m to 110m) on the PGA Tour is 31.7 ft (approx. 10m). Many players believe that tour average from this distance would be inside 10ft or around 3m. These false expectations can lead to poor decision making. Amateur and weekend golfers are aiming way to aggressively at flags which leads to bad misses and big numbers. Additionally, when we hit a wedge to 9m from the hole we often berate ourselves, when in fact it is actually a world-class golf shot.

In putting, tour players only make 50% of putts from just inside 8 ft. Again there is this belief that tour players never miss short putts.

Based on these numbers, you have to be kinder to yourself and be realistic with your expectations. The nature of golf dictates that you will hit bad shots, you will get bad bounces, you will miss putts both long and short ones, but if your expectations are realistic, you will enjoy it significantly more and ultimately perform better with higher levels of acceptance after each shot and an overall more relaxed approach to each shot.

 Not just golf

Higher Certificate in Sports Administration

This 1-year course offers a fantastic foundation to launch a career in the multi-billion dollar business of sport.

The course offers high levels of theory and practical elements. BSI has nearly two decades of experience in managing academies, sports events, sports marketing and sports facility management. Who better to train the next generation of industry leaders?

The course offers a global perspective on the sports industry and prepares graduates for local or international careers. Learners can study the course on its own, or combine it with one of our renowned sports programmes.

We are offering the course at a launch special price of only R30,000. Contact us on for more information if you are interested in this programme.

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