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  Connection drill
 Performance Tip of the Week

Brought to you by BSI Coach Tyrone Gibb

   Improve your connection

If you want to improve the connection in your backswing, or if there's another aspect of your game that you would like to fine-tune a little bit, Tyrone can help.

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 BSI Tournament Results

BSI Junior Academy Medal

Congratulations to Dowoo Kim on his third win for the year in our Junior Academy Medal on Friday, 10 June, with a score of 73 on Royal Johannesburg & Kensington GC East Course. With last week’s joint win, Dowoo is now going for the three-peat this Friday. Dowoo credited his new Srixon clubs for improving his game, along with the guidance of Coach Tyrone Gibb.

Dowoo Kim

BSI Premier Medal – Friday, 10 June 2022

Well done to Mangezi Maswanganyi on his win in our Premier Medal on Friday, 10 June, with a score of 72 on Royal Johannesburg & Kensington GC – East Course. This is a second win in a row for Mangezi and as reported in last week’s newsletter, it seems Mangezi comes to form at the end of cycles, just in time for our 72-hole Championship next week.

Mangezi Maswanganyi

BSI Premier 18-Hole Medal – Tuesday, 15 June 2022

Congratulations to Noe Ansermet on his maiden win in our Premier Medal on Tuesday, 14 June 2022, with a score of 69 at Royal Johannesburg & Kensington GC - East Course. Noe played some excellent golf in rather cold and windy conditions, in the early winter afternoon start, to join the BSI 60s Club. Well done again Noe and we wish you many more great rounds in the future.

Personal bests from the BSI Golf Premier Medal played on Tuesday, 14 June 2022:
Noe Ansermet 69
Sayegh van der Merwe 71
Ethan Olivier 79

Noe Ansermet

  External Tournaments Results & News

IGT Road to #4 Bryanston CC

Congratulations to Mark Fairbank’s mental training client, Keagan Thomas who won the IGT Road to #4 Bryanston Country Club on Wednesday, 8 June 2022.

Well done also to Jules Helary (T4), Reece Mckain (36) and Jacques van der Merwe (T38) in their performances at the IGT Road to #4 Bryanston CC.

Sunshine Tour KitKat Pro-Am

Following his win in the IGT Road to Q school, Keagan Thomas then played in the KitKat Pro-Am and continued his good form by finishing in tied 6th place. Well done also to another one of Mark Fairbank’s clients, Jason Smith who placed T16 at Irene Golf Club.

Keagan Thomas

European Tour/LET Volvo Scandinavian Mixed

Congratulations to Jacques Kruyswijk (13th) and Casandra Alexandra (54th) who are both mental training clients of Mark Fairbank, for their great finishes in the European Tour/LET Volvo Scandinavian Mixed Tournament played at the Halmstad Golf Club, Scandinavia.

Bushveld Tour - Serengeti

Shoutout to Jules Helary (T16) and Bernard Meyer (T30) in the Bushveld Tour. Jules also aced Hole 5 during his round at Serengeti Golf Estate.

White River Open

Pieter-Andre van der Merwe placed 2nd in the White River Open shooting scores of 77 (+6) and 65 (-6) to finish with a total of 142 - even par. Well done Pieter-Andre for sticking to the process and trusting in your game to improve by 12 shots in the 2nd round.

SA Kids Golf

Congratulations to Yaone Mokgatle on winning the Girls 15 to 18 division in the SA Kids Golf Tournament played at Waterkloof GC.

Yaone Mokgatle

  Sports Turf Maintenance Course for Greenkeepers

Congratulations to Freeman Adeyemi on graduating through our Sports Turf Maintenance (Greenkeeping) qualification. Freeman came from Nigeria to pursue his career in greenkeeping through our accredited programme. He now has the opportunity to travel globally with his credentials, as it is accredited by AgriSETA, recognised by the Golf Course Managers and Greenkeepers Association (GCMGA) and the Federation of European Golf Greenkeepers Association (FEGGA). 

Good luck in your career, Freeman.

Freeman Adeyemi receiving his certificate from Mark Fairbank

 Youth Month

Continuing with our Youth Month campaign and highlighting our up-and-coming stars, we present to you, two young gentlemen who have been taking top spots in many of their external tournaments and you will definitely be seeing the names of Ethan Joseph and Vuyisani Makama on leaderboards well into the future. 

Ethan Joseph
Gr. 11 IGCSE (Cambridge)

BSI is an individually-focused environment helping athletes to achieve their own goals professionally, physically and mentally, with all aspects in their life. BSI is focused on continual growth by pushing your boundaries and breaking milestones.

I’ve improved tremendously, learning how to become mentally strong and learning how to stay focused on my goals as well as how to be more disciplined in my process in becoming the person I aspire to be.

Balancing between academics and sport has been a continuous goal for me over the 3 years in BSI. The support I have received from the academic facilitators and coaching staff has helped me through my struggles and to maintain a well-balanced approach between academics and sport.

The friends I have gained from BSI as well as the memories with them are unforgettable. The environment that BSI provides is very supportive and helpful, therefore the friendships that you find here and the bonds you build are life-long relationships. BSI is a very friendly and fun place especially in the boarding house. There will be countless memories you will create here with everyone that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Ethan Joseph

Vuyisani Makama
Gr. 9 (Cambridge)

BSI has helped me set future goals and gave me great exposure in golf tournaments. The Study Centre has helped a lot to give time to my sport when I need to travel, and the tutors are very helpful and understanding. The facilities are out of this world improving my golf to its most perfection.

My fitness has really improved and my mental game which showed in my golf, has improved my Provincial and National rankings which helped me make the GolfRSA National Squad of 2022, boosting my confidence to achieve greater things.

I’m supported a lot by BSI, and they have helped me in my personal life and dealing with academics which makes me grateful. I am having fun with the golf team tournaments, as those are very special moments and a lot of fun.

Vuyisani Makama

 Not Just Golf

International Study Centre – Youth Month

As part of our Youth Month campaign, we would also  like to highlight our other student athletes in the International Study Centre. This week we get to know more about our twins, Tatiana and Alessandro Correia, who are in Gr. 8 and registered on the Cambridge curriculum. Tatiana is concentrating on her football ambitions and Alessandro is following his passion in cricket. The two will also be celebrating their 14th birthday at the end of this month. Let’s read on and see how they are progressing at BSI.

Tatiana & Alessandro

Tatiana Correia

I found out about the BSI Study Centre from my soccer club JVW.

The facilitators and tutors are helpful when we struggle with certain aspects of our work. The facilities are good, and the physical environment is great. BSI has helped me to develop as a soccer player since I am able to train every day, and it has helped me to improve as a player.

I manage my day by going to school at 7:30am and then finishing at 1:30pm, I eat lunch and go from the BSI Study Centre to soccer from 3:30 to 5pm every day. At JVW, we focus on different drills every day to make sure we develop skills for every different drill.

Meeting Janine van Wyk and Kaylin Swart was a very memorable and exciting moment.

I love training every day as I know it helps me improve, but most of all I really enjoy playing soccer so training every day is amazing.

Alessandro Correia

My sister first came to BSI and told me how different and exciting it is. BSI has allowed time for my out-of-school sport, which is cricket, which I enjoy playing. I dream of becoming a successful businessman in the future and BSI provides the education required for my dream.

BSI has allowed me to improve my sport, work independently and to become a hard-working individual. There is enough time to balance out the schoolwork and the sport. It is a bit challenging but manageable. The tutors are helpful and understanding towards the work and the pupils.

When I first arrived at BSI, I felt worried about a new high school and overwhelmed with emotion but throughout the first day I felt welcomed and excited to be at my new school.

I love the working system at BSI and the Energizer in the mornings before the hard-working school day.

 Let’s recap

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