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Dear Members,

Greetings for the new year to all our members and staff! I hope everyone has enjoyed a relaxing break over the festive season with their family and loved ones. 2022 was a challenging year for us following a restructure and remodel of our beloved club, and I’m sure I am not alone when I express my highest of hopes and expectations for 2023 to be the year where we reap the rewards of our efforts last year. I also wish to extend a warm welcome to the new board, whom I look forward to working with this year.

 What's on the horizon?

I am happy to report that business has been thriving as a result of the influx of foreign tourism South Africa has seen this season, despite the challenges loadshedding has posed. In this regard, a word of thanks must be given to our staff who worked tirelessly over the holiday season to ensure De Zalze’s reputation is upheld.

I would like to announce some changes and restructures in the Finance and Admin Department, with Aldrin Bosch relieving interim Finance Manager, Neil Stokes of his duties. Neil, although only with us for a short time, has proven his value and dedication to the role, and we wish him the very best going forward into his retirement. A warm welcome to Aldrin, who joins us and brings with him, extensive experience in the Hospitality industry. We wish him a long and prosperous future at De Zalze and look forward to building a new Finance team under his leadership and guidance.

 Farewell and thank you

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that we will be saying goodbye to one of the De Zalze stalwarts next month. Carmen has been with the De Zalze team for 20 years and has decided to make a big change in her life to spend some much-needed time at home with her family.

Carmen has been an integral part of the family at De Zalze, and we are all very sad to see her go. We promise to send her off with a celebration befitting the contributions and sacrifices she has made for our club. Thank you Carmen!

 Golf and clubhouse news

Good news on the golfing front – the course has truly benefitted from the various projects and agronomy practices our partners Golf Data have facilitated. The course is in pristine condition, just in time for a busy end to the season with the upcoming spectacular Winelands Classic event happening in February.

With regards to the Clubhouse, Jason Muller and his team have numerous maintenance plans for the building in 2023. Due to the nature of the building, in terms of its age and vintage design, it requires regular maintenance and care. Members can rest assured that our team will carry out the necessary projects systematically and efficiently without undue disruption to your experience.


On a less positive note, we wish to extend our condolences to one of De Zalze’s past Chairmen, Flip Du Plessis, on the passing of his wife Rosalie, and send him and the family our support during this difficult time.

Let us work together to ensure 2023 is a successful year. I have no doubt that with our strong and united team at De Zalze that it can be done.

Jason Bird

  New year, new game
  Chip with confidence

Being a confident and skilful chipper doesn’t only make the game loads more fun, it’ll also transform your scorecard. Make mastering the chip shot your new year’s resolution and let us help you achieve it.

This way to better wedge play

It can be really simple!
You may have tried different methods in your search for the secret to chipping confidence and consistency. The key is often just a minor tweak away. Whether it’s a change in ball position or grip pressure, positive and lasting change is simpler than you might think. Different techniques work for different players but after a lesson or two we’ll find YOUR secret method to more chipping confidence.

    Your best year ever
Chip away and make this your best golfing year ever!

Book a lesson

    Get closer
This Valentine's Day, why not use the space and time golf provides you to get closer to your significant other?

Ask about couples golf

  Unlock extra distance
  Are you leaving metres out on the course?

As much as we may not want to admit it, there’s only so much we can do about our golfing ability. But we can always avoid simple fitting mishaps that rob us of metres.

    Get every metre you’re capable of
Two common mishaps are playing with a loft that launches the ball too high, and a shaft/head that generates too much spin for your swing speed. And many golfers often aren’t even aware it’s a problem.

    No metre untapped
Once we know your swing characteristics, we can fit you with a loft and shaft that’s going to make it easier for you to launch the ball further down the fairway.

Come for a fitting

To add distance and power off the tee, you need improved energy transfer at impact. This was a main focus for Srixon when designing their new ZX Mk II Drivers; clubs that improve your energy transfer without you having to change your swing.

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