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Dear Members,

As promised earlier in the year, De Zalze has begun various development projects and upgrades to further our vision and improve our members’ experience. This includes the renovation of our reception area, which will soon hopefully embody a clean, fresh look and feel while retaining the historic integrity of the building.

 Exciting news

There have been many new and exciting additions to our club including the appointment of our new receptionists, Leandre, and Stacey, who I trust will help enhance our members’ and visitors’ experience by streamlining the administrative and organisational responsibilities of not only the front of house, but also of the Finance and Admin departments. They have already exhibited their experience and initiative, and we are looking forward to them becoming seasoned members of our team.

 Clubhouse upgrades

Following our AGM last year and more recently, the members engagement session, we are confident that the proposed upgrades to our clubhouse will be welcomed by all. The kitchen is one of our key focus areas, and although the overall revamp projects has yet to be finalised, we believe it in the best interest of our Club to ensure optimal working spaces, which in turn result in a more functional restaurant.

Furthermore, the options we are considering as part of the upgrades, will certainly be beneficial in comfortably managing the influx of visitors in future, as January this year saw De Zalze experience one of the busiest periods in many years. We are grateful to our members for the ongoing support, confidence in our vision and for being so welcoming of our foreign guests.

 Course projects

Our winter course projects will commence with consideration given to Fairway Bunkers, Irrigation instillation and drainage concerns being top of the team’s priority lists. The removal and reshaping of the old fairway bunker at 18 is just one small example of what the teams are capable of and we thank all of the partners who are working hard to follow our Course Blueprint Vision and improve our experience on our wonderful course.

  An amazing opportunity lies ahead

Management would also like to make another mention of the departure of Murray Smit our resident Golf Pro, who has been offered an outstanding opportunity to coach the Singapore National Team. Murray will be joining us for some golf and dinner on the 29th of March where he will be able to say a farewell to everyone.

 The future of the Pro Shop

Our most significant change is upcoming at the beginning of April, namely the outsourcing of our pro shop to Pro-Shop Express – a business boasting a repertoire of 25 pro shops countrywide. This partnership is a wonderful opportunity for our current pro shop staff to pursue a promising career in the industry and equip them with a new leader with excellent credentials and expertise to train and guide them.

Hanko Bothma, the incoming De Zalze Pro Shop Manager, will oversee this transition at our club and will ensure our staff are well taken care of and pushed to their full potential. Hanko comes with an extensive amount of Managerial and Retail experience and has for the past 4 years been running the very successful Clovelly CC Pro Shop.

Extensive changes of this nature generally come with a few teething problems and associated challenges, so we ask you all to bear with us while we manage this process. We are very excited about this collaboration with Pro-Shop Express and are all confident that their efforts will be beneficial to both staff and members alike. As of today, we are hosting an exciting Clearance sale! Visit our pro shop and take advantage of the fantastic offerings.

 Also on the horizon

Members are encouraged to keep an eye out for the upcoming SA Top 100 digital magazine issue, which will include a feature of De Zalze to boost our visibility and reach. The changes to our course have been the talk of the town so to speak so this will be a good way to share with the golfing fraternity our latest achievements and vision for the future.

Finally, our members and visitors can look forward to our new menu which will debut on the 10th of March. Our chef, Rob Heeger, has developed various new, delicious options for lunches and dinners, including a sushi special following on the 15th of March. We trust our members will appreciate and enjoy the new menu and encourage support and feedback in the coming weeks.

 Noteworthy dates

Investec Invitational Series – Saturday, 11 March 2023

This year, there will be three Saturdays, sponsored by Investec. We want to thank them for their involvement and ongoing support. There will be two competitions: a Combined Stableford, and members will be able to add their two best Individual Stableford scores together to qualify for the grand prize.

Sushi Special – Wednesday, 15 March 2023

You heard right, it’s sushi time!

Lievens Restaurant has made sushi platters available for order, to be enjoyed next Wednesday, 15 March. The are only 30 platters on offer and we have but a few left for sale. Note, members’ discounts will not be applied and bookings for platters are to be made by contacting Stacey or Leandré (021 880 7300).

Yours sincerely
Jason Bird

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What’s the wind direction and strength?
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