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  There was something for everyone!

St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis were heaving with holidaymakers this year. Some came early and left early; some came late and went late and some came for the entire great ride, walk, swim, paddle, round, breakfast, lunch, dinner and braai!

Our decision to look after our members worked perfectly, with times filled by guests after the members had their chance. As a result, we played more member rounds than ever and more overall rounds than ever, as well. This was all done without overloading the course or playing with undue delays. Having a member in most groups certainly assisted with the speed of play.

We also applied “Holiday Golf” rules with preferred lies and penalty areas instead of searching for lost balls. Having said that, we sold more than 6200 “experienced” (used) balls.

They were weddings, shows, parties, pool fun, great and not-so-great golf, a few slip-ups and longer waits (due to very high traffic) and plenty of happy members and visitors. Every year we increase the staff for the season and every year the staff give their all.

Your comments and constructive criticisms are most welcome. We are growing rapidly and want YOUR Club to be your pride! When you view the numbers below you’ll understand that the holidays are different here!

By the numbers

  • Beer 6400
  • Castle Lite 1410
  • Heineken Draughts 1350
  • Windhoek 640
  • Beach Blond Draughts  500
  • Black Label 390 (thanks SE)
  • Wildside 305
  • Ciders 630
  • Cocktails 905
  • Halfway food items 6350
  • Hot beverages  3900 (that’s a lot of Cappuccinos)

Total Breakfasts 6010

Total Lunches 7030
  •     Toasties 1150
  •     Pizzas 430
  •     Burgers 650
  •     Kiddies meals 870

Minerals 11407 (including bottles of water)

Spirits  4950
  •     Brandy 1290
  •     Gin 1320
  •     Whiskys 750
  •     Vodka 640

Total Food and beverage items and extras – 46 336! (Dec 10 – Jan 10) Phew!

  Golf and Community

The month of great fun – 1 (10 December to 10 January)
  •     Concerts, weddings, floating, fire fighting, celebrity friends, golf and more golf!
Bad day on the course – 1 (Pythium Blite on 24 December – see below)

Holes-in-ONE – 4 (including Vlam’s R100 000 on the 17 and John’s R10 000 in credit)

(Actually 5 – James Biggs  – while playing alone but captured on video on the 17th)

Rounds played – 3866

Carts – 2215

Used Balls SOLD – 6836

Used Balls found by members – ????

Everything that Floats – 3500

Charity money raised for floating – R250 000!!!

Total 5 Pointers for the Season – 9
  •     Mike Farrer 13th Hole
  •     Theo van Wyk 4th Hole
  •     Les Bouwer 15th Hole
  •     Dirk Groeneveld 16th Hole
  •     Dean Lailvaux 18th Hole
  •     James Comyn 12th Hole
  •     Carla Schreiber 1st Hole
  •     Tom Jacobs 13th Hole
  •     Les Bouwer 18th Hole

Most registered rounds of golf this season – William Sears 22

Most individual points (ever) – 48 – Willie Barnard 44-38 gross (nett 60)

Most Combined Stableford Points (ever) – 84 – Fred v Eyssen and Neil Mulder

Most kids are greeted by Santa (101) on the estate – thanks Moms and Manie and friends

  Our Member and PGA Professional, Craig West, brings the skills!

Craig West was one of my first Professionals in South Africa. He has now become a world-class teacher in Germany, where he has been for nearly 30 years. Craig purchased a home here on the Links and will reside here through the summer. He will be a valuable member of our teaching team!

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  Together we make a difference

Thank you all for caring about your course – #leading the way!

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    Solid contact is all important
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