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Greetings from Ronny Thursday, 01 September 2016

Your short game practice should be 3 times the amount of time you work on your full swing. Here is a drill I like to do when I need to sharpen my short game: Start off with a small chip from 5 to 10 yards from the greens edge. Pick out four separate pins to shoot to, your focus should be where you want the ball to land, and run out past the pin 3 to 4 feet. Use a cone or some sort of obstacle to chip over 5 to 6 feet in front of your ball for each shot. Hit 5 to 10 balls to all four targets. After you have completed your chip shot from 5 to 10 yards, move back 10 yards and continue the drill, moving back 10 yards each time until you have a 50 yard pitch. Your goal should be grouping your shots to within 8 feet or closer for every shot. Good Luck and Good Practicing.
Randy Beardsley, PGA

City Championship
The next Sherrill Park tournament is the Richardson City Championship. The tournament will be conducted on Course #1 on the weekend of August 27 & 28. Entry fee will be $150 or $80 and 2 punches if you have a resident punch card. Defending championship flight champion is Mark Motes. Sign up by contacting the golf shop or e-mailing Sherrill Park.

We have some new Ladies Results in! Click here to take a look.

Hole In One
Terry Perez
Course One
Hole # 3 160 yards
Six Iron

Our Golf It Up Classes continue through the summer and we have ample space for those of you who are interested in improving your game. The Staff at Sherrill Park, Dave Hasse, Jacob Horton, Kevin Liesenfelt, and Randy Beardsley look forward to giving you the knowledge that will make everyone who takes our class a better ball striker and putter. E-mail or call 972-234-1416. Click here for the updated schedule.

The Hawks practice schedule is 4:30 to 6:00 on Tuesday, 6:00p to 8:00p on Thursday, and 4:00-6:30 on Saturdays. Please check out the Team Golf schedule and sign up information at Click on Team Golf for the info. Coach Dave also offers a intro to junior golf clinic every Saturday from 12:00-1:30. Please call or email Dave to sign up for the class. ( 214-354-3517,

Don’t forget that summer is the time to get your children involved in our wonderful game. We have our Junior Camps continuing as well all summer long. The classes are from 8:00a to 12:30p each week day throughout the summer. Click here to email for sign up or call the shop 972-234-1416.  Here are a few great pictures from the last week:

The metalwood innovations, which have made your Driver a much easier club to wield to good effect, have been passed on to the Fairway Woods. In addition you will have noticed adverts proclaiming “Improved turf interaction”, manufacturer speak for “we’ve made it more difficult for you to dig the club into the turf and we’ve reduced the impact the contact with the turf has on your club head speed, should you make contact between sole and turf before you strike the ball”.
But the innovation I most like, is the one that helps you get the ball airborne much more easily.
The ability to use different materials in the same head and to shave thickness off the head face and walls, has allowed the designers to reduce the weight in the crown and replace it into the sole. The result is a ball that launches higher (as it should), and, as a result of being drilled out of the sweet spot, the ball will travel much further.
I am not sure that many golfers have discovered these benefits. Most bags seem to carry modern Drivers and Hybrids, but remain burdened by older Fairway Woods the golfer rarely uses.
That’s a shame, because a modern Fairway Wood offers more shot options. One of those options is off the Tee, especially when accuracy is called for. The shorter shaft, together with the lower sweet spot and larger hitting, area means the #3 Wood offers a better alternative on these holes, than the Driver. 
Please put the Fairway Wood back in your bag and please make the most of it for your game. Whether you want a club that delivers distance off the tee with more accuracy (courtesy of a shorter shaft) or a club that offers you opportunity on Par 5’s and longer Par 4’s, take advantage of a club the manufacturers have made easier to use.

Here is what Cobra is doing to make Fairway Woods easier to use. If you would like to find out more, or schedule to have a look in store, please click here to contact me.

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