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Friday, May 14, 2021

Congratulations to Tegwen Matthews for winning the Ladies Club Champs with a 165 gross! Jill Rabie (bronze) and Amanda Kottler (copper) both won 1st place in their divisions. Way to go, Ladies!

New ladies, men's and junior apparel from adidas

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TomTom Golfer 2 – GPS watch (size large).

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Monday - Monday School
4-Ball Alliance, 2 x scores to count
James McNab, Keith Gilmour, Billy Filanowski, Christian Meyer 97pts

Tuesday - Ladies Day
4-Ball alliance – 2 x scores to count

Jill Rabie, Brigitte Schubert, Eileen Farrell, Tina Roche 83pts

Wednesday Members Competition
4-BBB Stableford, both scores to count on par 5's

Sam Roets, Brian Blackstock 50pts

Thursday - Members Competition
4-Ball alliance – 2 x scores to count

Ari Vayanos, Dimitri Zitianellis, Strati Zitianellis, Peter Zitianellis 92pts

Saturday (AM) - Members Competition
4 BBB Medal
Ezio de Biaggi, Steve Moubray 59

Saturday (PM)

Members Competition
4 BBB Medal
Dave Gruss, Rob van Sittert 57 c/i

Easier to launch mid and long irons bringing consistency to a very inconsistent part
of most regular golfers’ games.
More consistency of solid contact by improving the interaction with the turf.

Better sweet spot contact by repositioning the sweet spot more centrally,
and offering a larger hitting area. 
This Iron brings together leading
metalwood and Wedge technologies.
That’s how you combine
faster ball speed and forgiveness with
controland precision.

We think that hitting great mid and longer iron approach shots is an exhilarating feeling.
We think hitting precise shorter approaches, even from the light rough, provides real fulfillment out on the course.
We want to upgrade as many golfers’ approach shots as possible this year.
Right fitted equipment or a better swing or both.

If you’re a golfer that’s shooting above 90 most times then it’s time to set yourself a challenge.
We want you to target a score in the 80’s every time. Starting this week we have
4 weeks of simple tips that, if followed, will put you in the 80’s most every time.

If you want to be able to hit your Driver more consistently, then using your smartphone,
we have a couple of checks you could start with.

We want to find several golfers who aren’t going to settle for their golf handicap. We want to find some golfers
who’d like to make this the year that they make some big improvements, shooting 80’s every round.
Is that you?



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