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Friday, May 14, 2021

A big congratulations to all the players who participated in the
2018 Club Champs! A special congratulations to the men’s Club Champion, Christopher van Rensburg (145 gross).

Ivan Mandel (B division) with 156 gross and Terry Carmichael (C division) on 68 points both took first place in their divisions! Congratulations!

Sean Phillips took first place for the best overall nett score with 135!

Christopher van Rensburg
Ivan Mandel

Terry Carmichael
Sean Phillips

Congratulations to Clinton Mitri for his hole-in-one on #6 and to Andrew Drysdale for his albatros on #3! These two made sure the club champs started out with a bang on saturday!

If you are wondering what Andrew’s secret is, i’d say it’s his new FootJoy Dryjoys! Come in to the pro shop to get yours today!

For sale in the shop – previously owned (used less than 5 rounds). Only R3,000.00 for all 3!
Inquire in the pro shop if looking to buy seperately.

Simple game plan to break 100/90

1) Game plan:

The first decision to make that will help you break 100/90 is choosing the correct starting point (tee box). Secondly, you should not be playing a course longer than 5700m as it adds more risk to the game. Playing shorter tees minimises risk and pressure off the player and allows you to hit more good shots. There’s plenty time to focus on playing longer tees when you consistently break 100 or 90. Once you're on the course, 3 main focuses should be keeping the ball in play, avoiding unnecessary risk, and hitting the centre of the greens.

2) Keep the ball in play:

Minimise the number of clubs in the bag by taking out anything lower than a 7iron, by doing so you have already made the game a lot easier. The other key is to not over swing the club. Do not try hit the ball 250 if you can only hit it 150. Swing within yourself and keep the ball in play.

3) Avoid unnecessary risks:

Even with nothing longer than a 7iron you will find risk at some point as we all do, that’s fine, the key is not to compound your mistakes. If you hit the ball into trees or hazards, punch out. If there is a forced carry that you can only carry if you flush your best club, rather layup. You can break 100/90 with bogeys and doubles, remember that! When triples and quads come into play, then it becomes difficult.

4) Aim for the center of the green:

Until you putt, pretend the green has no flag. Try hit the ball to the centre of the green. Even if you only hit a few greens in regulation, you will almost guarantee a score in the 90’s or 80’s. Missing the green, even by small margins, automatically makes the game more difficult and brings higher scores into play. Give yourself the widest margin for error even when attacking greens, by aiming by aiming for the centre

Until next week, I hope these few tips will help you realise how easy it can be if we minimise risk and have a simple game plan when we play. Follow these and see the results. If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Jarryd Frauenstein

Results For The Week: 12th February – 18th February 2018

Monday School 4 Ball Alliance – 2 X Scores To Count
Robbie Van Sittert, Jp Van Schaik, Samuel Maenhoudt, Mickey Meyer: 88pts C/I

Ladies Day 4 B.B.B. Stableford
Barb Fisher, Barbara Schwarz: 49pts

Members Competition 4 B.B.B. Stableford
Sam Roets, Brian Blackstock: 46pts


Members Competition 4 B.B.B. Bogey Plus
Debbie Gibb, Charlie Nunes +11

Saturday (AM)
Members Competition
Club Champs

Saturday (PM)
Members Competition
Club Champs

Cleveland have brought metalwood forgiveness and distance to the Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons.
They’ve also brought short game precision.

You’re looking for consistently solid contact, and a ball flight that is less vulnerable to debris and water.

As in the Cleveland Wedges, the
sweet spot is moved more central to the face
(face balancing). You’ll find the
hitting zone more frequently.
Tour zip grooves then create a more
consistent spin on the golf ball
even in light rough
and / or wet conditions. 
 And, as you’d expect from the leading Wedge designers,
a sole design that works more effectively
with the turf at contact.

We think that hitting great mid and longer iron approach shots is an exhilarating feeling.
We think hitting precise shorter approaches, even from the light rough, provides real fulfillment out
on the course. We want to upgrade as many golfers’ approach shots as possible this year.
The right fitted equipment or a better swing or both.


If you’re shooting above 89 on most visits to the golf course, then now is the time to make a leap.
In the last two weeks we’ve provided two tips for those looking to break 90 every round.
Both of those tips have been linked to keeping the ball in play. But the fact is that, if you’re a
regular or inexperienced golfer, then you will rarely be hitting greens in regulation. So…

On almost every hole you’ll have a 10-to-50-metre final shot into the green. This is a shot you should perfect so that you never take more than 3 to get down. Getting up and down in 2 is a bonus.

Three suggestions:
Learn a good short pitch shot and chipping technique.
Practise your short pitch shots and chipping. Never get greedy
(make sure you’re on the green before worrying about how close).


If you’ve never had a pitching / chipping lesson, and you’re not Breaking 90 on each visit to the course,
then we’re betting this is an area where you can make up shots. If you don’t have a technique or ability
to get down in 3 or less every time from within 50 metres, then




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