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Friday, May 14, 2021

Monthly Mixed (4 Ball Alliance – 2 X Scores Multiplied)

(Jarryd Frauenstein, Jason Rawraway, Tyla Humby, And Lorette Hegie)
(Donald Phillips, Oscar Sundstrom, Dee Pridgeon, And Carmen Freeman)
(John Brayne, Julie Clifton, Brent Lyall, And Sara Raine)

Congratulations to our Captain, James Mcnab, on winning The Rawson Raffle. All proceeds were gifted to charity.

A big thanks to our sponsors!

Cleveland -588- Altitude Irons
(4 iron to sand wedge)
Woman’s Graphite Flex (previously owned by a senior male)
Clubs in great condition with brand new grips!


  Callaway cart bag - Like new!

R1,200.00 on its own
R700.00 if purchased with clubs

Playing The Texas Wedge Around The Greens

Most people struggle round the greens with that tight lie and when the ball sits around the green between the fairway and the first cut. The Texas wedge shot can be played with any high lofted iron and is played with a putting stroke using the sole of the club.

1) Assume the putting position when playing this shot, the stance will be the same as the putting stroke.
2) Grip the club low down.
3) Commence playing the shot as if you were putting.
4) Use the sole of the club and blade the ball with a putting stroke, this will get the ball rolling and avoids people from decelerating and duffing the chip shot.
5) The outcome of this shot will be a lot more consistent around the greens for most mid to high handicappers as it takes out the wrists in the shot.
6) Keep the wrists firm and commence playing the shot by using the arms and the shoulders only.

This shot does take practice and is easy to play. As they say, a bad putt is always better than a bad chip. In this shot we are theoretically using a high lofted cub to perform a putt. Give it a try and let me know the outcome.

Until next week, keep your head down and follow through.

Jarryd Frauenstein

Results For The Week: 19th February – 25th February 2018

Monday School 4 Ball Alliance – 2 X Scores To Count
Robbie Van Sittert, Nic Galic, Alec Ilic, Ian Mclarty (Ghost): 86pts

Members Competition 4 Ball Alliance – 2 X Scores To Count
Michael Niemann, Alex Burger, Michael Meade: 88pts


Members Competition 4 B.B.B. Stableford
Peter Katz, Clinton Mitri: 47pts

Saturday (AM)
Members Competition Single Stableford
Shaun Phillips: 41pts

Saturday (PM)
Members Competition Single Stableford
Duran Nel: 41pts

Most golfers are looking for equipment that will make the game a little easier,
allowing them to experience the real joy of a good golf shot more often.


Where would your game most benefit from an improvement?
Do you need to get the ball in play more often, with the added
bonus of being further down the fairway? Or would you enjoy hitting
a longer Iron knowing it’s likely to land on target, converting more
tee shots into good scores? Why not start with an assessment with us?


Have we inspired those of you shooting above 90, to target 89 or less on every occasion this year?
How much better is 16 bogeys and 2 pars (on any Par 72), than what you have to
live with if you’re shooting 95 or higher? So our final tip:

How many 3-putts do you have to suffer each round? Most inexperienced golfers’ cards will reveal 3 or more 3-putts each round. Remove those and you’re 3 shots (or more) closer to 89. So here are two suggestions:

Most 3-putts have, at their root, a poor first putt. Sometimes it’s a poor read.
Sometimes, poor contact. But mostly, less experienced golfers suffer with poor control of speed and distance.
So let’s fix it.

Understanding what will happen in the last feet of the putt will not only lead to more great putts that drop,
it should also leave you with a little thought: an easier 2nd putt.

Every golfer can become a wizard of the greens. There are skills that everyone can learn.
You’ll be amazed at the impact it will have on your scorecard.




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