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Friday, May 14, 2021

It was a wonderful week at The Met! A big thank you to Denis Hutchinson for joining us for three days of fun!

Denis with his Thursday and Saturday afternoon four-balls

We all enjoyed a question and answer session with Denis! If you were not here Thursday through Saturday, you were missing out!

  Congratulations to Hutton Little, Gunnar Hagelberg, Spiro Bouloukos, and Dave Gruss (not pictured) on winning the Voice of Golf Floating Trophy!
The New Member’s Invitational was a huge success on friday afternoon! We have a lot of new young and excited potential members! Thank you to Callaway Golf for setting up a fun putting demo for our players after their round!


Another big thank you to Titleist for setting up a Trackman Golf Experience on the 3rd hole during Thursday’s Member Competition!

It is an exciting time to be a member of the Metropolitan Golf Club! This year will bring a lot of changes to The Pro Shop, as well as many fun days like we had last week! Spread the word!

Keep an eye out in The Pro Shop! New men’s and ladies winter tops from Cutter and Buck and FootJoy will be making their way onto the racks in the next couple of weeks! We made sure to order sizes to suit all of our members!  

Results for the week: 30th April – 6th May 2018

Monday School 4 Ball Alliance – 2 X Scores To Count
Geoff Sargeant, Heinrich De Villiers, Henk De Villiers

Wednesday Members Competition 4 B.B.B. Stableford
Clifford Mijlof, Norman Stewart

Thursday Members Competition 4 Ball Alliance – 2 X Scores To Count
Spiro Bouloukos, Gunnar Hagelberg, Hutton Little, Dave Gruss

Saturday (Am) Members Competition 4 B.B.B. Stableford
Nic Galic, Ian Matthews

Saturday (Pm) Members Competition 4 B.B.B. Stableford
Andrew Drysdale, Clifford Mijlof

The perfect gift for Mother’s Day… Or simply spoil yourself!
We have the option between Srixon's limited edition Lady Passion Pink Ball, their softest ever ball the UltiSoft and the famous Soft Feel.

Just R200 per dozen and limited stock available. Come to the shop before they roll out, or reserve yours now by clicking here.

If you’re a moderate swing speed golfer, you still want a golf ball to offer
you performance everywhere, with no compromises.
The Srixon AD333 Tour is specifically designed
to give you distance off the tee, stable ball flight in windy conditions, stopping power on approach shots,
check and control around the green, and all
with the feel the best golfers demand.
This is a premium performance golf ball without the premium price. If you’re a regular golfer,
playing probably a 2-pce golf ball, then trial a sleeve of the Srixon AD333 Tour.
Check the all-round performance, but especially note the greenside spin.

We’re trying to help you make more 3’s on the Par 3’s.
Better decision-making is going to improve your scores.

Despite the increased amount of GPS data available, regular and inexperienced golfers still,
on the majority of occasions, come up short.

Even when a golfer knows the “yardage” on each of their clubs,
their misses are mostly short.

Simple Tip #2
Why are you expecting the perfect golf shot? What is your level of consistency? 
 If there’s no trouble behind
the green, then ignore the
distance to the flag, and pick a
club that, when struck well,
will get you to the back of
the green. That way a less
than perfect ball strike has
a chance of getting to
the green. Rarely do even
good ball strikers
make perfect contact.
Where are the majority of your misses on all approach shots?
Would aiming for the back of the green (assuming no trouble behind the hole)
be a course management strategy that would improve your whole round?
Improving your performance on Par 3’s will probably increase your enjoyment
throughout the round. Think about improvement. If we can help,



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