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Friday, May 14, 2021

A reader Jamie asked, “How did Tim get hooked up with PGA Pros? Does he really teach them?

He really does.
It started when a Tour Pro that he knows was in real danger of losing his card. He was missing cuts and wasn’t having much success going on his own. He asked a friend for help. That help came in swing tweaks and a complete equipment makeover. He was refit into his driver, his irons, and wedges were completly switched out. His entire bag was ill-fit for him. This happens more than you might think at the professional level. A bad fit can cost someone a paycheck at best or their career at worst. This was May of last year and his FedEx cup ranking was 155 and getting worse by the week. By September, he was sitting at 121 and had qualified for not only the FedEx Cup playoffs, but secured his Tour card for 2018, and has been solid ever since. Word gets around and other Pros began calling, caddies began talking and here we are. His own experience as a Tour Pro and his reputation as a fitter has made it to the PGA Tour. And of course, a recommendation from a Pro or two doesn’t hurt either.

And we’ve been surveying you. Incredibly, there are quite a few of you who have never been fit for your equipment, many of you are higher handicappers. Many of you believe you’re not good enough to be fit for your gear. Let me tell you, I was the same way for a long time. I thought, “Once I get better then I’ll do it.” I was essentially trying to change myself to fit my equipment, not the other way around and I developed a lot of bad habits, that I still fight to this day from time to time. One of my flaws is that I get happy feet. My feet will move during the swing if I’m not concentrating.

This is the exact time you need to get fit. That is the most important thing you can do for your game at this point. Equipment that actually fits you will give you the greatest chance to see success quickly. More established players will agree and people we fit that had not been fit previously, say they should have done it sooner.

Don’t wait to get fit. After a few minutes, you’ll see for yourself why it’s in your best interest for your game to spend some time getting your game Golf Station fit.

Some of the brands we carry are pretty unique. Many are Japanese and the fit and finish of them are just a different level of quality. Epon is a brand that we have available that is as coveted as any we carry. I don’t want to say it’s a cult following, but those who know and trust the brand are as loyal to it, as well as any other on the globe. They have equipment from the scratch golfer all the way up to the highest handicap. Once we have someone hit the demo clubs, it’s an experience that’s hard to explain. The smile is usually pretty wide and the feel almost across the board is described as “soft” or “buttery”. Forged by one of the legendary houses in Japan, Epon is known as the best in the world for their quality, feel and attention to detail.

Come in and demo a set of Epon irons. We know you’ll agree they’re among the best feeling around and you’ll want to join their family of owners as well.

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You’re going to be glad you did!
Enter the world of Epon Golf

Looking for a 260 yard+ tee shot with an average swing speed?
Launching it higher will help. Just how high would you need to launch your tee shots?

If you know a child between the ages of 6 and 13, do you want their sporting participation to be about
becoming an elite athlete, or do you really want them to have fun socializing while learning some
movement and balance skills? Let them try golf!


There’s a lot of evidence supporting the argument that we should make sure that enjoyment and a
multi-sport approach are fundamental to their early development.

As coaches we want children to be safe, to feel settled, comfortable and integrated with other children,
and of course to progress. But as well as progress, we need to provide them with the levels of enjoyment
and fulfilment that will keep them active, happy, and connected to a pastime that
will be very valuable to their life. 

Come and talk to us about the best way to introduce golf to your child
or how to develop their ability.



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