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Friday, May 14, 2021

I hadn’t played in wind in a long time. On a 60 degree day, I had the pleasure of playing in 20 mile per hour winds that were gusting to 30. I pulled out every Texas wind lesson that Tim Brantley ever gave me. Those Titleist AVXs can handle the wind like a champ, but when you don’t catch the ball on the face quite right, it takes a hard right turn towards the next tee box. I’m 100 percent certain it was me; not the ball. But man, that ball is good.

So when you’re playing in the wind, there are a lot of things you can do in order to control your ball. While these things take practice (which apparantly I need more of), these are three things I did to help me navigate the course on a windy day:

1. Use the wind. If the wind is blowing left to right, aim left. If it’s blowing right to left, aim right. Let the wind help you. The trick is judging how far to aim in your chosen situation and direction.
2. Don’t swing for the fences. Swinging hard is big no-no when playing in high winds. You need to ensure you keep your balance, but swining super hard makes it tougher. Take more club, grip down and swing easy. You should make better contact with the ball.
3. I tried to keep the ball as low as I could while trying to maintain some distance. Finish your swing low if you want to keep it low. Or if you want the ball to fly high, finish your swing high.

These are the easy things you can do. For more specific things that YOU need to do for your swing and style of play, our trio of instructors are your guys to go to.

Well it’s happening again folks. My family is going to grace the Metroplex with our presence. I’m going to get my new bag tweaked, my son wants a new set of Callaway, (Help, Uncle Tim!) and we’re all looking forward to time in one of my favorite places. I’m also looking forward to playing my first round at Hawk’s Creek and maybe a, what I call, “fancy golf” round at a local country club. That remains to be seen. But I love Texas and we’re all excited! And I can’t wait to meet some of you when I come into the store. That’s one of my favorite parts of coming there. Barbeque is a very close to the top, to be honest.

If you haven’t played Hawk’s Creek or have seen our mobile fitting cart, you need to get out there. It’s a tank. We’ll be able to fit you into anything we have, in an outdoor setting. Or get your lessons accomplished under our canopy to get you out of the hot sun, as well as measure your ball flight with TrackMan and under the watchful eyes of one of our instructors!

If you have a need for lessons on how to navigate the wind or any other situation on the course, click here or call 817.595.4653 to schedule a lesson or take the plunge with a lesson package.

If I were to grade the number one thing that I constantly battle with, with my students, it is one word: Honesty. Usually if we’re on the aboutGolf simulator, that is not a factor. I can see what’s going and see progress in real-time. But what some fail to do is that they’re not being honest with me, or worse, with themselves.

When we fit or give lessons we’re trying to get you into a place where everything works together. Whether it’s a new bag fitting or putting your body in proper positions, we value you, your time and your hard-earned dollar. But the biggest thing is making sure we help you as much as we can, with some honesty about your game and where you are physically.

We here at The Golf Station want you to play your best and get as much as you can out of this great game. We’ll do whatever we have to in order to help you achieve your goals. Let us know how we can help!
The chicken and the egg remains the perennial question.
It never seems considered that the chicken might not lay the egg, or that the egg might not hatch.

Which comes first: the improved swing or a set of fitted Irons?
How many of you this year will invest in a game improvement program to
fundamentally change and improve your golf swing?
If that’s a commitment you want to make,

However, whether you’re going to improve your swing or not, we want the egg to hatch.
Golf equipment that fits improves your golf experience immediately.

Almost every golfer we custom fit for a set of Irons notes at least one dimension of measurable improvement.
Those with higher handicaps and the less skilled often see two, or even three,
dimensions of measurable improvement, IMMEDIATELY.
What could your improvement be? 

We want you to get more out of your practice. We want you to see the results.
We want you to enjoy practice. The secret is practising with more purpose.
There is time for ‘block practice’. That’s trying to hit the same shot time after time.
You’ll probably have a technique improvement you’re working on.

Even when you’re engaged in a very specific ‘block practice’, you should approach it with real
focus and concentration on each shot. 
Before each shot, take a practice swing noting the feeling or movement you’re trying to re-enforce.

Now take your real shot, with your attention being on the process – not the shot result.
Did you feel or note the movement you were trying to make?

You’re better off hitting 50 shots carefully with 100% concentration on the improvement you’re trying to make,
than hitting 100 shots with even 80% concentration. Unsure of when to use block or random practice, then


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