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I’ve come across something on The Facebook (my wife hates when I call it that).  There are people posting videos of their swings on a page for people to diagnose their swing flaws…just random people.  Occasionally a professional sees it and will post some help, but about 99 percent of the time, guys like me are posting comments in order to “help” them with their swing and how to fix it.  I actually read these for comic relief, but actually this is the equivalent of the guy on the course or the range asking for help with their swing.

Please, please don’t do this. For long-term fixes, please get a lesson or two in order to have the suggestions come from a professional and actually have the advice be sound and relevant to you and your flaws.  Here at The Golf Station, we’re ready to help!


I was asked by a friend who made me go with him to shop for some TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 wedges for his set of irons, “At what stage do you change from the wedges that came with a set to ‘real wedges’?”

We’re asked this every so often in the store too.  It really depends on what you’re doing, want to do, and how comfortable you are with making a change.  My son still has the sand wedge with his Callaway irons, but he’s been searching for MD5 wedges recently (yes I check his phone). He hasn’t sprung it on me…yet. But I know he’s been tinkering with my old wedges more and more. He has that look that he’s ready to move on from the big iron to more of a traditional look. 

So it’s an individual decision. Many golfers go traditional wedges from the gap wedge down. I actually prefer a gap wedge with my irons, because I take more full shots with it. But that’s just me. Maybe next season I’ll bite the bullet and put a “real” gap wedge in the bag. It’s more versatile, and it’s something that you might want to consider as well.


I couldn’t let you get away without showing the “players” out there a seriously pure blade. This is the Miura MB-101. 

And for something special, PING has had quite an interesting past 3 weeks. Their sponsored players have had wins on the PGA (three in consecutive weeks!), PGA Champions and European Tours. Please enjoy this newsletter within our newsletter!

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Game improvement never looked this good

Standing over a tough approach becomes easier, and more enjoyable, when you have lots of confidence.

Callaway have added game improvement tech to their new Epic Forged Iron that is going to give you that added confidence. And they’ve packed it into a sleek profile.
Forged irons give good ball strikers added control over flight shape and distance. Mid- to high-handicappers can now tap into that control, too.

The Epic Forged has a Tungsten weight suspended in urethane microspheres, allowing Callaway to position the CoG precisely for each iron. This increases the MOI across the set, giving you easier launch on all your iron shots.

Every golfer is unique
But every golfer wants confidence. Let’s set you up to take on any approach shot.
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Consistently better

What part of your body controls your swing?  Too many golfers struggle with consistency because their hands (and arms) are too involved in their golf swing.
 A swing controlled by the hands and arms depends too much on the finer, smaller muscles. Swinging on plane becomes difficult. Consistency of ball striking is impossible. And it's much more difficult to create power.

You need to let the large muscles control the swing to create consistency and power.

 Test it out on the range
On the range, feel what part of your body starts your backswing and what part starts your downswing. Controlling the first movement of both the backswing and downswing with the correct part of your body can be a big pay-off for most of you.
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