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Best buying practice

I often wonder if it’s literally just me who absolutely geeks out about golf equipment to a major extent. I can’t be the only one. I do know many who will have a box arrive to their house every couple of weeks. That I get, but sometimes that’s an effort to buy a game; you can do that, but man, it gets expensive instead of doing it right the first time. Trial and error gets pricey.

Yet, there are customers who come in, weary to be honest, of trying to do this on their own. I get it. I used to do it too. Every time something new came out, I was convinced it was going to help me. In fact, I made my first few purchases at The Golf Station with a few credit cards. Trust me: Mrs. Bowles was less than pleased. But it was worth it.

My favorite things were putters and hybrids. Everyone knows why hybrids exist. They all come in various shapes and designs, like this yet to be released Callaway Super Hybrid. This is a bit larger that your normal hybrid, as it’s meant to be a true fairway wood replacement. If it looks a little familiar, it looks a lot like an old Adams Golf design. And to be honest, the name of one of the best hybrids they ever made, in my humble opinion.

Back a few years ago, Adams was absolutely IT when it came to hybrid design. Of course, I used them. In 2011, while at a TaylorMade R11 driver introduction event in Georgia, I was hitting ball after ball out of a deepening divot with my Adams hybrid. I felt eyes on me and when I turned around, there were almost a dozen TaylorMade fitters and engineers watching me hit balls. Yes, Adams hybrids worked. In 2012, TaylorMade bought Adams Golf. I’d like to think that I may have helped the decision process a little.

Many of the engineers stayed with TaylorMade and many went to Callaway and to other companies to influence their designs going forward. Yes, I am that geeky to know that. I think I went full geek. I apologize. Never go full geek.

These will be available in November and will be available to fit right here in The Golf Station to find your best combination and to see if this will work for you and your game. Let us do the trial and error with you in the studio…before you make a purchase. Get in touch for further inquiries.

Do your clubs match your game?

Get yourself fitted for the course

In all the years I’ve been writing this newsletter, I’ve said the same thing at least a couple times each year: Play something that’s going to help you. Whether it’s five wedges, a bag of hybrids or even a chipper. Make sure it’s something that is going to help you play better and get the ball in the hole faster and play with some confidence.

One of the very special things we experience here is that we’ve seen a lot of golf bags and a lot of clubs that were, well, old: Bullseye putters, classic blades and even some persimmon woods going back to the 1960s. There are no rules of what goes in your bag. We’re not going to take anything out of your bag that you want to keep, but if we can help make it perform better, then we’ll do that.

Click here or call us at 817.595.4563 for information on any manufacturer we have. We’ll mix and match anything that works for you and your game.  We go for that “Tour Quality” fit and won’t let your bag leave until it’s right!

Game improvement never looked this good


While strong lofts create faster ball speeds and added distance, they can also flatten trajectory and reduce spin.

But with the Epic Forged you get the launch and spin you require for stopping power.
 The mid and long irons have Variable Face Thickness for more consistent spin and easier control on long approach shots. While the short irons have weight placed higher in the body to make launch control easier so you can really attack the flag.
Extra yards are gold, but not if they come at the expense of accuracy. When you’re out on the range try to hit more than just distance markers and greens. Go for the flag.

Go longer
We’ll set your irons up so you can get every single yard you’re capable of.
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Consistently better

Power in golf doesn’t come from the biceps.
Watch the women playing golf on tour. Many are really slender but power the golf ball much further than most men double their size.

They control their golf swings with their large muscle groups, and that allows them to generate phenomenal power from consistent timing.
So, if you’re looking to get ‘fit’ for golf and want to improve your power and timing, then prioritize your gluteus maximus, your chest, latissimus dorsi and your core.

 Start a great journey
Don’t wait on this. Transform your golf swing; transform your game; transform the enjoyment you get from the game. We’ll make this a fun improvement journey. Learn to control your swing with your large muscles.
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