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Tom achieved his personal best

Tom had his first online lesson and followed it with his first ever score in the 70s, along with a Friday win at the Glades. Well done Tom!
Work on your game from home

Take a look at an example of an online lesson in the video below.

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How our online lessons work

See a step by step process on how an online lesson works. The best part about online lessons are the fact that you get to keep the comparison images and video on your phone or computer, so that you can review them whenever you need.
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 Paul's Pro Shop Deals

Your best game starts here

We have good news for you! We are still running our fantastic deal on Callaway and Srixon Golf Balls this week.
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We would once again like to thank everyone who has continued to have supported us during this difficult time. Your business is truely appreciated!

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A year for a journey shared
Golf is meant to be a journey shared. In fact, well over 50% of golfers say that “fun with friends” is MUCH more important than being super competitive. Golf is a ‘human’ pastime. This year threatened our humanity. So we want to put more friendship, more social, back into golf while encouraging you to reach new heights TOGETHER.
We’re looking for between 6 – 12 golfers to start a shared journey. From the 80s into the 70s on your scorecard. We want you to be the master of many golfing skills.
We want you to make new friendships forged by a common goal and grown by fun experience. We want you to encourage and nurture others on the pathway, while being humble enough to be nurtured and encouraged yourself.
This is going to be fun
At the end of this journey, you’ll have new friends, new playing partners, and a new feeling for the game. This will change everything for you. This will make 2020 a crazy good year, when until now it has only seemed crazy. Talk to us about this plan.
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Line it up.
What a feeling.
Dropping putts is a great feeling, especially when your playing partner wasn’t expecting it. But what if you were expecting it, time after time?
“Manufacturers and designers know that when it comes to alignment, your eyes can’t be trusted. That’s why so much effort goes into alignment aids. They want to help you set up accurately and then to make contact perfectly square to your target line.”
Head balance is another feature of putter design that helps you square the face at impact. It needs to fit your “arc”. Combine alignment aids and a putter head that matches your stroke, and you’re going to experience more joy. 
Experience elation more often
Aim, setup, putt, roll, drop. There are ways to make that easier. What if we could help you nail more putts? If that matters to you, then when we next see you, let's talk about this or
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