Golf gear can be pricey, but...

"Tommy, I read something that struck me.  You said I didn’t have to spend a bunch of cash on a new bag.  I was one of those guys who thought that I had to spend $2000 on a new bag, and I just couldn’t swing it (pardon the pun).  So, I found a set of Srixon Z565 irons that someone was selling online.  They’re in good shape, but I will need them fit for me.  But I appreciate the help and common sense approach that you guys use to reach golfers."  – C.

You’re very welcome.  We know gear is pricey.  Trust me:  You’re talking to a guy who used to string credit cards together when I was making a purchase.  It was a show, to be honest, but personally, I was tired of playing equipment that I had to compromise on, so I made the sacrifice.  It was good for me, but it’s not suitable for everyone. 

However, please invest in a fitting and shafts.  We can do it virtually by calling us in the store at 817.595.4653, and we can arrange to get them, have the guys build them in the back, and get them turned around and sent to you so you can get the most out of your new-to-you gear.  Or if you can come in, even better.

Speaking of fittings
We are going to be at Grapevine Golf Club this weekend.

We will be fitting pretty much from 9AM until the end of the day on Saturday and Sunday.

We're absolutely booked!

Keep an eye out for our next fitting event!


Make your ball dance

These are an absolutely beautiful combo set of Titleist CNCPT CP-01 & CP-02 Concept Irons built up with SST Pured Nippon Modus 105 Shafts and Golf Pride MCC+4 Grips.  The CP-01’s are in the long irons with the noticeable brighter finish, and the CP-02’s finish off the set with more of a blade look.  However, both irons are hollow and have the thinnest face Titleist has ever done for maximum distance and performance. 

These irons are the best players iron that Titleist has ever done, and it shows.  There are a limited number of sets available, and the performance is hard to beat.  Once you’re fit into these, you’ll be able to make the ball perform unlike you’ve ever done before.



And for some exciting news...
ClicGear Carts will be brought into The Golf Station! 

These accounts are coveted within the industry because they simply just don’t hand them out.  ClicGear is known across the world for their quality and durability for those who like to walk the course (or by those who probably should…present company included!)  We’re lucky to have been granted an account and are happy to bring these to you.  When it’s set up and ready, we’ll let you know.

I’m already ready to get mine!  It’s time to get myself in another shape other than “round!”

If you’re ready to tune up your game with lessons or a new bag, click here to send us a note or give us a call at 817.595.4653 for more information on how to make sure, you get Golf Station Fit!


You want easier to use
The improvements required in fairway woods don’t require a consumer focus group. “Easier to get up on a good trajectory with solid contact”.
Those golfers looking for easier fairways should pick up the TS2. Both the TS2 and TS3 have innovations that lower the CoG, but the TS2 offers the easiest route to ease of use and more speed.
Fall in love with fairways
If you’re not confident with your fairway woods, then let’s either not carry them or change that. The ability to consistently hit a solid fairway wood shot has so many benefits to your golf experience.
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Play better for ever
Forgiveness remains #1

From the very beginning PING has been obsessed with making the game of golf more enjoyable for regular golfers.
The PING G710 Irons are another step along that way. You’ll hit more good approach shots.
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