“Self-empowerment beyond empowering anybody else is a cul-de-sac”.

At EOGA we take these words seriously and we have been doing everything possible to keep on empowering our clients, so that during lockdown our time as well as your time is being used constructively.

EOGA in lockdown

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We know how much you miss the course, so we have put together something special for all our EOGA clients. It also helps us and our EOGA coaches to stay afloat in these trying times. Be sure to contact us to book this package with the coach of your choice.
*Price of package varies according to coach

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Win with our Tee For Two Challenge!

EOGA challenges the golfer in you, to teach the non-golfer quarantining with you.

Each week, EOGA will post a video of one of our coaches teaching their non-golfer in their household, starting with the basics of golf. All you need is a golf club and someone who doesn’t play golf. After you've given the same lesson to your non-golfer, post a photo of the results on Facebook or on Instagram with your apprentice so that we can see!

What you can win:

On 1st June, after our 4 weeks of lessons, 8 lucky golfers and their non-golfer apprentices will win:
A 4ball for 18 holes at one of our participating golf clubs, for the golfer; and a free introductory lesson with one of our EOGA coaches, for the non-golfer. The average prize value is R4000 per club!

To make sure that your name goes into the lucky draw, you need to tag @eogagolfacademy; your home golf club; and your non-golfer apprentice (if he/she is on social media).

Participating clubs are: Steenberg, Westlake, Erinvale, Arabella, Dainfern, Killarney, Metropolitan and KDM.

Here is the first one of the series. Make sure you follow all the videos on social media!

Online coaching

All our EOGA coaches continue to offer online coaching.

Watch the informative video of the experience you can enjoy from the comfort of your home, no matter your set up. The coaches will adapt to your environment and are guaranteed to carry you through.


Improve your golf >

Live fitness classes


A strong body is essential for a strong golf game! Honey and Luke have been keeping us going during lockdown with our live fitness classes. We are grateful for their commitment in keeping us conditioned for the game.

Honey King is doing Pilates for Golf classes three times a week and Luke Wewege is keeping you Golf Fit and Golf Strong with four classes a week. You can sign up and join our next classes. It’s as simple as an email to info@eoga.co.za to book your spot.

If you’re not sure that these classes are for you, here is a live link on Facebook to experience one of our classes free of charge. Enjoy!

Importance of moving during lockdown

We are living in times with unique challenges but one thing we know, is that we are all in this together.

During this lockdown it is easy to spend lots of time slouching on the couch watching TV, or, for those still working from home, sitting at our desks all day. Lower back pain and aches are a common occurrence in this setup at home due to bad posture and other underlying conditions.

A slouched or hunched over position can put strain on the discs — the fluid-filled cushions that protect the vertebrae from rubbing together, as well as mechanical issues in the core and lower body that can result in several problems.

For example, when sitting for an extended period, the hip flexors are in their shortened position. This can prevent the glutes from firing, making them weak and causing the hamstrings to overwork. This results in anterior pelvic tilt (APT), which is an excessive tilt of the pelvis. APT can cause the core muscles to become underused and weak leading to lower back pain, poor movement mechanics and reciprocal inhibition (when one muscle on one side of a joint relaxes because the opposing muscle is engaged).

As you can see, it's super important to keep exercising during this lockdown period as well as limiting the time spent sitting at your desk or slouching on the couch, especially if you have underlying back conditions or a history of lower back pain. Try limit your sitting to 30 minutes at a time, go for a walk and do some specific exercises (below) which are great for the back and relieving subsequent pain.

Below is a sample routine that can assist against long periods of sitting:

When doing specific exercises to counter the effects of prolonged sitting (as mentioned above), it is important to focus on targeted strengthening and improving the range of motion in certain joints.

*Note: Lower back pain is multi-faceted so you need to have a specific program for your specific diagnosis. This is just a general routine that can assist to counter the effects of prolonged sitting.

Hip flexor stretch 3×30s
Hip mobility 3×10 each

Lower back stretch 3×30s
Glute activation 3×12
Core Activation 3×30-60s


We can't wait to have you back out there!

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Nicolaas Swart Dominique Jacobs
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Sheldon Steyn
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Yusuf Raidhan
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Tournament prep & mental coach:

Justin Turner
081 528 2350

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