More than ever we need PGA Professionals, whatever your role, to be revenue drivers. This is the time to show just how much PGA Professionals can contribute. And it's our time to help you, so here’s TF on a Monday – and we’ll have another
suggestion tomorrow.
On Friday we detailed a suggestion from Mike O’Donnel Snr Director Coaching and Player Development at the PGA of America.
If you missed it
 This suggestion required PGA Professionals to actively reach out to members and golfers, especially older people, to talk to them on the phone.
Making what must feel like ‘cold calls’ is alien to PGA Professionals. We understand that, because we have been introducing this practice to golf clubs around the United States over the last 12 months. We train Professionals on how to have a conversation they initiate and lead. It's quite a change from waiting to serve.
But despite the novelty and challenge and discomfort the calls become tremendously rewarding for the Professionals, because the response from the member or golfer is almost always so positive. They love that THEIR PRO called them. They want to talk about THEIR life and game with their expert.

Matt Anzalone performed this role at Gainey Ranch through last summer.
“Last summer, here in Arizona we started calling members who were away spending the summer in cooler climates. We wanted to check up on them and see that they were in a good place with their golf game, golfing connections, and family. Before we started, I was a little hesitant. How would a member feel about their Golf Pro calling them? Well wow! They loved the fact that we were taking time to ‘reach out’ and show some concern for them. They felt like we cared. And they
all loved having a conversation with THEIR Pro.”
Matt experienced the response to what is perceived as care and
compassion. These phone calls created relationships and helped develop trust between Professionals and golfers. These calls and relationships establised were priceless.
If each PGA Professional talked to 30 golfers a week for just 5 minutes each, then how many more members could be retained, and how many extra rounds could be created?
“The PGA Professional is the engine of growth in the golf industry. You are needed more than ever, right at this moment”
If you have any ideas, they will be gladly received and shared.
We will add all the ideas we see and come across to our “Beacon of Hope” page,
  Feel free to use any of those ideas to help your community.
Be a beacon of hope.