If you want something to improve, then something needs to change.
If you’re a PGA Professional, this is your time.

Establish your role and value. It’s time to showcase the impact you can make. What you say to “management”, owners, and leaders really matters right now. This is the problem they’ve presented you with:

The luminaries and leaders, golf associations and foundations, have said that “we” (I sense that is in the most royal sense of “we” and is actually someone else, probably you) must do a better job of retaining the golfers who’ve returned to the game and those who’ve rediscovered a love for the game.

It’s up to you tell them HOW to do that, and what that’s worth. Here’s what we suggest:

1. You want them to ‘fund’ you working a number of hours each week on ‘Active Customer Management’. You also want them to re-think how they reward you for the success you deliver.

2. You want the “management” to give you a list of 75 golfers who have either returned to the game or who have in the past only played a few rounds a year.

3. Tell them that this will be your CARE GROUP. These are the golfers you are going to actively manage to participate in more golf and events at the club, to ensure they play and spend more, and stay with the game in the years ahead as committed golfers.

4. Brief your management that you need them to give you time to build and maintain a relationship with these golfers. Explain that you’ll reach out to them and bring them in for some time with you (an assessment, accompanied play or even a cup of coffee) for you to learn what value they want from the facility, the game, and the community.

5. Highlight that if that first engagement is a few hours of accompanied golf, you’ll be able to socially connect them to two other golfers, as well as investing that time in inspiring three golfers to want to play more golf. That’s productivity.

6. Provide management with the following proven data. Each of the golfers you can inspire to participate in a coaching program will be 400% more likely NOT to drop their membership or will on average play over 150% more golf at the facility.

7. You’ll have to give the management a heads up that you’ll be
scheduling a number of new events on a regular basis. These will have a more social emphasis and a reduced playing challenge. Note that you want to coordinate these events with the food and beverage
department because you want packed patios and bursting bars (yes, yes, I know there’s a pandemic but there must be hope).

8. You must also explain that you’re going to check in with each of these golfers at least once every 90 days.

9. Then finish with an explanation that the reason you’re going to do that is because it WILL reduce the loss of those recovered golfers and will maintain, even increase further, the participation rates.

10. Oh, and just for good measure it will not only increase à la carte, bar, cart, round, and retail spend from that group, it will also attract other golfers and new members.

11. Best of all, because you’re tracking a specific list of golfers, at the end of the year they’ll be able to measure your impact on retention,
activation, and spend.

It’s at this point that I’d suggest you bring up the rewards that should be shared. And yes, we have a template for that. 
At RetailTribe we not only have a solution to inspire more golfers to engage with you, we now have a proven solution for tracking the golfers you ‘care’ for.

Active Customer Management is a game-changer for the financial well-being of the industry and all of its participants.

If you would like to know more about Active Customer Management and its potential revenue and earnings.


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