Getting to know people
Why do they struggle with the wrong equipment?

In the past six or seven years (except for this stupid COVID year), I’ve been allowed to go to the PGA Merchandise Show.  I’ve met many great people who played professionally in the industry from various companies and instructors.  And if you ever get to meet Colin Montgomerie, he’s hilarious!  One person I’ve gotten to know is an instructor in South Carolina, and she’s just wonderful.  We chatted briefly this weekend about one of her students.  She said, “People come to me using the wrong equipment.  That’s probably the number one reason why they struggle.”

I couldn’t agree more.  It’s not just about the fit of equipment, but actually using the wrong equipment.  We see many customers walk in using gear that may not be appropriate for the skill level.  We see it on the course; many times, someone will get a set from a friend or a departed relative or a garage sale.  She said one of her older female students took her first lesson, and she walked in with men’s stiff steel-shafted blades.  Thankfully, she’s going to get fit for a more appropriate set.  But this happens
a lot across the board.

This is where the bag evaluation comes in
We can see how you hit every club in your bag to see what works and what doesn’t.  This is important for many reasons, but mainly because golf is hard enough.  Many don’t do this on purpose, but many will play gear that they feel THEY should play instead of equipment they can play. 

Why struggle on purpose?
Hey, I’ve done it too.  I’ve played equipment that I thought I could grow into, and recently, I bought gear that wasn’t what I needed.  I wasted a lot of money this way, and many other customers have as well.  When Tim does an evaluation, or Rick Wright recommends a putter style, they do that for a reason.  With all of their years of professional experience, they just “might” know a “little something” about equipment and how it’s designed to work.  So, trust us and their word. 

We’ll do it right the first time and save you some money!
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Not only can you have better
But you can have better beyond your dreams

I’ve heard from our customers recently.  I didn’t think it was possible, but it happened:  The build quality has improved past what I even
thought was possible. 

The team of Neal and Rich has become a dynamic duo
They’re teaching each other what they’ve learned over the years.  They’ve both built for professional golfers and are trading information back and forth.  It was outstanding before.  Now it’s more so.  I cannot wait until my new bag is built by these two. 

Here is one email we got:
“I don’t really know what’s going on in the back, but I was just trying to keep up with what I was hearing and seeing.  Neal and Rich were talking and figuring out how to best build my irons once all the components arrived, and they knocked it out of the park.  My Titleist [T100 S] irons and Vokey wedges are outstanding and way past anything I ever had before.  I didn’t think I could like the stronger lofts, but I had no trouble with them.  The ball still launched higher and still stopped on the greens.  It was neat to watch them talk it out, and it was hard to wait for them to be built.  They’re as close to perfect as you can get!  I had to wait a little bit for them to come in from Carlsbad, but it was worth it.”R.B.

I’m glad R.B. loved his stuff.  But he did touch on something, which bears repeating.  Sometimes it’s taking a while for some components to come in.  It’s not something we can avoid if items aren’t available once we order them.  Some companies are still not at full supply capacity.  We’re asking you to please be patient as we can’t control a company’s stock.  It’s awful, I know, but we can’t avoid it.

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Some advice, please

“I can’t seem to get the ball in the air with my driver.  I have an Epic Max LS driver head.  Do you have any ideas?”  - D.A.

I hate to say it, but it sounds like you need more loft at least, but you might need more spin to get the ball in the air.  Adjust the loft and try to play with the settings.  I know the whole low spin thing is sexy, and eliminating spin helps keep the ball straighter, but you still need spin to get the ball in the air.  That can be accomplished by speed from you, your equipment, or a combination of both.  The loft is an excellent place to start and see where that gets you.

If you would like for Tim to have a look, please
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You can never have too many....

Long-time readers know I’m a sucker for a new putter.  I feel you can never have too many.  Scotty Cameron Putters are among the top-performing putters in the game with 20 different styles from blades to mallets in two different series:  The Special Select and the Phantom

As a Scotty Cameron Performance Center, we can put every tool at our disposal to fit you into the right putter in the correct specifications.

Your equipment is key to the success of your play
If you need lessons, we can definitely help you with that, but it will be harder to be successful at a challenging game if you are playing with the wrong equipment. 

Click here or call at 817.595.4653 to make an appointment or a lesson. 

And remember, call the store to make an appointment for a fitting appointment for next weekend at Grapevine Golf Course!
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Oh, one more thing:  Today is Tim’s Birthday

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But ‘fast’ isn’t everything. Don’t miss out on more.
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Go the distance.
The biggest carry factors.
Besides technique, what do you think could have the biggest impact on the distance you hit the ball?
Here are two that are very important.
Ball speed
A 1 mph increase in ball speed equates to about 2 yards of extra distance.
Challenge us to get you there >
Shaft type
For higher ball speeds, you need to square the face at impact. Shaft weight and length impact your ability to do this consistently. That’s why we need to have a look at your swing and setup.
How much further could you go?
It’s our mission to make sure you’re hitting the ball as long as possible. It means you can take less club on approach and makes the whole game a bit easier. Next time you’re at the course, come speak to us about your game, or we could also,
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