From "old man" clubs to yes, please!
I think some of you are taking this newsletter seriously
It’s almost like you’re actually READING it.

“I read Tommy’s newsletter from a while back saying to consider playing fairway woods.  I decided to get a 7 wood and try it out.  Holy wow!  I don’t know why I was so stubborn.  I always called them “old man” clubs, but the joke’s on me.  In fact, I got a 9 wood and am looking for an 11 wood.  I’m hooked!”M.

Well, thanks!  Sometimes I know a couple of things. Usually, it’s from experience, but sometimes it’s just watching customers getting fit and seeing what works best.  I’ve seen Tim take 3 woods out of a bag and replace it with a 4 or 5 wood.  Sometimes you have to take yes for an answer and use what works.  

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Which wood would work for YOUR game?

If you’re looking for an 11 wood (which not a lot of companies make), look no further than Callaway.  They are the only one that has a Fairway Wood with a fixed loft that goes that high. 

However, PING makes their G425 Max 9 Wood that will adjust
to a similar loft.

The best way to see what wood works best for you is to come in and demo what head, loft, and shaft combinations work best.  For those who don’t know, we custom build everything from the head up to the grip.  If you want stock clubs, we can do that, but custom-fit to you is what you want.  Trust me; it’s going to save you money in the long run.

Who's next for a custom fit?
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And I know there are those of you who just don’t like fairway woods or prefer hybrids.  This Titleist TSi3 was just built with an Oban Tour Reserve Oi-83 Graphite Shaft. These shafts are not widely available, but they are something special beyond the regular version of these shafts. 

Give us a call to ask Rich about them.
Remember, he’s Oban Shafts’ PGA Tour representative!


When a posting leads to compliments

Seeing the above posted on social media prompted this comment from one of our best customers:

“Another satisfied customer great work, y’all, that’s why I drive 100+ miles round trip to have The Golf Station work on my golf equipment.”Renee

I totally get it.  We have plenty of customers that will mail their gear back to us for repairs or work.  I’ve done it at the end of some seasons when the temperature drops and before the PGA Show if anything is needed to be done.  Thankfully, I’ll have a new bag soon, so no work will be required this season.  I mentioned last week I’d be playing a new Srixon/Cleveland bag.  I’m going to play Cobra woods for something completely different.

And thank you, Renee, for being such a tremendous supporter of ours!


Many of you are working on your games

I’m hearing about lessons and strides your making.  I love hearing from Tim about some of what you’re doing. 

My back is still giving me issues, so I’m working with Tim on a smoother tempo, so I’m not so violent on the downswing.

The golf swing shouldn’t hurt.  If it does, you need to get a lesson with Tim to make sure you’re not developing bad habits and have a guide to help you through any changes you make.

I want to play better and smarter...
Can you help me, Tim?


Here’s a question for you all

You can play a round anywhere at all in the world. 
Where would you want to play? 

Let me know by emailing me

Where would I want to play? 
Believe it or not, Dubai.  It’s not a common destination, but I’d love to go there and stay on a resort for a week and play all the golf my back would allow and make time for plenty of naps.

Let me know where you’d like to play and why.


Fittings this weekend

We’re going to be at Grapevine Golf Course this weekend doing fittings all weekend if the rain holds off.  Come by the range and say hello!  We’d love to see you, but we’re going to be busy! 

If you couldn’t make an appointment, click here or call at 817.595.4653 to make an appointment for next time or to get into the studio.


It’s just before you start your backswing. It’s when you need to be perfectly prepared.
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Go the distance.
What is your smash factor?
Hitting long shots requires a high energy transfer from golfer to club to ball. Smash factor is a measure of this energy transfer.
Do you know what your smash factor is?
Many golfers are at about 1.3. Getting to 1.35 requires small changes, but adds up to 10 yards to your tee shots.
Challenge us to get you there >
All the distance you can
If you’re swinging to your full potential using custom-fitted clubs, the distance gains can be massive. We’re here to help you achieve that. Next time you’re at the course, let’s talk about it, or we could also,
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