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We can make any club perform better. However, I love when we build premium clubs. We made these clubs sing. The Titleist Cncpt irons are amazing and one lucky golfer is just about to get theirs. You are in for a real treat! These are wonderful heads!
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Can you have a problem and not admit it?

“Since you’ve been in the store, how many sets of golf clubs have you had or do you have?” – P.S

This was a pretty sore subject in our house for a long time. Since I’ve picked up the game over 20 years ago, I’ve probably had 20 sets of clubs in total. Let’s not discuss putters and wedges. But since I’ve been with the store, I’d guess four in a decade. However, at my high point, there were boxes and bags everywhere. So can you have a problem and not admit it?

Absolutely! Currently, I have two sets and my son has two sets. I’ve lent out two sets to high school golfers. One of those sets somehow made it to North Dakota State University and rumor has it, the other set will be going to Virginia Tech in the fall. They’re good boys, I don’t mind.

But the rule of thumb in the past has been if a set arrives, one has to leave. Full disclosure, I don’t always follow this rule, but Mrs. Bowles is smart and if she sees a box arrive, she’ll give me that Latina glare I know so well.


Another set of irons!

Another week, another set of irons to be repaired and upgraded. Rich and Will are just killing it in the shop. And of course, more Srixon
iron sets are being built as soon as they arrive.

Last week J.C.’s testimonial was put here for your enjoyment, but this is the text that Tim received which prompted his kind words last week:
  Why don’t PGA professionals teach the way you do? You are one of 12 Master teachers of the Golfing Machine and what they are teaching these days is putting stress on the body that causes injuries and sometimes life-changing decisions from having to give up the game. Your way is so much simpler than the majority of teachers.

I think I should get him to write newsletters when I go on a vacation! I said something similar to him a couple of weeks ago. When your body is fighting you, it’s hard to do anything; and certainly, it’s hard to golf.

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Take away the pain

At our local range, I’ve watched a good friend of mine teach his older students and while they were having success hitting the ball, I just looked at them and thought, “Man, that looks like that hurts.” The way they were being set up didn’t look natural and they were set up to cover a lot of flaws with compensating motions.

And I understand it; all we want to do is hit the ball and enjoy this game as long as possible. But if you’re hurting yourself along the way, what’s the point of putting your body in jeopardy? No, you’re probably not going to break any bones, but as a guy with back problems, since I’ve been taught by Tim, I’ve never walked off the course in pain.

And I’ve gotten some seriously good equipment over the past decade. Teenagers “borrowing” clubs from my garage are testimonies to what Tim does and what we do at The Golf Station.

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If your body is starting or continuing to ache and you love this great game like many of us do, click the burron below or call us at 817.595.4653 to schedule some time to make sure you’re not doing more damage to your body by compensating for your injuries.
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Does this make sense?
Arccos research was reported in Golf Digest found a REDUCTION of 3.5 yards in the average distance of tee shots for amateur golfers.
That’s despite the PGA Tour Professionals GAINING 2.5 yards on average in just the last year.
We’d be very interested in your experience and opinions. Can you follow the link below and let us know your thoughts on your tee shot performance?
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Better technology in drivers and improved golf ball design should be increasing yardages off the tee for everyone. Launch monitors should allow us to create the perfect match of launch and spin for your ball speed. We should be improving everyone’s tee shot performance, including adding distance.
Let’s measure your performance
Give us a call, come and see us, or contact us below, and let’s set up a starting point for your tee shot improvement. How far do you hit it on average, and what is your launch data?
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Start with an assessment
Be positive about your game
We want to help as many of you as possible have a better playing experience. What would be the improvement that would make the most significant difference? Why not list one or two? But be positive about how you express your goal.
The red list on the top is about removing a negative. That’s a much less powerful, ongoing motivator, than going positively towards something (as expressed in the blue list below). Even more powerful is connecting that positive thought to an emotional feeling you want to experience.
Think about this now
What would you want to be able to do with your golf game? What would you like to be able to achieve with an improved technique? Why not try and write it down?
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