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Srixon golf balls. Buy two dozen of any model ball, get one free. Call us at 817.595.4653 or stop by and order by June 19th. You know you always wanted to try them! Now is the time. Besides, your Dad deserves it.

As a Dad, I appreciate nice things. And as that Dad who appreciates nice things, I don’t want you choosing anything weird like a crystal golf club set for my desk. I got one of those once. Don’t do it. If you can’t figure anything out, come in and pick up a Golf Station gift card. He’ll like it. Trust me.

Yuka Saso became a first-time winner and major champion on the LPGA giving the ProV1 yet another major win. She is incidentally the first major champion from the Philippines. And Patrick Cantlay won the Memorial for his fourth professional victory with a ProV1x. 
It is the Number one ball in golf for a reason.

I know it may sound weird to mention two brands of golf balls in the same area, but there are many good golf balls out there. All you have to do is get a sleeve and try out the one that suits your game best. Like I always say, once you like a ball, stick with it. Don’t change so you know what that ball does in any set of conditions. But these balls are great options if you’d like to change up your game for only a little investment. But these are just a few of many options out there.

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When it comes to forgiveness, you can have it all

There is an ongoing debate in my golf blog: What’s more important, especially for high handicappers: Forgiving irons or a forgiving driver?

My answer? Golf is hard, so why use anything that makes the game harder? It all has equal importance. Yes, when you have a hard time getting off the tee, it makes par or bogey hard to get. However, when you can get off the tee, sometimes the iron game is spotty where you may be missing greens or failing to get up-and-down from a bad lie or simply because you’re not able to play a particular shot. If you’re playing the wrong equipment, a hard game gets more challenging. A good fitting from Tim can bring everything together.

However most people said that they struggled with their irons more than the driver. I’m no exception. If I could just hit more greens in regulation, and even if I three putt, I’m walking off with bogey. I’ll take it. I suspect that many of you would too, but I guarantee, you’d putt better than me.

Speaking of putting, I’m researching an armlock putter. Yes, friends, that’s where I am.

So, most golfers saw would take more forgiving irons over a driver, even though forgiving is good in both parts of a game. What do you think? Let me know at I like hearing from you all!
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We're here for all your golfing needs!

If you think you’re ready to change up your irons or driver to get a little (or a lot) more forgiveness, we can help you out. Whether it’s the ultra-forgiving PING G710 Irons, or if forgiving for you is moving from blades to a cavity back, click here or call us at 817.595.4653 and let us help you decide with a fitting to make sure you’re choosing the right bag the first time.

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The inevitable impact of age?
The same Golf Digest reports I previously referenced on tee shot performance amongst amateur golfers highlighted that we have an accelerated loss of distance from 50 onwards.
But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Hale Irwin hit tee shots farther on average when he was 72 than when he was 35.
Hold back the impact of age
These statistics from Hale Irwin demonstrate that innovative technology and modern design in drivers can positively impact your tee shot performance. A correctly fitted driver not only adds ball speed, but it also optimizes your launch data for the longest and straightest tee shots, whatever your age.
Let’s make you younger
Give us a call, come and see us, or contact us below, and let’s set up a starting point for your tee shot improvement. How far do you hit it on average, and what is your launch data? Let’s see if we can help you go as far as you did in your 20s.
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Start with an assessment
Yes you can
Last week we talked about the added motivation you get from a positive goal linked to an emotional feeling or thought. If you didn’t read it, you can
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I know that some of you doubt your ability to have a great, or even good, golf swing. Some of you seem prepared to live with the playing experience you have. Don’t. This isn’t about having a lower handicap or winning trophies. It’s about being able to play a particular shot with more skill.
That might mean that you’re no longer the shortest in your fourball. It might mean that you’re able to shoot as low as those you play with, despite being shorter off the tee. It might mean experiencing the joy of hitting greens with mid-irons on a regular basis.
Yes you can
Every one of you can make an improvement to some part of your game. Every one of you can enhance your playing experience in a way that matters to you. Why not try and write down what it could be?
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