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Dear Members,

The holiday season is fast approaching, with tourists and visitors arriving in Stellenbosch just in time for the warmer weather and festivities! A special welcome home must be extended to our swallow members as they arrive back at De Zalze. It is wonderful to have you back supporting the club for the season and we hope you’ll be impressed with the changes we’ve made this year!

 New clubhouse improvements

Our construction project for the clubhouse renovation is moving along smoothly thanks to our excellent building team and project partners. We are on schedule to have the facility operational by the end of November, although small touch ups and minor work may still be underway after the opening.

We would like to thank our members for their patience and cooperation throughout this project, and for supporting the temporary facility and making the most of the circumstances. We hope those who were able to join for the sneak peek walkthrough of the new facility enjoyed it and appreciated the vision we have for the new clubhouse. Members should please add the 8th of December to their diaries for the official opening event of the new clubhouse. It will be an evening event, and we will share more information soon.


Some unfortunate news is the departure of Imike Crouse from our De Zalze team. While we are all saddened that she will no longer be working with us, we are sure of the very exciting projects and endeavours ahead for her. The De Zalze team wishes her nothing but the best for the next stage of her career, which we know she will excel and thrive in.

I would like to welcome Phillip Botha who has joined our management team as the new Facilities Manager. I trust he will be a valuable asset to our team with his years of experience in the industry and his determined attitude. Myself and the entire De Zalze team look forward to working with him.


One of Phillip’s upcoming projects is to ensure our new generator is installed and running. This installation is a 220kva unit which we have relocated in order to prevent any safety and manoeuvrability issues, as well as to allow a more direct and efficient line of power to our new facility. We trust this investment will serve our clubhouse immeasurably during loadshedding and the busy season ahead.

 Upcoming events

Chairman vs Captain – 25 November

Please complete the entry form in The Pro Shop.

Year-end Tarentale – 29 November

Callaway Fitting Day - 29 November

Good and better ball strikers will appreciate where the technology supports their game with the new Apex Pro series from Callaway. The Callaway experts will be at De Zalze on Year-end Tarentale Day so you can try out the latest equipment from them.

Book with Theresa

Ladies Christmas Day - 5 December

Winelands Classic - 7 February

On an exciting note, the Winelands Classic week will begin on 7 February 2024. We are in the planning stages for this event in the hopes of making it one to remember, as it will be one of the first held in our new clubhouse post-construction. We encourage members to save the date for an exciting start to 2024!

Kind regards,
Jason Bird

  The right equipment helps
  Easier to hit the ‘middle'

The biggest challenge most golfers experience with their irons is inconsistent contact. Ball strikes wide of the sweet spot. Ball strikes very low on the face. Both leave you short. When you’re targeting a green, wide or short – no difference. You’ve lost at least one shot. New technologies can help.

Despite the narrower topline (that creates a great look at address) the moderate offset and longer blade lengths all work to create forgiveness and a straighter ball flight. Additionally, the Mainframe Face on the Srixon ZX4 Irons maximises face flex and offers greater ball speed.

    Hit more greens
If you’re struggling to hit greens with mid or especially short irons, then look to start an improvement journey. You could look at how technology might help you now. If the Srixon ZX4 Irons are right for you game, then enjoy the results.

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  Recover a golfer
  The best work-life balance activity?

We’ve become much more aware of the need to invest in our health. Smartwatches that track steps, heart rate and more have become the norm. We’re offsetting desk time with these devices during gym workouts, runs and cycles. But what about golf?

Anyone who plays a round of golf wearing a smartwatch will be pleasantly surprised to discover that they get their full allotment of daily steps at a healthy, moderate heart rate. All the while, enjoying the outdoors and creating memories with friends. Sounds better than an hour on a treadmill.

    Let’s help a friend
Do you know someone with a smartwatch who used to play golf? Why not bring back to the game and make a real difference to their health and their work-life balance.

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