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  Fun with Mooney Ford at Mount Edge!

We've gotta give a big shoutout to Mooney Ford Attorneys for choosing Mount Edge as the spot for their recent event. Seeing them have such a blast at our Driving Range was awesome! From swinging clubs to sharing laughs, it was all about good times and great vibes.

If you're thinking about hosting your next event, why not follow Mooney Fords' lead? Host your event at the Trackman Range. Let's make memories together at Mount Edge!

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  Signed up for Bunnies yet?

Bunnies starts soon! If you know of any ladies looking to learn in a fun social environment ask them to give us a call.

For more information you can contact Steve on 076 141 7469 or via email at

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  No more provisionals
  Organisational psychology

In a casual weekend round or club competition, being organised is a great way to get a mental edge over your playing partners.

Calm and clutch
A player who is organised can be very intimidating to play against. Organisation can mean simply executing the same pre-shot routine time and again, or placing your clubs back into your bag the same way each time.
Organisation indicates focus and composure, telling your opponent that you’re confident you can split the fairway or drain a 10-footer for a 1-up victory.

    Gain a mental edge
Whatever your ability, make the psychology of organisation one of your greatest assets to psych out your opponent. Want to develop a good pre-shot routine? Make every putt inside 2-feet a gimme? We can help.

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  Golf is good for you

Golf RSA has partnered with the R&A for a media campaign that highlights the benefits of golf. Dale Hayes shares more about this campaign in his newsletter for the week.

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  Make golf your Valentine
  You’re never alone

Valentine's Day might have been tough if you didn't have that someone special in your life to share it with. But if you’re a golfer, you’ve got something just as, if not more, special on your side.

Being part of a golf community, whether it’s your club or a group of friends you play with, gives you a sense of belonging and togetherness. What’s more, this goes beyond a single day of the year, it’s a feeling that can last a lifetime.

Research has repeatedly shown the connection between strong social connections and good mental health and physical longevity. Playing golf isn’t only a fun, outdoors activity, it’s one of the most social pastimes there is.

    Celebrate your love for golf
Why not celebrate your love for our beautiful game by bringing your partner or friends over to the course for a fun golf experience?

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