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  Good luck for Club Champs this Weekend!

It's Club Champs this weekend, all the best of luck to all the brave souls who have entered. Club Champs has a way of throwing every conceivable obstacle the golfer’s way, the following advice from Emile might help…

On a practical note….
  • Make sure your grips have been cleaned.
  • Make sure all of your clubs are in order and that you don’t have more than 14 clubs in your bag.
  • Make sure you have marked your golf balls so it’s easy to identify your ball.
  • Make sure you have read the local rules and double check your tee time and confirm which course you are playing.
Your playing partners will also be a little nervous, so make sure you are considerate of this and don’t burden them with any issues you may be experiencing.

Now go and enjoy the challenge!

   Want to improve for next year?

Whether you have the game of your life this weekend or you are left feeling a bit disappointed by your performance, there is always room for improvement! Book a lesson with Emile below to always keep improving your game!

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  Trackman Events

   Book us for your event

Are you thinking about your next event? Host your event at the Trackman Range. Let's make memories together at Mount Edge!

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 26th-28th March 2024
 Kids Holiday Camp!

If you are looking for a fun way to entertain the kids during the school holidays look no further!

To book Whatsapp Chinell on 076 878 4456.

 Wishing all those who celebrate a Blessed Ramadham

  Hitting solid iron shots
  Better golfers share one similarity

However they swing the club, however they get the iron club face to the ball.

Better players make contact with the golf ball first, with a shallow descending blow that takes a divot after contact. The low point of their swing with a #7 iron will be 3 – 4 inches beyond the location of the golf ball.

What is your angle of attack on the golf ball? Where is the low point in your golf swing? What does your divot say about your golf swing? How do you control your low point so that you consistently hit solid, powerful iron shots?

    Improve the divot
Improve the divot and you’ll experience more great golf shots with your irons. Come and see us and start with an understanding of your angle of attack on the ball, your low point in the golf swing, and what would be the way to practice and improve.

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No-one expects golf ball evolution to slow down. Srixon hasn't disappointed us with the new AD333 Golf Ball. A softer cover. Powerful greenside spin. A speed dimple pattern that promotes lift and stability whatever the conditions. And a core that does both: improves feel while adding distance.

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  It's all in the mind
  Harness the butterfly effect

Performing in the heat of competition means positively channelling the nervous tension of pressure situations and turning adrenaline into an advantage.

The fear factor

No matter what level of the game you’ve played at, you’ve almost certainly experienced some nervous tension, the proverbial butterflies in your stomach.

Perhaps you’re teeing it up on the 72nd-hole with a one-shot lead in your club championship, or are facing a putt to beat your buddy for the first time. Whatever it is, whenever the butterflies are about you know there’s an element of stress attached to the task at hand.

Neurologically, you enter the fight or flight state as your brain’s amygdala releases cortisol which causes fear and anxiety.

Breathe in belief

Taking two deep breaths before you hit can help calm you before pressure shots and keep your cortisol levels in check. Too much cortisol in your system can negatively affect your swing rhythm.

Butterflies aren’t to be feared though because when they’re about, there’s the chance to do something truly special!

Let’s chat about scenarios that give flight to butterflies in your stomach, simulate some scenarios and ensure they have a positive effect on your game!

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    Turn nerves from negatives into positives
When you know how to channel them, nerves can be helpful, not harmful!

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