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  A stellar performance at the Stella Artois Players Championship

Well played to Mike Hollick on an outstanding week at the Stella Artois Players Championship. Mike, it's awesome to see you competing at this level again!

  More happy students

Pat Moon sets a new best for 2024

Pat has been spending some time with me on the range where we've been working on his routine  to get him closer to the ball. All of Pat's hard work has been paying off when he shot his best round for the year recently. Great job, Pat. Looks like 2024 will be a great golf year for you!

Leigh Mann aces her bunker play

It was so good to hear from Leigh Mann after the bunker lesson we had this week. With some small changes Leigh has improved her bunker play and is now able to get out of the sand more often. Great job, Leigh! 

   What would make your game better?
Is there a part of your game that gives you headaches, or is there an aspect that you think will give you more enjoyment and satisfaction if you improved it? We can help. Come and see us for an assessment and let's get you started on your journey to better.

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  Kick back on the range this weekend

Please note the driving range will be open this Friday, but not The Bistro. Join us - there's no better way to kick off your long weekend!

  Hitting solid iron shots
  The impact zone

How you got here matters far less than did you get here (as shown below) at impact.

For most mid-handicappers we want to work with them to get:
a) their hands ahead of the ball at impact with,
b) the center of body mass directly over the ball at impact,
c) body weight moving from back foot to front foot,
d) along with a shallower angle of attack and
e) a swing low point moved further forward towards the target.

Of course, it depends. For some we may require to improve just a couple of those technique points. For some it might be all five. But the end-result can be spectacular.

    Start the journey
If you’re already an experienced golfer with a mid-range handicap, then it’s likely that improvements in iron striking is a priority in your game. What improvements would take your game to the next level?

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We have the new Srixon AD333 Golf Ball in stock. There are some important improvements that work to help your performance on the golf course. A lower spin rate on longer shots to add distance, yet powerful spin on shorter shots to give added control closer to the green. And an even lower compression while adding distance.

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  It's all in the mind
  Unburden your mind

To have the best playing experience possible, you need to resist the urge to over-analyse your performance during your round. The key is to enjoy the moment and to never look further than your next shot.

Clock in and clock out

For all the time we spend on the course during a round, we don’t spend all that much actually playing. A golf shot lasts about 30-60 seconds from the time you begin your pre-shot routine to the time you put the club back in the bag.

But you have minutes between shots, every shot, for 18 holes. This leaves a lot of time for the mind to drift and potentially analyse past shots or think one, two or maybe even three shots ahead.

This can cause unnecessary anxiety and tension. Guard against this by focusing your attention on “ABTP” between shots, that is: Anything But The Performance.

Strap in for the next shot

A habit to practice this is unstrapping your glove or even taking it off between shots. When it’s unstrapped, fill your mind with anything but your game: tell a playing partner a joke, hum softly to yourself, admire the scenery. Whatever helps you disengage between shots.

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    Let your mind wander
Letting your mind wander between shots helps conserve your energy and improve your play. If you’d like to discuss this and any other mental techniques that will improve your golf, get in touch with us.

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